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Apne Anurag ki baat kuchh alag hai smiley4

As soon as this name Anurag Basu comes to our minds immediately we go through the journey of one person who to begin with was far away from the one we see today. He who knew could never fall in love with anyone as he never wanted the pain love brings along with itself has now turned into someone who lives for his love.... He breathes for just one girl and that's his Prerna.smiley42smiley27

Who would have thought that this simple looking, studious,  internet gyaani Baba will love Prerna so much that he won't let her be away from him at any cost. He didn't think even once before risking his life for her and his only wish is to be with her and give her all the happiness of this world. 

He has come a long way since we started watching him and his journey has been the most impressive one this season of Kasauti Zindagi kay. Anurag Basu you're a winner and we are proud to have witnessed your journey over the last 1 year. 

Parth Samthaan what to say about him? I fall short of words to express how well he has got into the role of Anurag Basu. He is living the character in true sense and that's why people are able to identify with the character. No-one could play Anurag Basu better than Parth Samthaan and his performance in every shade of his character has been brilliant. From playing the role of a simple college student to best friend to lover to a heart broken man to an obsessed lover... you nailed it allsmiley32smiley32You have been a revelation this season and this season belongs to Anurag Basu because of brilliance of Parth Samthaan smiley32



Welcome to Castle Anuragsmiley40

 The Home of the Man who fits deep

 and can cut deeply his dreams.

 The Home of the Man who carries devastating

 embers of Potential Flame.

 Anurag Moloy Basu


Born to Mohini and Moloy Basu, he is the middle child 

of Basu Parivaar. Though born in clutter of Royalty

 he has chosen a path that helps him ease his heart.

He got the pride and sass from Mohini and his kindness from

Moloy. He is someone who wears his Heart on his

sleeves. A man of few words and more actions. It is

 his intense love for his Prerna and his passion for work

 that defines him the best.



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Appreciation Thread Rules effective from 29.01.2020

These rules are general forum rules made easy to read and remember.

If you still haven't gone through the amended rules of this forum we insist that you go through asap

KZK Rules and Regulations as on 29.01.20. *IMPORTANT*

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- Discussion regarding any actor’s past show/personal life is strictly prohibited.

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Erum and Koeli

Also please go through the amended rules for the forum:

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ImageDon't quote if you feel other member has bashed Bajaj or Prerna or any other character irrelevant to the AT.

ImageMake sure you know difference between Bashing & Frustration on Prerna.

ImagePlease do not encourage other members and carry on with Bashing, you can politely ask them to edit the post without quoting.

 ImageHope you all know bashing is against AT rules.

 ImageRemember our AT is being moderated & if we break rules, whole AT is penalized.

ImageKeep reminding others we are in Anurag's AT.

ImageKindly PM members to Edit or Unquote if when rule is broken.


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Parth Samthaan/Anurag Basu AT || MEIN HOON NA || #01

Anurag/Parth AT#2 Seesha ho ya dil ho Akhir Toot Jaatha hai

Anurag Basu/Parth Samthan's AT# 3 Raise Like a Phoenix from Ashes

Anurag/Parth AT#4 He is on Fire!!I give two hoots to your Marriage

Anurag/Parth's AT# 5 Life is precious dont waste on heartless women

Anurag/Parths AT#6 Mere Dil ka tere dil se rishta purana hai

ANURAG/PARTH AT#7Thune dil Se kyun mujko pukara hay ram ye kya kardala

Link to AT 8 :

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ImageInstagram: the_parthsamthaan

ImageTwitter: @LaghateParth

ImageFacebook: TheParthSamthaan

ImageIndia-Forums Profile: parth-samthaan

Parth Samthaan is an Indian television actor known for playing Manik Malhotra in MTV India's Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan and Anurag Basu in Star Plus's Kasautii Zindagii Kay2 .

Born: March 11, 1991 (age 28 years), Mumbai, India

Height: 6'2"

Nationality: Indian

Educations: New Era Highschool, L.S. Raheja School of Architectures.

 Awards: 2019- Indian Telly Awards- Best Jodi Popular (With Erica Fernandes)- Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2


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46. RiyaDutta


48. Briti1107






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congo songosmiley40

ye  maara nahla

Posted: 2 months ago

Parth ka new car with momsmiley40 pics out

Congo finally 9th AT

Parth Samthaan Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 

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