Why Lovely is evil????

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Posted: 1 months ago

I was here on the forum due to less discussion. I just keep watching the show but did not come on the forum again.


I know Lovely is evil but who made her so???? At first her parents did not accept Tevar or whatever...

She married Sikandar where life really changed, but Sikander never had an ounce of respect or love for her slowly being the stubborn girl she was. She turned evil in search of her husband's love.

Well this is my point of view now if you differ I do agree and please do explain it using a good language...

Posted: 1 months ago

Welcome back, Alujna

Lovely suffers from insecurity centered on herself. Due to this she is always feeling left out, unloved and unwanted, even though people in her life fill her with love and attention. For Lovely, who hates herself, deep down, none of this is enough. She is like a black hole of needs and wants that no one can fill.

Instead of introspecting on this and trying to fill her own needs, Lovely is an extrovert, always blaming the world and the people in it for her difficulties. She has little sense of values, and will go to any lengths to get what she thinks she deserves. Thievery, murder, kidnapping, they are all okay as long as they make her closer to her selfish goals.

Lovely, finally, is an opportunist. She is incapable of unconditional love. She loves people only when it suits her. There was a time when she hankered after Sikandar's love, and ran over Nimrat for it. Now, she is content with letting Sikandar die, even though there is a life-saving operation available. That is why when it suits her, Lovely can become suddenly reformed, but it does not ever last.

Lovely is an interesting and complex character. She keeps the show going by making it interesting and suspenseful.

Posted: 1 months ago

Welcome back my girls !! It feels so good to be posting on a forum where my heart is connected...otherwise the whole world is under BB Forum these days and only shitting and bullshitting there...jus like the show !

Anyways getting back to our Pyari Kulfi, since you have taken a trip down memory lane, let me explain everything to you stagewise @Alujna

1st - During college days this rich girl fell in love with Desi ladka Tevar, got preggy and finally decided to elope with him just like any other 18-20 year old - NORMAL, but then comes her manipulative father who never forced or threatened her like typical bollywood fathers do, only held a mirror showing her the difference between life shez leading and the life she is likely to live if she chose Tevar and wheww.. it dint take her even a second to ditch her so called First Love and comfortably get back to her affluent lifestyle - This is first instance to prove she is selfish, loves only herself and changes gears according to her comfort and convenience, gives a damn about others' feelings, and is a big time opportunist ! Reason - 18 year old girls fight their families to an extreme for getting their first love that too when you are preggy but Lovely - na na na na - just a friendly suggestion and she flips within the blink of eye. Whos the loser here - Tevar. His life is spoilt and he gets obsessed in a negative manner to win back his selfish lady love. 

2nd - Her marriage to Sikka was only to cover up her illegitimate child. The father embeds the greed seed within Sikka and he falls for it. Both Lovely and Sikka treat this marriage as an opportunity. One to step up the fame ladder and other for fame salvation. Both have an equal sefish motive here. Thats why he drowns himself in booze and she treats him like a servant. Sing for her parties per her order and listen to what Rani Sahiba says - all the time. 

3rd - She has led her whole married life on a lie, imposing her illegitimate daughter on Sikka but when she discovers about Kulfi she gets so obsessed about keeping her away that she ends up doing all those nasty and impossible things, kills her mother, sends kulfi away and went to the extent of poisoning her own daughter - Another burning example of selfishness and ego ! Shows she doesnt even love her daughter as much as she loves her Zid 

4th - When she finally pays for her sin and lands up in jail, she still doesnt get into redemption mode, instead revenge becomes her and she escapes and again tries to kill kulfi but finally after serving her term, when the family accepts her, within a few days she gets back to her old self with her only life motive being - SHOOOO AWAY KULFI. 

5th - Sikka is dying but shez not concerned. She wants to secure her future and use him, in fact squeeze him till his last breath so as to reap maximum benefit out of his days in hand. When he finally understands her psyche and announces divorce, she again stoops down to the lowest humane level and finally kills him and turns him into a vegetable, reighning over his empire like a triumphant queen after chucking out the 7 year old girl again to wander on streets. 

So babe, please dont treat her like a damsel in distress coz shez not. She is the most wicked, cruel, heartless, self centered and vile character i have witnessed till date on a TV series !!

Posted: 1 months ago

@amif very well put up !! keep it up... loved reading your explanation....as always smiley31smiley31

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Posted: 1 months ago

Poor Mahender!!!


Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by mintisara

@amif very well put up !! keep it up... loved reading your explanation....as always smiley31smiley31

Nice to see you Minti. Keep visiting, and if you are moved, do write something and share your views.❤️

Posted: 1 months ago


Loved your analysis. It is difficult for the character Lovely to reform herself as she is only concerned with herself all the time.

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Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala 

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