FIGHT AGAINST DESTINY- PreRish FF [Thread1 Ch 1 - 14]

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Hello people! Inspired from amazing stories and writers of this forum here is my very first attempt at writing. Can’t come with any title yet, please feel free to send  in your suggestions for title and feedback if you like/dislike this attempt of mine. Thanks for reading in advance and sorry for editing/spelling errors.

“We can't fight destiny, those who fight destiny were destined to do it” ― Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls of Eternity.


"A tale of two people so starkly different from each other, fighting against their own 'DESTINY' in an attempt to achieve, what they were 'DESTINED' for."

Prerna looked at herself in the mirror. She looked beautiful as a bride in her red and white lehnga, adorned with Kundan jewlry. She was wearing her bangles when she felt two small hands hugging her from behind. She kept the remaining bangles on the table and held little hands in hers and smiled at little kukki through the mirror. Kukki felt elated and Prerna turned to face the little one. She was her strength during all those 3 months she spent with her and her father. Kukki provided her comfort in the worst of the situations. All her worries would vanish with just a smile of her daughter. HER DAUGHTHER..Kukki’s love for her was so pure and unconditional and that the very first word Kukki ever spoke was ‘Prerna MAA’.. Yes ‘MAA’, she was her Maa..

Prerna Mamma” said Kukki and those words pulled Prerna out of her thoughts. “You look shoo beautiful Mamma” holding her mother's face in her hands Kukki gave a small peck on her Mamma’s forehead. That’s when Prerna felt as if a shadow moved away from her room’s door. She turned to see but found nothing. She shifted her focus back to Kukki slightly tickling her, which made her laugh in her lap. 

Outside the room, Rishabh stepped away from the door as he feared he won’t be able to control his emotions as he was completely engrossed in the mother-daughter moments unfolding right in front of his eyes. They both looked perfect and a complete family, A FAMILY that he always yearned for. He was happy to experience what a complete family feels for whatever little time that he could, but today was the day he had to leave Prerna behind for the love of HER life. He had to take a painful decision of breaking his own dream of a FAMILY to fulfil HER dream. He wasn’t sure why he did that. Only thing he was certain of was that Prerna did not love her but, Did he love her? Their marriage was a deal indeed but during past 3 months he had developed a sort of connection with her. He loved how she took care of his life- his daughter Kukki, that’s all he ever expected from her. He wanted to tell her what he felt for her, but the events that took place in last couple of weeks in Basu Badi made him to decide otherwise.  

‘I took the right decision, this feels right and eventually everyone will be happy and move on. He would take care of Kukki like he always did, before Prerna came into their life and..’ his thoughts were interrupted as someone called him from behind- “Rishabh!” 

It was Maasi, he tried to put on a mask on his face to show he was fine, but Massi knew it wasn’t easy for him. Though, she did some nasty stuff and regretted her actions, but she has known him from his childhood. She knew he was badly affected by the new events happening in their life. After a long time he had allowed someone to enter his safe space, his real world and now all that was coming to an end today. 

 “What happened, Rishabh? Are you Okay?” asked Massi looking a bit worried. Giving her a weak smile he said, “Haan Maasi, sab theek hai. Bas Kukki ko lene ja hi rha tha as we need to leave, else we’ll miss our flight.”  

“To kya hua leke nhi aaye Kukki ko? Tanvi already neeche hai with the luggage. I came here looking for you and Kukki”, asked Maasi.  

"Kukki Prerna ke pass hai, un dono ko ek sath dekha to mann nahi kia unhe alag krne ka, islie socha thoda aur time spend krne du unhe sath mein. Socha yaha wait kr leta hu. Main abhi le ata hu use”, saying this he started to walk towards the room. Before reaching the door he stopped, Maasi was closely noticing him. After a small pause he turned back and stood in front of Maasi looking way more miserable every passing moment. Gathering all his scattered feelings, he said in a low voice, “Masi, if you could please go and get Kukki for me. I don’t think I have the strength to go in there, mera dil inta strong nahi hai Maasi. Kya aap please Kukki ko le ayengi”. 

