Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE updates 09,10,11 Dec 2019

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Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE  updates 09 Dec 2019 

Shamita are by Krishi’s bed side .. Nivi n Moni n Chahat come ther e..Chahat soon learns Nandini had gone away ..(no one is sure what happened to her )

Chahat gets a shocked at the thought of being left by her mother ..she goes very upset n Docs have to sedate her ...

 Asmita n Moni care for Chahat .. Shaan repents calking Asmita a bad mother because she was showering so much love no care on Chahat despite the fact Chahat’s mother tried to kill Krishi ....

Shaan wants to live with Asmita n Krishi tog as happy family but alas his decision has come too late Asmita n Krishi already belong to Shekhawat ..

Soon Krishi recovers n Shekhawat arrives to take Asmita n Krishi home .. shana tries t dissuade Asmita from taking Krishi with her as he was the father had equal rights on his child he demands Krishi 

With great pleadings to Shaan Asmita takes Krishi with her .


Grievouslyi juried Nandini is on hosp bed n informs Shaan that Shekhwat was not a good guy ,,he was helping Nandini in killing Krishi ,,he was only interested in Asmita .,he asks Shaan to rescue his Sita Asmita from Ravan Shekhwat .

Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE  updates 10 Dec 2019 

Shaan pleads Asmita to let him have a Krishi but Ssmita refuses to hand over Krishi to Shaan . Shaan visits Nandini at hops ..she is about to breathe her last since her condition is critical .. she reveals Shekhawats’s real intentions were to get rid of Krishi n win over Asmita .. how he supported Nandini in her   mission kill Krishi 

Shaan tries to warn Asmita against Shekhawat but all his  words fall on deaf ears n Asmita refuses t8 believe Shaan 

Shaan kidnaps Krishi n is leaving the city with her. 

Asmita calls him up  n demands he hand over Krishi to her right away 

Shaan refuses .

Shekhawat plots with police man to kill Shaan by firing in the chest ..

Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE  updates 11 Dec 2019 

Shaan kidnaps Krishi from Shekhawat’s house ..

Shamita fight n argue over phone .. Asmita feels Shaan was wrong ..while He feels Shekhawat was a criminal minded guy ....

Shaan refuses to give Krishi n challenges Asmita to find them 

Asmita is furious with Shaan ..

Shekhawat uses the situation to his advantage .. to win Asmita’s heart by showing concern for Krishi ..

Shaan feels bad for leaving Chahat alone .. 

Shaan talks to Nivi on phone but does not disclose his location . Nivi is feeling bad for Chahat n Krishi .. 

Asmita tried to get his location from Nivi but gets no clue 

Shekhawat uses police force to locate Shaan’s location ..he files case of kidnapping by biological father of Krishi ... .. its traced to his farm house ..he is surrounded by police force .. 

Shaan n Krishi are taken aback to be surrounded .

Shekhawat wants police to fire Shaan in the chest in the encounter .. the corrupt police agrees . 

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