Watched Sky is Pink on Netflix(Page 3)

Posted: 7 months ago

Watched it yesterday. What's fresh breath of air this movie is! 

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Posted: 7 months ago

I watched it, the movie was quite average. No great shakes, but not bad either.

Zaira Wasim really shined in her part. It is sad that she won't be able watch her in movies anymore. She was a really promising actress without knockout performances in all her three films.

RIP. :(

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Posted: 7 months ago

Budget Check

Direction, filmography. Check

OK performances. Check

all other aspects Check. 

What does not work is the theme, not because it is not worthy. BUT because it is so tragic.  People have lives, that are filled with struggles, work and tragedy too.  Let's face it every day life and routine can be a drag... so you get a weekend and go to see a movie that will make you cry and use an entire box of tissues? Not likely..

 enter films like HF4, mindless, silly nonsense that allows you to walk out of the theater, not wiser nor mesmerized BUT not depressed and sad...

That is the fate of films with deep or real life content that everyone can relate to and without watching know that life can be painful or confronts the public with a reality that as humans we are apt to share.

So the public did not reject it, people are simply protecting their leisure time. It is rare that tragedy becomes an entertainment BB.  The Titanic is only a fabulous tale for masochists.

I saw TSIP, and was not riveted by any one aspect of the film. I found it too scattered and without fluidity. Granted they had to cram about 20 years into a film. My one take away was the fact that this family had a huge struggle, they dealt with it in very human terms, the film only skimmed the top of everything the parents must of felt, the sex parts are unnecessary and I wish they would have expanded on the illness itself, how the family became pro-active in order to promote awareness and deal with the loss etc...

At any rate I hope they feel proud that they did get the chance to show her story in a film, I hope it inspires or gives solace to anyone living the same tragedy. PC should also feel great that she made the film and the fact that it was not a BB should not deter other people from making these films, because they can be very educational.

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Posted: 7 months ago

I loved the movie. Aditi stole the show. 

Zaira has amazing command over dialogue delivery. Just brilliant. But I wish someone else played the role of Aisha coz Zaira has lot of personal restrictions I felt. 

And movie could have had other perspectives than Aisha. Like I would have loved to hear Niren. The guy was a gem. So resilient in every situation and was such a perfect partner to Aditi. 

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