Masi knew about Rishabh’s mental state and she kept her hand on his shoulder, looking into his eyes she gave a nod, assuring him that she’d go get Kukki. Masi took a few steps when Rishabh called her again and she turned and silently waited for him to talk. Masi noticed his right hand reaching out to his Jacket’s pocket and walked towards him. Rishabh took out an envelope from his pocket and stared at it for amoment, as he was still debating in his mind about the envelope he held in his hand. “Rishabh, kya baat hai? Ye kaisa envelope hai tumhare haath mein?” Masi asked looking puzzled.  

“Masi wo maine socha tha jane se pehle main is letter ke form mein mere wishes Prerna ko deke jaaun, but now I am not sure. Could you do me another favour, kya ye letter aap Prerna ko mere behalf pr de sakti hain please?” said Rishabh looking at the letter first and then into Masi’s eyes.

 “Hum de dete hain Beta”

Rishabh handed over the envelope and without saying a word he went down the stairs to check if Tanvi was in need of any help. 

Prerna and Kukki were hugging tightly when Masi knocked on the door, informing the two about her presence. Kukki broke the hug and Prerna got up from her chair looking at Masi with a slight smile on her face, still holding Kukki's hand in hers. Masi immediately put a Kajal tika behind Prerna’s ear and said, “bhaut sundar lag rhi ho Prerna, kisi ki nazar na lage tumhe.” Prerna touched her feet and Masi showered her with her blessings. Placing her hand on Prerna’s face she said, “Tum dikhne mein jitni sundar ho, utna hi sundar tumhara dil hai.” Prerna was looking towards the door, as if she waited for someone to come. 

Masi asked “kya hua, kisi ko dhund rhi ho?”  


As Rishabh reached downstairs, Anurag came up to him and aksed, “Mr.Bajaj, maine abhi Tanvi aur Chandu ko bags ke sath bahar jate hue dekha. Tanvikahi ja rhi hai?”. Rishabh said, “Sirf Tanvi nahi, hum sabhi ja rhe hain. Masi Kukki ko lene upar gai hai.. unke aate hi hum nikal jayenge.”

Surprised Anurag asked if they could wait till the marriage rituals, to which Rishabh replied saying, “We have a flight to catch Mr. Basu, islie rukna possible nhi hoga. But jane se pehle I want to say  aap Prerna ka khayal rakhiyega waise jaise wo deserve krti hai. Agar mujhe pata chala ki aapke wajah se unhe chhoti si bhi taqleef hui to Humara samna fir se hoga. Aur tab main khud ko nahi rokunga”. 

Anurag got a smile on his face and assured Rishabh, “Main poora dhyan rakhunga Mr. Bajaj app fikr mat kijie. Waise aap ruk pate to hume acha lagta, but I can understand aapke flights booked hai. All the best Mr. Bajaj”.  

“All the best to you too BASU” saying this Rishabh walked away from Anurag towards Tanvi who looked worried as she saw him coming towards her. Rishabh sensed her worry and told her “It’s alright Tanvi, you do not have to feel bad about anything. You did what you had to do. What’s done is done, lets just forget it.” Tanvi kept looking at Rishabh said sorry but he couldn’t hear as he got busy instructing Chandu to make sure everything is ready for them toleave as soon as Masi and Kukki come down and she got busy her own work. 

Prerna’s Room 

Prerna hiding her curiosity said she was looking for Tanvi as she has not met her since morning. Masi told her “Tanvi is down arranging the luggage in the car aur hum yaha tumhe bye kehne aur Kukki ko le jane aye the”. Hearing Masi’s words she felt as if she has been hit really hard. Looking puzzled she asked, “Bye kehne, Kukki ko le jane? App kahi ja rhe hain?”.  

Masi looked at her and said, “Ab tumhari shaadi hone ja rhi hai. Humara yaha rukna shayad Basus ko pasand nahi ayega aur kuch hi der mein humari flight bhi hai. So hume nikalna hoga. Hum sab pray krenge ki tum aur Mr. Basua pne is new life mein sari khushiyan paao jinki tum haqdar ho.” 

