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Introduction- page1

Chapter 1 - The Basic Pitch of my Life - page 2

Chapter 2 - And..It Begins - page 3

Chapter 3 - The Second Toss - page 5

Chapter 4 - Hoodie Guy&Uber Girl - page 6

Chapter 5 - You Win Some ;You Loose Some - page 8

Chapter 6 - FireFlies - page 10

Chapter 7 - How do you see right through Me?? - page 12

Chapter 8 - I dont want to say Goodbye - page 13

Chapter 9 - Jetting Away Home - page 14

Chapter 10 - Coming Home - page 16

Chapter 11 - The Thrill of Knowing 'You' - page 17

Chapter 12- The UpperCUT - page 19

Chapter 13 - the UpperCUT 2.0 - page 20

Chapter 14 - Happy High - page 23

Chapter 15 - Brewing 'US' - page 24

Chapter 16 - What is this 'thing' between you and me? - page 26

Chapter 17 - VIrtuality - Reality - page 28

Chapter 18 - Why Do The Oceans Meet ?? - page 31

Chapter 19 - The Curious Case of Tricky Bouncers - page 32

Chapter 20 - The Immigration Counter at the Arrival Terminals of My Heart - page 34

Chapter 21 - Confessions- Carnage- and Us - page 37

Chapter 22 - The Fascinating Chronicles of the 'Oceans' Mix 1.0 - page 40

Chapter 23 - The Fascinating Chronicles of the 'Oceans' Mix 2.0 - page 41

Chapter 24 - Elixir and Bliss - page 43

Chapter 25 - I dont want to say goodbye 2.0 - page 45

Chapter 26 - Wingardium Leviosa - Love- And My Burj Khalifa - page 47

Chapter 27 - Love > Distance - page 48

Chapter 28 - Make A Wish - page 49

Chapter 29 - The 'Magical' Chronicles if the Oceans Mix - page 51

Chapter 30 - Stormed Into The Bermuda Triangle - page 52

Chapter 31 - My Destined Catharsis - page 54 ( somehow IF is not accepting my second part of the update so pls check that out on my wattpad profile LifeDrama&SomeFictions and my username is mysticaltales11111- I shall keep trying in the Meanwhile)



Chapter 32 - The Charm of Our Old School VINTAGE-D Love - page 57

Chapter 33 - Stumped - page 58

Chapter 34 - Stumped 2.0 - page 60

Chapter 35 - A Time-d Portkey - page 63

Chapter 36 - Hogwarts Express to My Platform of Heavenly Carnage -Page 64

 Chapter 37 - The Tricky Bouncer and Some Wide Balls - page 66

Chapter 38 - And Even The Word Love Falls Short - page 68

Chapter 39 - The World Cup..Magic..and You..page 72

cHAPTER 40 - And Our Forever Begins...! - page 77

CHAPTER 41 - Intoxicated - page 78

CHAPTER 42 - INTOXICATED 2.0 - page 81

Chapter 43 - The Trolls and Dementors from the High Courts of Social Media-Azkaban - page 82 - Posted Wattpad Link for now as IF is not accepting the post - working to get it up here!https://www.wattpad.com/862639338-ff-hit-wicket-my-heart-arnav-khushi-chapter-43-the

 updated Chapter 43 on page 83


Chapter 45 - Some Destined to be 'Monumental' Days of Our Lives - page 87

chapter 46 - All Mine - page 88 Posting Wattpad link up here for now as some error coming in getting it up here - working on it! In the meanwhile you can read it here 




chapter 49 - The Arrival stamps at the Immigration Counters of India..Home and hearts - page 91




chapter 53 - for India ..with Love - page 97 (Wattpad Link for now as the post is not going through on IF as its giving me errors - i will keep trying to get this Up! in the meanwhile please proceed to the Wattpad Link!


The Wedding Tales - Picture Note Links - page 98



Arnav is the Vice- Captain of the Indian Cricket Team, and is considered no less than a semi-god, in the country where, cricket is not just a sport ; it’s a religion. 

The game is not only his passion ;it runs in his DNA.

He is 27 years old, and has been given the three more years time limit, to live his passion and continue his career as a cricketer, because by the age of 30, he is expected to take a back seat from the sport, and step into the world of business and trade ,just like his father(Arun Singh Raizada), did.

Apart from being the vice captain of the Indian cricket team, Arnav is also an heir to the Raizada Business Empire, which his grandfather had started to build, almost five decades ago, but because of his grandfather loved the game and was a big fan, he had encouraged his son’s (Arun)talent in cricket and had nurtured his sons dream of playing the game for the country. But due to the sudden heart attack, that had claimed his fathers life, Arun Raizada had to step down from his flourishing cricket career at the age of 30,and take the hold on the reins of the business empire that his father had built from scratch.

