26th November 2019 Written Update Mere Dad ki Dulhan

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Posted: 2 months ago

Part 1

Nia is on the phone when Ambar heads off to upstairs to stop the broker from renting off the first floor. He offers to stay upstairs. He scares the prospective tenants off saying the house is in blacklist and rent is high. But danger of ceiling falling and kids dying. The people who have come to see the house leave. Nia is upset with Ambar. Ambar sulks too. 

Nia cooks and says food ready. Ambar refuses to budge. Nia get more upset. Later Ambar starts to feel hungry. He sneaks inside to take a bite. Nia notices and offers to serve but he keeps mum. Nia tries to talk to him again but he is busy fixing the sink in the separate kitchen and refuses to respond. Next morning also Nia tries to explain that she didn't call the broker. 

Guneet's mom is upset and refuses to move house. She says am an angel why all this mess for me. Guneet says they are lucky to move to new place, at least they have a shelter. Ambar says tenants always infringe on our space. Nia says not a big deal. Guneet tries to stop her mom from moving things to block doors to leave. Guneet says their new place will be fun. Nia tries to explain the benefit of having company. Ambar says he rather spend time with local boys. Nia says tenants are coming whether he likes or not. Ambar messes the plumbing and Nia helps him. She tells him why fight. Ambar sulks. Nia rues. 

Ambar complaints to his friend Hakim about Nia controlling his life, getting tenants. His friend laughs at his misery and then helps him with yoga. He says learn to bend. It's not difficult. Hakim says Nia wants to ensure your safety and then fly to USA in peace. Baby birds/chicks are meant to fly. The broker Nia engaged brings Guneet for flat selection. The road has a jam due to a fight. Guneet is shocked seeing the area. She asks to take her to the bungalow he promised. The broker says that bungalow is in Gaziabad but the dad doesn't want a tenant. Guneet tries to stop her mom from joining the street fight. She asks the broker to take her to the bungalow. 

Part 2

Nia rants to Shree about the tenant mess. Shree makes her play a game. He says to win a game, don't be good, ensure the opposite person is bad. Show him the loss of not having a tenant. Nia loves the idea. Ambar is on phone when his peon brings the file Guneet had taken. Ambar is impressed. But peon turns back and Ambar spots Guneet. 

Part 3

Ambar scolds his peon. Guneet says came to say am not a thief. Ambar says you are a cheater. Guneet says I asked u politely but u insulted me. Ambar says what kind of Gundiraj is this? Guneet says you have no shame calling me a gundi? Ambar says girls are called gundi only. Guneet says the details I needed aren't even there. Still came from Delhi to return file. Ambar taunts her and says if shameless people had wings, you did be a peacock. Guneet says if rude men had horns, you did be barasingha. Guneet says ur shameless, no respect for workers. The staff defend Ambar. Ambar asks Guneet to head off. He says put a board of no entry. Guneet says better put "no entry". She walks off. 

Precap-- Kabir tells Ambar, Nia is leaving with them. Ambar asks where to? Nia packs her bag and is leaving, Ambar tries to stop her but she says, you wanted to stay alone so go ahead. Ambar is shocked. Nia is sad. 


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