Any romantic shows similar to Khaani with an obsessive hot villain?

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Posted: 8 months ago

OMG, I just watched Khaani recently (first 21 episodes only as the last 10 no longer focused on the romance) and its story was so compelling!!! This is exactly the kind of intense obsessive romances that I'm looking for: One where the the leading male's more villainous (preferably the most powerful person) and becomes utterly obsessed with the heroine. Of course, the acting and chemistry have to be top noch too.

Khaani's unique in that the villain is actually the male lead, so he's the hero as well. But I saw him as the villain because he's pretty much the main antagonist of the series and never gets the h's love.

Seriously, the villain's one of the most obsessed I've ever seen and it doesn't hurt that he's absolutely gorgeous/sexy as hell and shares explosive chemistry with the h. All their scenes together are gold and I just couldn't get enough of the way he looks at her like he wants to devour her. The actor is phenomenal (gave hell of a devilish performance) and I loved all of his facial expressions (his eyes just ooze emotion and dude's seriously got swag), esp. when he's around the h. He seriously can't bear to be away from the h once he falls for her. The lead's chemistry left me breathless and as a drama veteran, it's been a long time since I've felt this way about a pairing. I literally lived for their every encounter. 

My only problem with this series from the first 21 episodes I've watched was that I felt that the transition from bafflement/fascination to obsessive love was too fast. I would have liked to have more exposition, more stalking/encounters with the h on the part of the male lead before he realizes his feelings. The drama really rushed through this phase as the villain realized his feelings literally right after the scene where he's pondering over when he'll finally lose his patience with the h. It was really jarring when he declared his love practically out of the left field. I really wanted more fun scenes where he's still unaware of his feelings, yet can't stay away from the h. A continuous buildup like that leading to an explosive encounter where he finally understands that he's in love would have been way better. This part definitely needed more dragging out and I feel an Indian or Kdrama would definitely have worked on this a lot more. I actually wouldn't mind if this transitional phase dragged on for as long as possible, so long as there's dozens of hot scenes with our leads:) Still, the actor was so swoonworthy and I was too invested in their romance that I had to continue watching, lol. 

Ugh, now I need more quality "heroine standing up to the hot villain" storylines like this one. One where the villain doesn't fall right away and you get to see the "falling" process in detail. I watch to see another hot/sexy male lead villain just like this one!!! Khaani really is unique since the villain is also the leading male and there's no outright "hero" character for half the drama. I don't consider the guy the heroine ended up marrying a male lead since he doesn't even come in until the halfway point. So, I really can't think of any other dramas where the villain is also the default hero of the drama. The closest I can think of is probably the Thai lakorn, "Sawan Biang." I also loved how the heroine sticks to her resolve and isn't weak to his advances. Khaani's romance plot was so compelling and intense!

Are there any more quality "heroine standing up to the hot villain" Indian dramas with a hot, intense, and obsessive villainous male lead like this one? One where the villain doesn't fall right away and you get to see the "falling" process in detail. And one where the heroine has a backbone and doesn't submit to him.

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Posted: 8 months ago

gul e rana

bashar momin


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