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Epi 11

.. the episode begins with ... 
Rudra Maya waiting in Maya’s car  in front of Club ,.Maya gets  a phone call n panics asks Rudra to rush to city hospital 

Maya is panicking that her mother is ill ..she needed to get there fast Ridra asssures her .. 


Rishi fumes that he was made to wait fo so long and she left with another guy !! He runs after the car wa Niv those bunch of roses ..he exclaims he was her BF not her pet dog ... to be ditched at her sweet will ..

At hosp Dr Diya is checking on Maya’s mom .. she is thankful .. Dr Diya says she being gynac checked her in emergency as the regular doc was busy with another case , she asks her daughter’s name ,,before daughter’s name can be uttered Diya gets an emergency call n rushes away 

Maya Rudra enter the room ,, maa Beti emotional union ..showering of concern . assurance to eachother ...

Rudra offers to get her mom checked by using his contacts .l but Maya stops him by snatching his phone Rudra introduces himself ,, Maya’s mom states she knew he was Maya’s boss . rudra is taken aback . he agrees he was Maya’s boss lhe is amused . Mother thanks Ridra for giving employment to her daughter .. she was possessive about her mother . ,, ..Rudra Mother have friendly banter 

mother requests Maya was difficult but never to dismiss her from her job .. Rudra assures mother .mother then leaves his Maya’s bro n her dad deserted them for their benefit ,,Maya had faced life alone ...hoe Maya had collected herself n become strong after dealing with troubles with life .... 


Maya goes to meet Mother’s doctor ,Antara  too is present in the hosp .. maya Antara hit n miss ... soon Maya spots Antara ,,she gets FBs of their past meetings ,l she recollects how Antara has assures a weeping maya that as long as she was there she all will be OK ..Maya avoids Antara ,..but Antara senses Maya’s presence n looks for her .. Maya hides from Antara .. she enters an emergency room n picks up a sharp instrument .. hides behind the door .. the moment Antara enters she throws it at Antara who screams loudly .. but the room is plunged into darkness .. Antara checks around the darkened room for Maya ...but Next moment Antara is confronted by MIL and Diya for entering out of bounds room .. they take Antara out .. Diya asks of Antara had restarted her sedatives ...


Maya is relieved that she knew her importance n worth .. ..

Rudra asks Maya’s mom to reveal what we’re Maya’s dreams .. what problems did she face ,,but Maya enters right in time to interrupt her mom .. ,.she taunts Rudra ..

Rudra taunts mother that her daughter was rude to her boss ?.maya glares at Rudra for being caked her boss .. Rudra smiles at her .., mother asks Maya to apologise to her boss or he will throw her out of the job ,. Mother forces Maya .. but Rudra insists maya listen to mother .. Rudra pulls her leg .. maya then glares at him angrily ..



Maya takes Mother away ... Rudra asks them to take it easy .. he then says maya was opposite of her mother ,. He enumerates  the differences 

Soon Antara,  MIL..Diya notice Rudra  at the hosp they Qs him .. Maya hears them n is careful not to be seen by the three Roy ladies ...she states this world was too small n people bumped into eachother frequently so she wanted tk take mother home ..

Rudra says he had come to see his friend’s mom ..who was at the hosp..Antara suspiciously Qs him .. he turns to introduce Maya but he is shocked to see them leaving by the lift .. Roy family ladies leave ... 

in the car Maya scolds mother for getting familiar with Rudra .. Mother states how much she had started liking Rudra .. he was so nice to her n called  her aunty ji .. son Maya discoveries her Geeta was missing she rushes to retrieve it from the hosp room.. she is confronted by Rudra ..he calls her rude ..he took care of her mother but Maya did. It allow to introduce her to his mother n family ., he asks if she was looking for the beet n hands it to her .. she thankfully receives it .. Maya n Rudra enter the lift ..she thanks him for taking care of her mom but she did. It with to be friends with him .

She gets a call n he remarks it must be her chemist friend who was still waiting for her ...


Maya Rudra’s lift stalls .. it’s stuck ..  ,, Rudra starts getting restless n claustrophobic.. maya notices this ..she taunts him scared him further .... the lights start flickering scaring him further .. Maya asks him to stay calm because when a person dies he will see nothing .. 


Inside the stalled elevator ..Rudra is very claustrophobic n Maya aggravates his condition .. 

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Posted: 2 months ago

I am so excited for the episode. Especially Maya-Antara at hospital and MayRa rain scene. Thanks Suta! 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by Armu4eva

I am so excited for the episode. Especially Maya-Antara at hospital and MayRa rain scene. Thanks Suta! 

Do you see the same tag line as me Tanu ??

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Posted: 2 months ago

What was the tag line smiley3smiley17

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Posted: 2 months ago

Sasuma met her damadsmiley41smiley41smiley40

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Posted: 2 months ago

Aila aaj Rudra is in total damad mode. Even Mayas words can't send him away. He is there supporting her fully smiley42

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by Armu4eva

I am so excited for the episode. Especially Maya-Antara at hospital and MayRa rain scene. Thanks Suta! 

The first line of first post .of this thread 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Rudra Maya chemistry is lit smiley37smiley27

Rudy boy is smiley37smiley42hyyy Maya ko daat khilwa di ..apney honey wale mom in law SE

Hyyy Mom in law to be and son in law to be smiley40jodi gona rock !!

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