Amrita's Plan Excution Fails(Update)

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Posted: 2 months ago

Randhir comes out from Amrita's home and informs the procession that everything is the same only the bridegroom change just than Ansh came out and tries to explain Randhir but Randhir just congratulate and goes away from there,Ansh gave a evil smirk

Randhir is drunk walking down the street with Baby giving him support reminscing all the moments spebd with Amrita while on the hand Amrita is crying and trying to wash the tattoo away and remembers Ansh hugging her she feels disgusted and tries to wash herself  up,she goes inside the room hugs Ridhir photo to her heart saying that she only loves and belongs to Randhir while at home Randhir is drunk and standing on top of the ledge of his balcony and Baby tries to get him down while Randhir in thoughts...Humari Adhuri Kahani song plays in bgm

Amrita wipes her tears and kept the photo aside saying that she only say yes to the marriage to buy time she still has time till marriage she will find her folks out and save them from Ansh

In Jiya's lab,she kidnaps a guy and turn him into a haiwan using Ansh's Haiwan DNA and Govind says with Ansh's DNA being injected this Haiwan will have loyalty and longevity it seems their experiment will be successful

Amrita is in Randhir's home and was walking towards the stairs when Ansh stops her,she gets uncomfortable with him Ansh tells her that he can't believe that they are going to get married soon and she is going to be Mrs Ansh Amrita just listens on and he further say that during their SR they will be become one soul and he come close to her and ask her to give him a kiss but Amrita makes an excuse that not before marriage after marriage she will bot stop him,Ansh taunts her why these excuse is not applicable to Randhir and he told her he did saw Randhir kiss her he than took out the wedding card and ask her to read loud and she did as he says since he threaten with her folks and say that she has no choice but to marry him,Amrita leaves from there irritated

Amrita is angry and tears the wedding card and bumps with Randhir he ask her what happened  she was about to tell him the truth but Ansh was at the entrance and she stops,Ansh comes there Randhir ask what happened she looks so gloomy which Amrita says she did not like the design of the wedding card,Randhir assure her that it will be changed and excuse himself

Ansh got angry and manhandles Amrita shouting at her for tearing the wedding card and trying to tell Randhir the truth,Amrita say she will only marry him of he show where her folks are,Ansh gets angry and hits her and she fall unconscious while he carry her on his arm out of the house and this whole scene is witness by Baby and he feels that something is definitely not right b/w Ansh-Amrita and he goes to inform Randhir,Ansh is unaware that Baby has seen the whole sequence b/w him and Amrita

Jiya's experiment is successful and Chetan congratulate her but she is not satisfied at all since she wants to make her Haiwan as powerful as Ansh

Randhir is in the lab working on his experiment and Baby ask him what he is doing and Randhir tells him that he is making a solution within 24hrs to drain out Ansh's evil serum from his body and its important since Amrita is with him now and they are going to get married soon he can't take any risk,Baby informs him that something is not right b/w Ansh-Amrita Randhir says its pretty normal in husband-wife relationship and they are married now,Baby doesn't it affects him that Amrita claims to be Ansh which Randhir says they are married now and this piece of information is given by Amrita herself to them further says they are scientist,they save the world by doing experiments and creating invention to stop crisis and save mankind,love and marriage are not their cup of tea

Amrita comes back to consciousness and wonder where she is until she saw her folks under the secured electric laser beams,Ansh comes and say didn't she wants to see her folks how can he not fulfill her wish,Amrita pleads to let them go Ansh says he will but after their marriage and on the other hand the joker was torturing them Amrita pleads him to stops and she kneels down before him though in her heart she says that she loves only Randhir and she belongs to only him but in words she tells Ansh she will do what he say and Ansh ask her to get ready for their marriage and brings her to a room,Ansh says till their marriage she will stay here and was about to leave wheb Amrita tells him that she is hungry and he went to order food for her and locks the door from outside and it went to a FBs that Amrita stops Ansh in pretext of going to the washroom and she borrows a lady phone to call Additi and prepare the team to save her folks and she is on the way,she has track the location if her folks already came to the present Amrita says she has prepared the team and has found the location after saving her folks she will not marry Ansh,one of the lady staff came and give her food,she ask help from her and its reveal that she left her smart watch there purposely to track the location

Naintara informs Misha that Ansh-Amrita are getting married,she is unhappy and not accepting the fact that Ansh is marrying Amrita just than Ansh enters and Misha brought him aside and question him infact she slaps him and this was witness by Naintara but she just ignores Ansh brainwashes Misha saying that he is marrying Amrita to take revenge on Randhir as he destroyed his life and made him into a Haiwan,Misha is not convinced but she trust him,Ansh says he loves only Misha just than Amrita comes down the stairs in disguise of the staff and hides her face holding her vase Ansh stops her she gets nervous he ask her where she is going which Amrita in disguise of a staff says to throw the flowers as it got withered,Ansh ask her to decorate the house with orchids as thats Amrita's favourite flowers and Amrita leaves

Amrita reaches the location with her team and fought bravely and she reach to her folks but suddenly her folks vanish and she wonder how it happened becos Ansh brought her to this location just than the Haiwan comes and tries to attack and the joker to joins in and vanish her constables to another location which confused them how they reach there,Amrita has no control over the joker as he vanishes,Amrita and her team tries to shoot the Haiwan but it doesn't affect him just than the joker comes back and he switch on the gas everyone gets unconscious,Amrita feels uneasy and she saw Ansh at the side,she pleads Ansh to stop it 

Ansh came and tell her that he knew she will track the location as she left her smart watch purposely abd once again manhandles her saying how dare she tried to break the deal b/w them if her folks die than don't blame him she is responsible for it,Amrita apologise and with a heavy heart listens to what Ansh says for the safety of her folks,Ansh informs Amrita that her folks has shifted to another place its in her hands now whether she wants to see her folks alive or dead,Amrita is helpless

