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Epi  315 ... Anu’s treasured moments 

Anu feels joys as he feels his baby’s first kick n heart beat ... later he learns a shocking truth about Pre’s husband 

the episode begins with Anu taking tender care of Pre n Komo getting jealous ... he shouts at the servants to  Get that Electrician who did this act of negligence ... Tapur points she saw him in the study ..Pam goes to get that guy .. while he assures the doc was on the way to check on Komo .. 

Pam threatens the electrician n gets him to the hall ..Anu lashes out at him n co front shim for causing harm to the ladies by his negligent act .. Komo gets scared that her plots might be revealed lest that electrician blurred out anything ...


As Anu grabs the electrician by the collar n shakes him for trying to cause harm to pregnant lady n her unborn child .. wads of cash fall out of the guy .. every one is shocked ... The electrician quickly collects all the money n stammers it was his pay .. that he was not paid by any one ... Komo signals him to escape thru the open door .. while Komo fakes severe aches n pains in chest n starts coughing violently ..all attentions are diverted to Komo ... Seeing an opportunity Electrician escapes .. Anu orders Pam to nab the guy but he fails as the goy is too swift on his foot ..
in her bed room. Komo is showered by concern by AnuMoNi .. .. 

soon Pam returns to Komo’s room to inform the doc was on the way ..n that Pre was having stomach pain .. Anu gets very concerned about Pre ... KoMoNi dissuade him from leaving his own wife Sona ..who was nit well n needed his attention but Anu does not pay heed to their advice ,, he says he had promised Pre that he would take care of her always ..that he would be by her side when ever she needed ..so he had to rush to her .. he leaves angry KoMoNi in disbelief as he ditches Sona to take care of Pre .. he takes Pre to the hosp asking Pam to keep n eye on Sona .





Sonalika goes berserk she shouts the roof down for the negligence by her husband for the sake of Paraya women ..Sona was his wife n she needs his attention .. MoNi Pam shocked at Sona’s outburst n madly violent behaviour .. 
she warns Niv to handle her husband ...and Moh to control,her son or she will leave everything n go away .... Moh orders Niv to have a stern word with Pam 

Niv asks Pam to stop informing Anu about Pre’s conditions ,. .. she berates Pam  ...when he found Pre was having stomach aches he could have taken her to hosp why did he tell Anu !! Pam’s explanations fall on deaf ears .... 

Moh assures berserk angry  Sona that she will make sure Anu remains by Sona’s side always .... 

Later Sona calms  herself .. she scolds herself for loosing her cool n exhibiting Komo like violent behaviour .. she thanks God that Anu or Mol were not there to witness all this or they would surely have guessed she was none other than Komo .

At Hosp Pre’s familiar gynac arrives n greets AnuPre .. she is taken aback by Anu’s strange behaviour .. ...the nurse asks Anu  to come with her for completion of some formalities .. Pre informs the doc about Anu’s memory loss n that she was now just his secretary n he had another wife .. ...the doc feels sorry .. for AnuPre ..she checks Pre by doing sonogram.



Soon Anu returns n Doc assures all was OK ...

Pre gets excited as she feels the baby first kick ,,the doc makes Anu feel the same n he too gets excited ,, They also hear the baby’s heart beats .. AnuPre share moment of bonding n happiness over the baby ..he feels a connection .. 





Later doc tells Pre that despite his memory loss Anu’s excitement over the baby was just like a new father .. Pre smiles with teary eyes ...

Outside the room Anu is shocked as two nurses discuss how Pre’s husband her ditched her for another girl ,, how poor Pre was left alone in this stage of pregnancy .. to face everything by herself .. they feel sorry for beautiful gentle Pre ... the nurses are careful not to reveal Pre’s secret 

Anu is furious as he over hears this ...n he curses Pre’s negligent heartless  husband n angry that Pre lied to him about her husband ..he feels concerned  for Pre n her baby .. 


Anu goes to her bed side n tries to interrogate her about her husband ..n he realises Pre was hiding facts about her deserter hubby ..he decides to investigate the matter himself 

Vee asks Pre to stop thinking of Anu as he had remarried n was living with his wife .

Komo  shocked as Anu informs them how he felt he had deep strong connections with Pre n her baby ... for a long time ... in the past ..

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>>  IMP -ATs & EDT Moderation

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Hello guys,

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DT Note : 

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Wonderful  *slow claps*

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and the irony  is that no one bothers to report these comments,  everyone wants to fight and have their share of fun and when the line crosses , they play victim and expect Mods to be antaryaamis and realize what's going on in each topic and act and when acted ..comes the mighty biased mods of the forum   naare *slow claps * 

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Hey Suta 

Waiting for the updates 

Posted: 5 days ago

Today's episode seems to be interesting 

Posted: 5 days ago

Thanks for the written update Suta smiley31

Seems to be a good episode except obviously mohini and nivi smiley7

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Originally posted by braveheartdoc

Thanks for the written update Suta smiley31

Seems to be a good episode except obviously mohini and nivi smiley7

Episodes with mohini n nivi cant be good though

Posted: 5 days ago

Prerna feeling babys first kick now

That's felt during 5 to 6 months....prerna kitne mahine pregnant hai bhai

Posted: 5 days ago

Anurag cursing himself...🤣🤣

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