Ishq Subhaan Allah LIVE Written Update 02,03,04,05,06 Dec 2019

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Posted: 5 months ago

Ishq Subhaan Allah LIVE Written Update  02 Dec 2019 

Alisha, Firdaus n Zaid are not given their breakfast on time n the hungry kids raid the kitchen n create ruckus there .. Ruku gets enraged n is about to hit them angrily ..

Kabir co fronts Ruku over the decorated bedroom after their nikah .. he says Zara’s actions were result of MU and asks Ruku to be careful about the kids .

Irfan Qazi and Salma and Zara m Azra are worried for the kids ., they wonder if sending the kids to school would be a good idea ... they decide on a suitable school .. 

At Ahmad house Ruku appoints a maid for taking care of the kids ..Hasina ..... she tells Kabir it was her Khala Jaan ., Kabir has no objections n asks Ruku to take care of the kids . The wicked maid mixes sadatives  into the food making them drowsy ... .. later she complains to Ruku about the kid’s’ indiscipline.. they had no sense of Namaz timings .

Zara and Kabir have discussion over the kids schooling .. he meets Zara at Ahmad house n they have moments of accidental romance n eyelock ..

Ruku asks Kabir to start teaching the kids about Quoran  n Islamic teachings .. Kabir is impressed . 

Precap Ruku starts teaching the kids how to offer namaz .. Zara worries how Ruku might be troubling the kids .

Ishq Subhaan Allah LIVE Written Update  03,04,05 Dec 2019

Ruku continues to torture the kids under the garb of giving them Islamic upbringing... the maid Hasina Khala too tortures the kids n gives them sedative laced milk to keep them drowsy .... One maulvi is employed to reach the kids Quoran n ismalic teachings ..

Kabir is unawares of the kids tortures .. Zara is all the time worried about the kids well being .. 


Zara discovers how the kids are maltreated at Ahmad house n is about to show proof to Kabir ..

Ishq Subhaan Allah LIVE Written Update  06 Dec 2019 

Shahbaz has arranged a party to promote his party for upcoming elections n also invited the press ...but instead of him. Zara grabs the lime light .. She makes the headlines by saving Ruku’s life by sucking out poison when she is bitten by Poisonous snake ,, that ruku had brought to kill Zara ., what an irony ..Ruku herself fell into the grave she dug for Zara !! 

Shahbaz threatens to expose Rukubut she threatens to expose him too ..they have face off .. Kabir appoints Zara to be the children’s care taker ..much to the disapproval of Ruku n Shahbaz

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Posted: 5 months ago

Really tired of this endless torture in the name of entertainment 

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Posted: 5 months ago

I knew right in the beginning Ruku will be bitten by that snake ... 

BTW she survived !! 

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Posted: 5 months ago

I think this snake drama was done by Ruku earlier also .. so this is just a repeat of S#1 smiley44

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Ishq Subhan Allah 

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