Masi asked Kukki to say bye to her Prerna Mamma, as papa is waiting and they were getting late. Kukki in her newly found sweet voice said, “Bye Mamma! I will miss you alot and hugged her”

Hearing the word PAPA, Prerna wanted to ask about Rishabh, but all that came out in words was, “Mr. Bajaj..” 

“Rishabh neeche humara wait kr rha hai. Ab hume chalna chahie nahi tohum sach mein flight miss kr denge.” said Masi and started to walk out of room with Kukki. 

'Mr. Bajaj mujhe mile bina hi ja rhe hain? Mujhe bataya bhi nahi, agar pata hota to main ek baar mil leti. Ab to main aise bahar bhi nahi ja sakti' while Prerna was thinking all this she heard Masi calling her name and saw her coming towards her; Kukki waited near the door. 

“Rishabh ne hume ye letter dia aur kaha ki hum tumhe de dein. Tum shadi ki preparations mein busy hogi aur tumhe disturb na ho isilie wo tumhe milne nahi aya. But ye letter dia hai tumhare lie. Jab time mile to pad lena. Acha ab hum nikalte hai. All the best for your new life again… chalo kukki..” 

Both Kukki and Masi bid their goodbyes and disappeared from Prerna’s sight, leaving her behind with the letter, Rishabh left for her. She couldn’t understand why he couldn’t come to her once, even if it was to say Goodbye. Past few events did leave them with a few bitter memories but she did hold a lot of respect for this man who was also her husband till he handed over divorce papers to her last night and father of her daughter Kukki..  

Kukkii, what will happen to our relationship after now? Will she ever get to see her daughter again? Will she ever see Mr. Bajaj again? A lot of questions were running through her mind when she heard sound of igniting car engines through her window. She immediately reached her window in a hope to get a final glance at people who were her family even if for a very small time.. her daughter and…. More specifically Mr. Bajaj.  

She looked down from the window, she saw Rishabh helping Kukki getting into the back seat of their car and making sure she comfortably settled in. She could only see his back and hoped that he would turn once for her to get just a glimpse of his. He moved to Masi and Tanvi’s car before instructing Chandu about something. He saw Rishabh giving a small box to Chandu, before turning back to his car. 

Opening the door of the car Rishabh paused for a moment, he felt someone was watching him from top. Sensing it could be Prerna looking at them from her window, he decided to get into his car without turning back to have a look at her. 

From inside the car Rishabh finally looked up from the tinted glass, making sure she doesn’t see him. He asked the driver to make a move as they must leave now to reach on time. 

Prerna waited, but saw him getting inside his car. Prerna ran towards the door to go down, when she almost collided with Chandu at the door. “Sorry Mam, I am very sorry. Main bas apko ye box dene aa raha tha. Mr. Bajaj ne mujhe dia hai apko dene ke lie” said Chandu and went away to finish off his pending work. Prerna opened the box, inside she found her mangalsutra that Kukki broke by mistake. She held it in her hands and it was broken no more. She quickly called chandu if he knew where Bajaj family was going? He said “Mr. Bajaj apne family ke sath London ja rhe hain” and asked Prerna if he can go. She said thank and asked him to go.  

As soon as she kept the box and letter on the table near the window to go down, she heard the sound of engines of his car igniting, she felt something broke inside her. She ran towards the window again but saw them moving away from the house; away from her for how long she did not know. She felt a deep pain she couldn’t figure out where, as if a part of her was going away from her, which she will never get back. She looked at them leaving till the time they vanished from her sight. She could feel wetness in her eyes and wondered why was she crying? What for? 

Inside the Car 

Inside the car Rishabh turned towards Kukki, hugging her tightly he asked “you okay Kukki? I know you will miss Mamma but hum to chahte hain na ki Mamma bhi khush rahen, right?"

