An Episodic Review of 75th-80th Episode of Vidya (16th-21st December)

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Posted: 7 months ago

Hi all,

I am back with my summary and Episodic review for 75th-80th episode(9th-14th December) of Vidya.  Sorry for the  long long delay.

Monday Epi:

Its a mahasangam epi of Vudya and chotiSardarni..

Certain people tries to attack vidya and kids, she asks them not to loose courage and they escape to inside the forest, but get caught.. meanwhile sarabjeet and meher from CS arrives, saves them. they all escape in car but again get caught..vivek comes and saves them.

vivek acts like he doesnt knew vidya and tells sarabjeet he is getting transferred on his will so that none gets hurt. meher sense vivek is in love with vidya and there is issue between them. to make it solve , they invite both vidya and vivek for their party at home.

Vidya and vivek arrives at the party, vivek saves vidya from  the hot drink falling on her, then meher takes him to room to clean, she advises him not to leave his love and try hard to gain it.then sarabjeet and vidya too comes there, they have a talk and have lassi together.

then param acts to denote new baby is arriving at their home. vidya vivek tries to find it and vivek tells it wrong but indirectly meant his love going far from him. then salman arrives and all of them have a talk and dance with him.

Tuesday Epi:

vidya's mehendi is going on, she is lost in thoughts, imagines vivek to be there and telling her he  will not forget her and rubs her mehendi. she screams and gets up.. then goes in.

Vivek arrives in disguise as toofan singh. He introduces himself as vidya's MiL nephew. there was a funny banter between her, him and dharma.

Then he meets vidya inside and asks her not to worry that he will help her in marrying and tells he will give medicine to dharma.

Vivek as toofan was a on a roll😎😂.. the s ene between him, dharma,and his wife was humorous. The intial scene between vidya and vivek was ❤ and she looked😍😍 in yellow.

Wednesday Epi:)

Dharma is on call to nanku, vivek comes there..seeing him dharma was shocked.

he gives medicine and leaves.

vivek asks his PA to have a eye on sandeep, PA see sandeep and his lover meeting and takes snaps of it. seems sandeep is an addict of drinking and stopped it on his lover asking him to do so.

Vidya was getting readt, kanni and one more girl comes and gives her a hand made greeting card, vidya was happy on seeing it. they wish her. toofan comes and give him sweets.

here bablu and vidya's bro was planning to stop marriage. toofan singh gives them advice to spike sandeep drink with liquor. 

Toofan was dancing , vidya and sandeep sitting on the arrangement made there, bablu give the drink to sandeep  ..on drinking it , he gets high, goes in and have full bottle of liquor, then comes dances and creates hungama.

vivek thinks his plan is working.

Again vidya looked😍 and toofan singh was cool with his actions😎☺

Thursday Epi:)

Vivek signs bablu and mohan to start the issue. the make sandeep being drunken a issue, avtaar was disappointed too and asks dharma about it, then toofan himself reveals bablu and mohan spiked drink and turn the plates on them, they get nicelt from avtaar. toofan takes sandeep in by telling he will lookafter.

Vivek senda sandeep along with his PA and police. vidya comes in and sees it. again she misunderstood him ans scolds him, he tried to explain, she doesnt listen. 

she tries to go outside to reveal toofan singh is vivek , he grabs her and holda her to back  of door when they hear someone coming in.

its dharma and he was talking to nanku on phone reeling all what happened bow and about the plan too.

hearing this vidya is shell shocked and vivek is beside  her.


finally she came to know and vivek succeded too. 

Friday Epi:)

Dharma talks and leavea. vidya is broken, she starts crying thinking all of dhrama words so far. she was about to fall feeling dizzy, he holds her and tells her , he should have knew about this people and tries to console her.

meanwhile he gets call from PA telling sandeep is into custody aand they will get his GF soon.. hearing it sandeep was angered and try to escape.

she cries and apologise to him for all. and that she learnt friendship from him and she took life as it comes believing all. he too was broken seeing her broken. he tells he wont leave nanku singh and that nothing will happen to her when he is there.

she apologises and he tells he triws to stop marriage for her wellwishing and not for him to get her. telling this he leaves. she cries a lot , then wipes her tears with determination

he gets call from PA that sandeep is escaped.

here vidya comea out and tells she cant marry. when villagers speak against it , she tells cant a girl decide her marriage. avtaar asks why she want to cancel.

sandeep gf was taken in car by police, they were surrounded by jagat nd his men. and on fight jagat mistakenly shoots sandeep girlfriend and both sandeep and vivek arrive there.

here vidya tells avtaar that , nanku's men and this girl isnt his daughter and dharma knew all the truth and asks dharma to tell them all, epi ends on shocked faces.

This epi was a total treat. awesome performance by #Meera and #Namish aa #Vidya and #Vivek. then intial scene was so good, they just excelled to T.

Saturday Epi :)

Vidya reveals how she came to knew the truth and gives back  dharma well about how she believed and he betrayed , and from now on she will take her own decisions . Even to his father nd bro, she told they werent any better, they too sold her to her inlaws for her salary amount. she asks them all to go and ahe will look after herself. she assures her mom that  right or wrong she will decide her own.

meanwhile jagat was arrested by vivek and sandeep accepts to help vivek in getting nanky to jail.

Here, Avtaar apologise to vidya, vidya was like atleast this betrayal as broken her illusions and ita for better. 

Nanku arrives at vidya home to get her. avtaar tries to protect her, standing infront of vidya. vidya tells him to move and tells  that she got the courage to save herself and she will have this courage till her death . nanku was like wah, lets see. he tries to take her, avtaar asks nanku to back off and he beat his goon but get hit by them at last. vidya was worried and nanku was like, now none can stop him from getting vidya

This was an emotional epi with good dialogues from vidya and awesome performance by #Meera

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