PreRish/KaRica #134|Counting Days, Moments in Hopes of His Return

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134th Appreciation Thread

I will meet you yet again
How and where
I know not
Perhaps I will become a
figment of your imagination
and maybe spreading myself
in a mysterious line
on your canvas
I will keep gazing at you.

Perhaps I will become a ray
of sunshine to be
embraced by your colours
I will paint myself on your canvas
I know not how and where —
but I will meet you for sure.

Maybe I will turn into a spring
and rub foaming
drops of water on your body
and rest my coolness on
your burning chest
I know nothing
but that this life
will walk along with me.

When the body perishes
all perishes
but the threads of memory
are woven of enduring atoms
I will pick these particles
weave the threads
and I will meet you yet again.

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|Main Aa Raha Hoon Tumhen Lene| PreRish/KaRica AT #25

There's Something In Her I Haven't Beheld Elsewhere|PreRish/KaRica #26

|Today My Secret-Self Has Found Its End In You|PreRish/KaRica AT #27

|Emergence of His Secluded Side|PreRish/KaRica AT #28

|Aap ne Kabhi Mujhe Jaanne ki Koshish Nahin ki|PreRish/KaRica AT #29

PreRish/KaRica AT #30|Nobody Talks to My Wife Like That|

PreRish/KaRica AT #31|You and I Are Fated to Be Together

PreRish/KaRica AT #32|You're Talking About My Wife. Be Careful|

PreRish/KaRica AT #33|I Think Mujhe Aapko Thank You Kehna Chahiye|

PreRish/KaRica AT #34|Aaj Tak Kabhi Kisi Ne Mere Liye Kuch Nahin Kiya|

PreRish/KaRica AT #35|Shielding His Wife Against Foes|

PreRish/KaRica AT#36|She's Prerna Sharma Bajaj! Not Forced, by Choice

PreRish/KaRica AT #37|I can Behold World's Best Dad in Him|

PreRish/KaRica AT #38|Woh...Bahut Acchi Hai Na?|

PreRish/KaRica AT #39|Toh Aap Meri Baat Maaniye|

PreRish/KaRica AT #40|Aisa Lag Raha Hai Aap Mujhe Blame Kar Rahi Hain|

PreRish/KaRicaAT #41|I'm Still a Stranger to the Pain that Changed Him

PreRish/KaRica AT #42|Girls Often Stamp Their Partner's Feet in Anger

PreRish/KaRica AT #43|I Think Humne Pehli Baar Baatein Ki Hai|

PreRish/KaRica AT #44|The Undisguised Belle and Her Enigmatic Partner|

PreRish/KaRica AT #45|Main Aap Se Nafrat Nahin Kar Paungi|

PreRish/KaRica AT #46|Kitna Galat Samjha Maine Aapko Mr Bajaj!

PreRish/KaRica AT #47|Revelation, Guilt, and Fresh Beginnings|

PreRish/KaRica AT #48|Longing for the Wounded Defender|

PreRish/KaRica AT #49|My Heart Refuses to Believe MrBajaj Can Do This

PreRish/KaRica AT #50|Harrowing Waits Promise a Pleasant Aftermath|

PreRish/KaRica AT #51|I Found Warmth and Safety in Your Embrace|

PreRish/KaRica AT #52|He's an Enigma Even to His Closest Relatives

PreRish/KaRica AT #53|She Just Ordered Me. Par Mujhe Bura Nahin Laga.

PreRish/KaRica AT #54|Main Aapki Taareef Kar Raha Tha|

PreRish/KaRica AT #55|Prerna Rishabh Bajaj Hai Unka Naam|

PreRish/KaRica AT #56|Please Yaad Rakhiyega. I Trust You...Mrs Bajaj!

PreRish/KaRica AT #57|Someone's Tears Are Affecting Me. But Why?|

PreRish/KaRica AT #58|Getting Drawn Towards You|

PreRish/KaRica AT #59|This Intimacy Intoxicates My Senses|

PreRish/KaRica AT #60|Only Time Will Tell if She Was Worth It|

PreRish/KaRica AT #61|Horde of Foes and an Erratic Companion |

PreRish/KaRica AT #62|Horde of Foes and an Erratic Companion|

PreRish/KaRica AT #63|Wronged by a Blinded Accuser|

PreRish/KaRica AT #64|Wronged by a Blinded Accusor|

PreRish/KaRica AT #65|Crumbling Faith and Hidden Truths|

PreRish/KaRica AT #66|Mindless Chaos and Uncertain Future|

PreRish/KaRica AT #67|Mindless Chaos and Uncertain Future|

PreRish/KaRica AT #68|I'll Unleash Hell If You Humiliate My Wife Again

PreRish AT #69|Recurrent Hopes Amidst Nauseating Cringefest|

PreRish/KaRica AT #70|Is She Influencing Changes in Me?