Kukki gave him a smile and said "right, But are you alrigt, Dad?” Rishabh fell out of words and with a smile, hugged Kukki again and said, “Papa ke lie to Kukki hai na, islie papa to khush hi rahenge”

Kukki kissed him on his forehead and said “like pehle ki tarah, yeyyyy” 

Prerna’s room 

Wiping her tears she lifted the box along with Rishabh’s letter from the table and sat on her bed. Holding her MS in her hand she opened the letter and starts reading it. Letter said-  

Dearest Prerna,

Main janta hu ki aapko kabhi meri zaroorat nahi padegi.. But the Universe works in Mysterious ways. I just wanted to say agar aapko kabhi bhi kisi bhi cheez ya kaisi bhi zaroorat pade to aap yaad kariyega.. Main humesha aapke sath hu. HUMESHA

Highest Intentions

Mr. Bajaj 

Reading the letter she looked at her MS and then at the letter, that’s when Nivedita entered her room inquiring if she was ready for the ceremony or needed any help as priests have already arrived downstairs. Prerna got up from the bed and assured Nivedita that she is almost done. Final touch ups would take another 10 mins or so. Nivedita gave her a smile and moved out of the room. Once Nivedita left, Prerna carefully kept the MS and letter in the box that Chandu gave her in and placed it inside her suitcase, right under her other belongings.  She went back to the dressing area and quietly worked on her makeup and draped her duppatas properly and that’s when Anurag entered her room.

Rishabh’s car on the way to theairport

Kukki was sleeping Rishabh’s lap, while he blankly stared out of his car window. All of a sudden he felt something vibrating in his pocket. He realised it was his phone. Without disturbing Kukki’s sleep he quickly yet carefully took his phone out and saw Mr. Mehra's name flashing on his phone screen. He picked up the call and listened for sometime not to wake up his daughter and ended the call saying “Okay Mehra, in that case have all our London flights cancelled and quickly book new flights to Mumbai. We are already on our way to the airport. Have it done and send me the details asap. Bye and see you at the airport.”  

He called Masi and informed her about the change in plan.



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Whoa! Finally something to read! smiley4

What a brilliant debut! smiley32

I absolutely loved the OS and its brilliance has left my parched heart craving for more. This one carried a significant level of similarities with the farewell episode and I must admit your writing effortlessly outclassed the latter. 

Moreover, I liked how you handled the ending. Prerna's decision and the following action isn't explicitly stated and it's up to the readers to interpret it. I believe it's a positive ending as Prerna has decided against the impending wedding and is all set to return to Mr Bajaj. :)

This one deserves a sequel.

Title suggestions:

I Know I'd Go Back to You

Tied by the Threads of Destiny

Tangled by a Nameless Void

Posted: 8 months ago

Amazing story, I loved it

Posted: 8 months ago

Originally posted by Wistfulness

Whoa! Finally something to read! smiley4

What a brilliant debut! smiley32

I absolutely loved the OS and its brilliance has left my parched heart craving for more. This one carried a significant level of similarities with the farewell episode and I must admit your writing effortlessly outclassed the latter. 

Moreover, I liked how you handled the ending. Prerna's decision and the following action isn't explicitly stated and it's up to the readers to interpret it. I believe it's a positive ending as Prerna has decided against the impending wedding and is all set to return to Mr Bajaj. :)

This one deserves a sequel.

Title suggestions:

I Know I'd Go Back to You

Tied by the Threads of Destiny

Tangled by a Nameless Void

thank you Darling, you have expressed whatever i wanted to in the perfect words. 

Yes dear please continue it. Though it looks like you are going to. 🤗

Posted: 8 months ago

nice story...but why did you stop half way, please do continue it least all prerish fans will get to see some prerish moment here since there are none in the show...

Posted: 8 months ago

I guess Shruti (wistfulness) has said everything what every PreRish fans and reader feels here.. it's really an awesome story... Pls write more

Posted: 8 months ago


Posted: 8 months ago

hey what a lovely story i hope you're continuing it would love to read more. 

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 

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