Randhir is working in his lab when Baby accidentally pours solution on Randhir's hands though its burning he is shocked that Randhir did not react to the pain,  Baby taunts him that isn't it paining him that his love is marrying someone else instead of stopping the marriage,he is organising it Randhir was heartbroken and in tears but he stay silent,Baby ask him to do something does he even feel the pain...Baby taunts him that he is a genius scientist and science world give him a noble prize he should be happy living alone which Randhir is his main aim is to cure Ansh and see him and Amrita leads a happy he wants nothing more just than Baby receives a call they want him to come to the living room,Baby informs Randhir and he leaves

Jiya ask Chetan to cancel all appointments,he is surprised becos she has never taken rest,Jiya remembers Randhir's curse and she ask Chetan to enjoy Ansh's marriage

Randhir comes down and the decorator told him that he need to finalise the colour scheme since both bride n bridegroom are not here,they ask him to finalise the colours scheme...Randhir goes into a FB where its seen Amrita was waiting for him so long,he came to her and she ask him to go to hell😂she scolds him that their dinner meet was at 7pm than he postponed to 8pm and now its 11pm she is hungry,Randhir kneels down and apologise to her that he was working in the lab,Amrita ask him to marry his lab and lead a happy married life with his lab🤣Randhir holds his ears and apologise Amrita melts and forgives him,Amrita says cooks has slept she will make something for them,Randhir stops her praise her that she is a good cook but he wants to bring her somewhere and close her eyes(it was such a cute scene and randhir does get scared of his wife anger🤣while amrita can't be angry with him so long afterall he does all that cute antics and melts her heart❤aww they complete each other😍)

Randhir brought her to the terrace and it was decorated along with food served,Randhir brings Amrita closer to him,she say he knew that this dinner date will be late so he prepared everything beforehand she warns him dare he comes late on their marriage when Randhir pulls her even closer to him saying how can he be late on that day since he will get open license to flirt with her😍Amrita blushes their nose once again collides with each other🔥Randhir say he was late becos he was creating their future he took out a remote control and flashes on the sky there was video projector showing Ridhir taking saat phere,Amrita says its beautiful which Randhir says he was creating their future and it will be just as the way as she dreams about her wedding and ask her what more she wants to add which Amrita tells him that she doesn't want anything except for him and the rest of her likes he knows the colour should be pin&yellow Randhir says ok and they were about to kiss each other and FBs ends Randhir informs the decorator that her fav colour is pink&yellow(it was a very beautiful scene and the chemistry b/w them was so gorgeous😍❤)

Baby could see Randhir's pain and comes to him Randhir mention that he is going to his office lab to bring some solution and was leaving

Ansh brings Amrita back home and ask her to smile so that the world knows that she is happy in her marriage when Randhir comes there and feels uncomfortable but he greets them and excuse himself due to work and calls out for Dharam Uncle since he was unavailable he ask Amrita where is Dadi and Dharam Uncle,Ansh gets nervous by his question while Amrita is helpless Ansh by eye signals ask Amrita to make an excuse to Randhir just than KK came and badmouth about Dharam Uncle,Ridhir gets angry but control it,Randhir ask Amrita which she gave an excuse that Dharam Uncle is sick and Dadi is with him and they are at her home,Randhir ask Baby to check them and excuse him for work and later he will meet the folks,Ansh ask Amrita to stop Randhir she is not willing to but Ansh force her

Amrita stops Randhir and arrest him for tresspassing in his seal lab,Naintara makes a complaint against him,Randhir says he used to hide things from her in the past but not now and told her the truth that he did break the code and enter the lab,Amrita arrest him with tears,Baby tries to stop her but Randhir stops him...Randhir realise something is definitely fishy while Ansh pretends to be worrying for his friend and ask Amrita not to do this but Amrita takes Randhir to the station while Ansh gives a evil smirk

Amrita puts Randhir behind bars,Ansh pretends to worry for his friend and ask Amrita to let go his friend its all Jiya and Naintara doings,Amrita ask him to stay away from her duty Ansh promise that he will bail Randhir and leaves

Randhir tells Baby that something is definitely strange b/w Ansh-Amrita which Baby this was what he has been saying for a long time but he was not listening,Randhir says he saw Amrita in tears while arresting him something is definitely wrong he ask Baby to check the CCTV footage

In Randhir's home everyone praticing for sangeet and Misha in thoughts amd recalling Ansh words Naintara forces Misha to dsnce just than Ansh-Amrita enters the house and he was happy that Randhir is in jail and hugs Amrita he taunts that whether he should praise her that she save her love or happy that Randhir in jail in both ways he is happy that Randhir is out of the picture which Amrita taunts he is marrying her what more he wants and leaves,Misha witness the sequence

Misha brings Ansh aside and tells him that she saw what he was doing to Amrita,Ansh creates a drama saying that he only loves her and hugs her,Misha is not convinced

Baby mislead the security guard and shock to see the CCTV that Ansh in Haiwan mode kidnaps Dadi and Dharam Uncle,he quickly download the footagein a thumbdrive

The police informs Randhir that he has been bailed and Randhir comes out to see that Jiya has bail him and Randhir gets angry and ask her what she is doing here Jiya ask him to calm down saying that she has spoken to Naintara to withdraw the case,Randhir ask what she wants which Jiya says she wants him,Randhir is shocked

gosh its great to see a strong badass female lead like Amrita Sharma Randhir Agnihotri...a great plan excuted by Amrita even though it went vain but she never sit down and cry but fought bravely...salute to her👮🏻‍♀️❤🙏🏼

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