PreRish/KaRica#71We Discuss Matters but She's Free to Take Decisions

PreRish/KaRica AT #72|The Deal Is Bestowing Me With Guilt|

PreRish/KaRica AT #73|Beginning of an Intense, Maddening Love|

PreRish/KaRica AT #74|Tormented by an Insufferable and Frivolous Woman

PreRish/KaRica AT #75|Wish You Had Met Me Before Anyone Else

PreRish/KaRica AT #76|100th AT Celebration Notification PG 13 and 51

PreRish/KaRica AT #77|Delusion, Pretense, or Reality?|

PreRish/KaRica AT #78|Delusion, Pretense, or Reality?|

PreRish/KaRica AT #79|Main Chahta Hoon Aap Mujhe Jaanen|

PreRish/KaRica AT #80|I Too Have a Heart and It Aches When I'm Wronged

PreRish/KaRica AT #81|Since When She Became This Important?

PreRish/KaRica AT #82|I Had Been Waiting for This Moment|

PreRish/KaRica AT #83|Families Are Based on Trust|

PreRish/KaRica AT #84|And I Fall, I Fall for You|

PreRish/KaRica AT #85|Let Me Love the Heartache out of You |

PreRish/KaRica AT #86|She's Grown Vital and a Husband Needs His Wife

PreRish/KaRica AT #87|Your Pain Torments Me

PreRish/KaRica AT #88|Now I'm Her Life and Will Always Be|

PreRish/KaRica AT #89|She's MINE! So BACK OFF!

PreRish/KaRica AT #90|A Slow Dance With Misery and Displeasure

PreRish/KaRica AT #91|A Slow Dance With Misery and Displeasure

PreRish/KaRica AT #92|Will Never Let You Go

PreRish/KaRica AT #93

PreRish/KaRica AT #94|Embroiled in Nauseating Cringefest

PreRish/KaRica AT #95|She Isn't a Trained Nurse but She's Good

PreRish/KaRica AT #96|Darkness, Manipulations and Angst|

PreRish/KaRica AT #97|100th AT Messages Note Page 2|

PreRish/KaRica AT #98|I Love My Wife

PreRish/KaRica AT #99|Mujhe Pyaar Hua Hai...Prerna Se|

PreRish/KaRica AT #100|I Do Not Desire Mediocre Love|

PreRish/KaRica AT #101|I Want to Drown in Someone|

PreRish/KaRica AT #102|I Stayed in the Darkness With You

PreRish/KaRica AT #103|Burning With Intense Desire

PreRish/KaRica AT #104|The Stars, the Moon, They've All Been Blown Out

PreRish/KaRica AT #105|ADMIN NOTE PAGE 84

PreRish/KaRica AT #106|It All Ends Here!|

PreRish/KaRica AT #107|I Will Meet You Yet Again|

PreRish/KaRica AT #108|I Never Let Go of My Belongings

PreRish/KaRica AT #109|I Never Let Go of My Belongings

PreRish/KaRica AT #110|I Love You Aur Yeh Pyaar Hamesha Rahega

PreRish/KaRica AT #111|Kuki Aapko Miss Karegi. Aur...MAIN BHI

PreRishAT #112|The Universe Works In Mysterious Ways|

PreRish/KaRica AT #113|Main Humesha Aapke Saath Hoon...Humesha|

PreRish/KaRica AT #114|Just Remember Me Once and I'll Be Here|

PreRish/KaRica AT #115|This Love Will Last Forever|

PreRish/KaRica AT #116|Desperately in Need of Someone's Hand|

PreRish/KaRica AT #117|Until We Meet Again...|

PreRish/KaRica AT #118|Come in the Speaking Silence of a Dream

PreRish/KaRica AT #119|I Know I'd Go Back to You|

PreRish/KaRica #120|The Fault Doesn't Dwell in Stars but in Ourselves

PreRish/KaRica AT #121|A Story Without an Ending|

PreRish/KaRica AT #122|And in the Dark, I Can Hear Your Heartbeat

PreRish/KaRica AT #123|The Last Time I Called Your Name out Loud|

PreRish/KaRica AT #124|I Wonder Where You Could Be Now|

PreRish/KaRica AT #125|Was It a Vision, or a Waking Dream?|

PreRish/KaRica AT#126|We Walked Together, Walking Alone|

PreRish/KaRica AT #127|Thehar Jaa Tu Kisi Bahaane Se|

PreRish/KaRica AT #128|Maybe Our Paths Will Cross Again|

PreRish/KaRica AT #129|Unrequited LOVE|

PreRish/KaRica AT #130|Holding On and Letting Go|

PreRish/KaRica AT #131|Hold On a Little Longer|

PreRish/KaRica AT #132|Slow Dance with Unfailing Hope and Forbearance

PreRish/KaRica AT #133|Sooni Sooni Raahon Pe Hai Tera Hi Intezar|

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