Ishq Subhaan Allah LIVE Written Update 25,26,27,29 Nov 2019

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Posted: 6 months ago

Ishq Subhaan Allah LIVE Written Update  25 Nov 2019 

Ruksar has brain washed the three children Firdaus...Zaid n Alisha that their Zara Appi has gone to Mannat thru the lake n the kids decide to drown into the lake to meet their Appi in Zannat .Ruku watches them secretly feeling pleased to get rid of them .

Qazi family n Kabir are looking for Zara n the kids frantically .. they fail,to locate them 

Kabir finds the children about to drown he rescues them n promises them he will never leave them alone n he persuaded them to return home 

Qazi family is relieved to see the kids .

Zara is recovering at hosp she shares Kabir’s phone no to the nurse to inform the family ..but Ruku attends the call n fakes wrong number .. she does not inform Kabir but asks Shahbaz to get rid of Zara before she can return .

Ruku fakes loving concern for the kids prompting Qazi Irfan t suggest Kabir marry Ruku for the sake of the kids . Kabir is reluctant but  Ruku is ready for it .

Ishq Subhaan Allah LIVE Written Update  26Nov 2019

Kabir worries how to take care of the children as he had promised .He shares with the family how he had rescued them . 

Ruku blackmails Shahbaz to get her married to Kabir threatening time expose how he murdered Zara .

Shahbaz suggests Kabir get married n become parents to the three kids .. he suggests he marry Ruku ..

Najma is pleasantly surprised so is Ruku .

Kabir asks Ruku if she was willing it be mother to the kids n his wife even though he couldn’t love her or fulfill any duties of husband ..she agrees as she loved him very much .

The three kids are happy Kabir was marrying but when they learn he was marrying Ruku n not their Zara Appi they are shocked 

Zara escapes from hospital tries to reach Kabir .

Kabir n Ruku are going thru  nikah

Ishq Subhaan Allah LIVE Written Update  27 Nov 2019 

Ruku is busy getting ready  in her bridal trousseau... she is excited for her nikah to Kabir .l

The three kids are very upset to k ow Kabir chachu was marrying Ruksar n not Zara Appi . 

Irfan Qazi n Salma feel Zara would make better life partner for Kabir instead of Ruku .. but give in to the lord’s wishes ..

At the nikah venue Kabir is reluctant hesitant to sign the nikah Nama ,, delays happen .. Zara escapes from ICU m hir3s auto to reach Nikah venue , faints Shahbaz is busy disposing her off / hiding her somewhere Kabir comes out n spots Zara ..he is shocked .


Zara refuses to hand over he children to Ruku .. she decides to leave the Ahmad house with the three kids . All are shocked m try to dissuade her .

Ishq Subhaan Allah LIVE Written Update  29 Nov 2019 

Ruku n Abir have nikah for the sake of the children .. Ruku is interested in Abir .. she hates the kids .. she starts behaving rudely with them .. the kids are reduced to tears .. but a Ruku is not bothered about the, she is dreaming of having a grand Suhaag raat ..with Kabir ...Zara lands up at Ahmad house with the  fav toy of Firdaus ..whithout which she could not sleep ..Kabir and Zara accidentally have close moments and she ends up in his arms .. this sight makes a Ruku turn green with jealous rage .. 

Ruku refutes the claim sof Zara ..Kabir goes to Investigste .. he finds the children distrust n they come,against Ruku . Kabir berates Ruku n she then tries to Antara the attention of Shanbaz 

But Shahbaz fails to separate Zara from Kabir as they both end up in the children’s room:putting them to sleep 


Kids play havoc in the kitchen .. Ruku gets furious with them .. 

the family is shocked to see Ruku n the kids maltreated  n dirty .

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Posted: 6 months ago

Kabir married Ruksar ..

I am hating this smiley7

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Posted: 6 months ago

Ruku turned cruel step mom 

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