Shayra is doing romance with Adil(Page 2)

Posted: 4 months ago

Originally posted by Yezabel

Yes I know Noor is the only one who doesnt believes all this and supports Shayra.

Shame on you. You want rape to be shown and encouraged on television so that your favourite samiksha gets to do romance with Azaan. You are a woman and you encourage rape. Don't you have any shame?

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Posted: 4 months ago

Originally posted by tarasutaria

There is no sound so can't understand properly what is actually going on.But one things i get understand that Shayra wants save Azaan's life.Shayra in Adil's room.Adil touch Shayra's face,plying with her hair and give romantice smile than Shayra also touch his face and kiss on his forhead.Adil gets so much happy he laying on his bed with Shayra.Its showing so much romantic scene than they hugs each other tightly.Azaan,Razia,Noor comes and see this all.Adil Shayra both are gets sceard.But after saw Shayra's face its seems she also wants that Azaan will see this all.Azaan starts beat Adil.Shayra stops him and takes Adil side.And fights with Azaan.Azaan breaks a bottole and cuts his arms.Shayra stop this there is some fight and emotional scene between them.Than Azaan gets attack.Noor and Razia trying to stop him and gets sceard.But only Shayra is slient and looks normal infact during attacks time Shayra starts blame him no sound is there but Shayra gets angry when Azaan gets attack.And we know after this Razia will thrown Shayra.And also Shayra is crying in outside.Adil comes close to him.Shayra looks seems she is angry.But what happend after this don"t know

one more things Noor is still on Shayra's side after saw this and she is crying and something asking her.Its seems she don't wants to believe this that Shayra can do this

Adil is forcing and blackmailing shayra because if she won't do all this, he will press the chip and kill Azaan. Shayra is helpless. This is not romance. This is forcing a woman. I dunno what made you write the topic "shayra romance with adil". I don't know who you are. But I know you are woman. And you can't distinguish between rape and romance. It's not appreciated on your path. 

I feel ashamed to call you a woman, if you really are..

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