Randhir Failed Experiment+Evil Solution

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Posted: 8 months ago

Failed Experiment

its now reveal that randhir is not the killer and i deeply feel its the work of his failed experiment robot remember guys when joker was irritating ansh a call came to jiya that randhir's body is melting but its not decomposed like human body does keeping for a long time,it was melting and the robot form was shown and last night epi his eyes shown as randhir but in robot form so deep down i assure that its randhir's robot doing the killings and its blamed on randhir becos that robot is clone of it and everyone will mistake it as randhir furthermore it can cause MU b/w Ridhir

the question is if its the robot's doing how did it came alive and why frame randhir?jiya&ansh has no hand in it which pretty much confirm at the moment jiya based on the cctv footage blames randhir and ansh wants to kill randhir

Evil Solution

randhir is injected 25% of the.serum in his blood and it does show that he is being affected and proofs are enough that he is being affected due to his blackouts,he forgets where was he and what happened and his green glowing eyes with veins and is on/off anger but at the same he can control himself and his goodness and golden heart overpowers him and he becomes back to normal,we can assure that becos randhir did not kill anyone and thats a fact which means if we crack the code the solution does control the health part but doing evil and wants to be evil is completely in that person's hand and serum is not control its the person using advantage of it,it can be controlled so i guess this will open randhir's eyes that ansh has negativity in him and its not the solution which is controlling him its his negativity in him controlling him and its ansh who is obsessed with amrita not the haiwan

its like a teaching lesson to randhir that the evil serum can be controlled but that depends on the person,randhir is a good human being with a golden heart thus he is controlling it its just that its unknown to him while ansh wants to be evil and he has all these negative emotions in him

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