As a doting father, Arun Raizada had spotted the dna for the love of the game, in his son at a very young age,and had encouraged his son to live his passion and his dreams just like his father had done.But as the business soar to newer heights, his grandmother and mother’s, worry grew too, what if the growing pressures of handling such a huge empire by himself had a negative impact on the health of his father?. So they asked him for a promise – a promise, that he would draw a timeline in between his life so as to balance out his love for the game, and his duties as the heir to the Raizada business empire, which was the dream off his grandfather, a dream that had to live on down the generations. And because, both business and the game were equally a part of his dna, he had agreed to the promise, that his mother had asked off him. It was the least he could do for his family, who had always been so supportive and loving.

Arnav loves the person he becomes on the pitch and the crazy rush of adrenaline as he dawns the jersey and helmet every game, however being a celebrity in the cricket world, comes with its own set of challenges - the love and the constant scrutiny, that people shower on him is for the game he play’s, and amongst all the fan frenzy, competitive matches, harsh judgements,and the never ending expectations, the showbiz and the glamour attached to the sport, people often forget to look beyond the surface and know him as a person for who he really is, deep within.

And his whole Life has been all about the great expectations that is expected from him, and the responsibility that comes with shouldering it all,in regards to both cricket and business, that he has never really got the time to pause and explore the expectations of his heart?

And he often wonders, will he ever really meet someone, who will see beyond the surface and look at him for who is really is, deep within?


Khushi is a young, beautiful, happy go lucky girl,who is trying to wade her way through the adversities Life had thrown her way.

She is 22 years old, and was born in Cape Town, South Africa and has lived there all her Life.Her parents had migrated to the country long ago, and they lived a simple yet comfortable life in the country, which wasn’t their own, but was home. Her parents ran a Indian restaurant in the city and they were a happy family of four, her mother , father , herself and her younger brother krish.

Krish was eight years younger to her,and like any other teenage boy of Indian origin, he was a die hard fan of the game of cricket. Her parents had finally given in to his request of wanting to see a cricket match for real, which was scheduled to happen between India and South Africa in Johaneusburg, a year ago.

A day she could never forget, for it was the fateful day that changed her Life forever.The plane that was flying her family to Johaneusburg, crashed, killing everbody on it,and just like that in a moment, her settled Life came crashing down around her.

She had lost it all.Her family, and her home, because she never knew that her parents had mortaged it all for the loan, for her education.And in a desperate need of not wanting to have any outstanding debt in the name of her dead parents, Khushi had sold the restaurant to settle it all. And now she was just finding a way out of coping up with Life and its twists.She knew her parents would have wanted for her to go on with a strong face and live life no matter what,and that’s what she was doing.

But amongst the harsh reality’s of her Life, she doesn’t have any time for love or the expectations of the heart.For Love was luxury, she couldn’t really afford to have in her Life.


He is rakishly handsome and a world famous cricketer, the vice captain of the Indian cricket team,and she is the girl next door from Cape town, who is fighting her way through life.

In the gameboard of Destiny, by a sudden unexpected roll of a dice, a chance encounter, in a small coffee shop in the busy streets of Cape Town, results in a conversation that leads to an instant connection in between the Arnav and Khushi ;and  their different worlds and Life converge into a common point for that little shortwhile.

Will their connection last through the lanes of virtual online conversations that follow post their meet,and be able to transcend into something real??

Their worlds are staunchly apart, and their lives don’t have any common point of convergence, but will they have the courage to carve out a path towards each other and realise that sometimes, all that matters is that Love that has the power to - Hit Wicket the Heart!


Welcome to a Tale of modern day love, in which love has to dodge and jump and make its way through the complicated realities, to finally hit wicket the hearts that are meant to beat as One.



 Tada!! Let me know what you guys think of the plot! I was thinking of starting this post xmas as I'm leaving on a mini vacation,however I thought of posting the introduction at least to get a feedback from you all.

Let me know guys.

Thanks & Happy Holidays to All.




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Interesting intro ... waiting to read more.

Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by sweta_b

Interesting intro ... waiting to read more.

Thank you so muchhhh smiley10

Posted: 5 months ago

Another beautiful story I loved the concept its totally new so let’s see how two individuals from different world come together as arnav is a famous cricketer n khushi a simple girl who has to work hard for her living.

Posted: 5 months ago

Very interesting, already eager to read.... Hoping he is not a playboy or someone who want to sleep with every girl...

Posted: 5 months ago

Interesting start :)

Posted: 5 months ago

Sounds very promising. Waiting to read it.

Posted: 5 months ago

Oh my you are going to give us one more story to read .The beginning looks interesting .  Will wait for the story to unfold.

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