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Epi 10 ... as media finds out about Maya’s new role .. Rudra tries to stop her from stepping out ..


Episode begins with ... Maya sitting in RuYa office ....gets alarmed on hearing footsteps.. she identifies them ..finds them familiar ,,she gets the creeps .. she panics... she is hides under the table as she senses the footsteps nearing her .. its MJ coming towards the office .. just as he opens the door Maya hides ... instinctively...





Rudra stops him ..shouts ...whom did MJ want to meet ?? He says he came to meet his son .. Rishi didn't work here he reminds 

He knew He manipulated Ananya’s to gather media here ...he misused her trust ...but Rudra did not allow MJ to have his way ...he reveals .he came to know MJ got hold of his lawyers tweet n knew what would cancel his deal .,media exposure he tried to ruin his deal be calling Media ..

He warns  Rudra n Ruan were  not under MJ’s control ...he will not succeed in ruining   his business .. Ananya says Uncle was just helping them .. Rudra shouts he never asked for it ,,earlier too he ruined  his life by trying to help him ...he didn’t want his help that time n neither did he need it now ...MJ asks him to stop blaming him for past .

MJ says he was only trying to see Rudra’s  benefit ,, Rudra asks was he God ?? He did not need MJ .. he orders security to come n remove trash from his office ...,, orders MJ to be thrown out 

Maya hears Rudra confronting MJ ..

MJ asks would he throw his own father out ?? Rudra says he might be a dad at home ,,at office Rudra was the baap !! ... MJ asks guards to obey their boss ..smirks n walks out .. Ananya is hurt n shocked with a Rudra’s behaviour n walks away 

rudra enter the office ..calls for a maya .. she is not seen anywhere ... he notices her bag lying there .. he is confused ,,he soon hears something n looks under the table ,, it’s Maya huddled there !!....he is shocked . he sees her weeping..shaking with fear like a frightened kitten ...
He calls her ....she turns but does not move .... he assures her he would keep her safe ,, he asks her to trust him .. he will keep media out .. reaches out to her ,,she gives him her shaking hand .. he pulls her out from under the table ..she buries her face into his chest ,,weeps uncontrollably ,,he is taken aback by her behaviour ,, he then hugs her consoles her .. as she weeps..


 she then realises what she was doing .. she steps back .. wipes her tears.. collects  up her  purse n runs out of the place ,,Ananya arrives n asks what happened to Maya ?? 
they try to follow her .. 
MJ reaches home ..he is confronted by his mother n wife Antara for hounding his sons 24*7 ..did he want them to get frustrated n go out of their house ?? MJ glares at Antara.. she is silenced by his glare ....mother advises him to remain a dad not a cctv .... his attention turns to his mother .. asks her to control her drinks ,,..she never understood her son ...  Mom replies that she understood  her son that’s why she had to get drunk these days ..

at Maya is about to drive away Ananya n Rudra reach her .they find Maya flustered n fumbling with her car keys .....Ananya asks her to join them for lunch ..just to celebrate their signing of the deal .. Maya declines ...

Ananya tries to persuade her ..befriend her only to be reprimanded by Maya ...

Rudra pulls Any away n asks her to restrain Maya’s NO means NO 

Maya then drives rashly n collided with two pillars .. she brakes /screeches suddenly ..RuAn rush to her with concern .. Rudra open her door n asks if she was OK ..Maya appears shaken n nervous .. Rudra asks her to let him drive n drop her .. she declines ..she was OKMn di d it need any one’s help .. Rudra says he was not helping her  but doing it for himself .l if his investor met with accident then his company would suffer !! He was doing it out of his selfishness 

Maya then let’s him drive her car n drop her home .. 

At Roy mansion Antara  n her MIL are doing yoga   ...MIL DIL  duo have moments of fun masti n leg pulling .. joking n suddenly MIL pulls a muscle ..n screams with pain .. Antara shouts for help ...

Rudra is driving Maya’s car a traffic point one eunuch seeks alms .. Maya gives 500/- ..the guy admires her new driver n says he was handsome.. MayRu embarrassed .. he asks if he looked like a driver ,,the guy says he looked like a hero !!

Maya feels embarrassed n Rudy is amused ..soon maya slimes n Rudy is surprised n remarks that Maya could smile !!! 

He dissuades maya from giving alms n encouraging them but maya states her own reason for giving alms ... and asks him to change their situation .become their messiah n give them employment .. 


Rudy senses Maya appeared upset ..he sees her phone get a message from CHEMIST .. suggesting they meet at Club .. he suggests the same n hands her the phone.. Rudra remarks that her chemist acted like a little kid ...he would kill himself if she did not meet him ...he asks her if she was sure he was above 18 ?? 
rishi is thrilled as he gets the sms that she will see him in 10 mins ..
maya asks Rudra to drop her at a certain location ... ..Rudra asks if she was scared that Rudy wanted  to meet her BF .. maya is alarmed 

She soon notices Rishi waiting for her with a bunch of red roses .. all smiles on spotting her car .. identifies it by the unique number 444

Rudra gets busy with a phone call .. maya wants him to drive away from the location .. she doesn’t want Rishi Rudra meet ... or Rudra know she was meeting Rishi ..

She gets jittery n fidgety as Rishi is strolling  towards her car ... 


MJ tells Amir that Rudra’s investor would surely attend the party ..

Maya angrily declares that no one values what one gets easily .. or quickly .. everything has its time n  value .. and in this race some innocents are destroyed routinely .... 

Antara tries to meet Maya but she refuses to see her .. Antara is teary eyed ... maya gets FBs of Antara Maya past meetings ..Maya ruthlessly hits Antara ...

Maya is proposed marriage by Rishi with a ring ...she accepts happily 

Rishi slashes his wrist as Maya declines his proposal .... he is ready to die if he didn’t get Maya !!..

Maya thinks today she got her first victory ...

There is a grand party at Roy Mansion.. Rudra tells Rishi that they were waiting for his GF .. Maya walks in thru the door n stands there observing everyone closely ...





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Thank You Suta smiley31

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Posted: 2 months ago

Welcome to MayRu first hug ... smiley42smiley27

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Hello theresmiley1

Thank you so much for for your time and effort for all the updates. Really appreciate itsmiley31

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Originally posted by Rozy77

Hello theresmiley1

Thank you so much for for your time and effort for all the updates. Really appreciate itsmiley31


Which forums did you read my updates ?? Other than this one I mean ?.smiley1

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Hai MayRa scene was so intensesmiley42

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thank you so muchsmiley31

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For now, it's just here but over the years I've read ur updates in other forumssmiley1

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