03.12.2019 Written Update Mere Dad Ki Dulhan

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Posted: 8 months ago

Part 1

Guneet is having ice cream. Her friend advises her to speak to Ambar and ask for help. Guneet says he is crazy, no way. Her friend says in life one needs to be practical, to reconsider the offer of renting Ambars house at first floor. 

Kabir and his friends are doing shots and they tease Kabir about his feelings for Nia. Kabir is shy. His friends ask Kabir to profess his love, if not verbally then in writing. Kabir relents. Next day morning he gives the gift to Nia. He says travel pillow. He sees the note when Nia opens the gift and hides it. Guneet calls Nia and asks to meet. She is speaking on phone and Kabir takes a pic of Nia for himself. He writes a poem for Nia and she steals from him and she reads it out loud. He regrets about the secret being out. Says was drunk. Nia says bad timing. Don't have time. Kabir agrees sadly and says if ever you decide, think of it. Nia smiles and then says have a date with Guneet. 

Guneet tells Nia that she needs a house in her budget. Nia says doubt Ambar will agree. Guneet says let's have golgappa. Nia explains about Ambars changed behavior, talking about losing her mom. Guneet apologizes. Nia says Ambar is just harsh from outside but warm from inside. Guneet requests Nia to try again. Nia agrees. Guneet offers an idea. Nia decks up in traditional attire. She comes in Ambars room and says you no wonder you impressed mom. Ambar says coz ur leaving so coming along. He turns and sees Nia and is stunned. He praises Nia for the saree. Nia teases Ambar and he relents. They leave for dinner together. Bg- zindagi ek safar hua suhana. Ambar praises his behavior with Nias mom. Nia says let's go. 

Kabirs friends ask him update. He says Nia got the note. He sulks that hadnt said so didn't get rejected. They apologize. Kabir smiles and let's it go. Ambar and Nia discuss how Nias mom loved candle night dinner. Nia says ur a unique piece. Ambar says yes. Nia says wonder how people can be mean and sensitive? Ambar asks what? Nia says who refuses a lonely woman who is wandering on road with her old mom. Ambar accuses her of using this to get what she wants. Suddenly Nia feels unwell. Ambar is scared and rushes her to hospital. He interferes with the doctor who gets upset but relents. Ambar goes to fill the form. Guneet is there and asks what happened to Nia? Ambar says she is fine. 

Part 2

Guneet is sitting and quietly crying. Ambar asks who? Guneet says mom. Ambar offers his handkerchief. Guneet blows her nose. Ambar asks age. Guneet says 67years old. Ambar says 65-70year old is long enough. Guneet says she isn't dead. Just has less time. She says have lost many but felt atleast my mom will stay with me forever but now. She cries. 

Part 3

 Nia comes and Ambar asks how she is. She says fine, gave injection. She asks Ambar who he was talking to? He says Guneet, her mom is sick. Nia says that's why told to help. Ambar relents  but says won't deduct one penny of rent. Nia agrees. Guneet and Nia signal each other. Ambar and Nia leave. 

Precap- Guneet arrives at Ambars society and end up damaging the gate. Ambar hears the noise and rushes out. Guneet tries to hide the broken gate. 

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Posted: 8 months ago

Thanks for the update

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Posted: 8 months ago

Thanks for the update. I like Guneet’s characterization. Also Kabir’s - how can any girl resist him!

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