19th November 2019 Written Update Mere Dad Ki Dulhan

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Posted: 8 months ago

Part 1

Nia tells Guneet if only she could help more. Guneet says no big deal. Once i catch hold of him, will teach him a lesson that he never fools another girl. Nia excuses herself. She leaves her phone on the table. Amber calls and says he is booking tickets coz the movie has AR Rehmans songs and the movie songs are great. Guneet says who watches movies for songs, i watch for hero. Amber guaffs. Guneet says earlier movies had songs, lyricists, singers, magical. Amber is impressed by her choice. Nia comes and takes the phone. Amber asks who was on phone? Nia says client. Amber says she has good taste imn songs. Guneet asks who was on the phone? Nia says dad. Guneet says he has good taste in music. Nia smiles noticing the similarities. 

Amber is getting ready. Kabir and Nia are at the departmental store and asks Nia what Amber thinks of him? Nia says nothing. Kabir asks what is he feeling? Nia says a new phase in our life is starting. Dont know how he will manage. Kabir says maybe he too wants her to move on. Amber is driving to the theater. Nia is standing in queue to make payments. Nia is buying gifts for Amber. Kabir teases Nia about her dad. The phone rings and Nia rushes. Amber asks where she is? Nia says on the way. Kabir calls her out to take her jacket. Amber is hurt and books one ticket and goes inside the theater. He feels hurt. He covers his eyes and speaks up against some dialogues in the movie. Nia rushes to the theater. The nearby audience fume on him for speaking over the characters. Nia-Kabir come and look for Amber. Nia screams and Amber calls her to him. Nia apologizes for being late and asks him to come home. Amber says no. Nia sits besides him on the theater floor. 

Amber is making coffee and Nia warns Kabir that dad is gonna kill you with his coffee. Go home. Amber glares at Kabir-Nia talking. Nia apologizes for being late. Amber remains silent.  He brings coffee for Kabir and its too strong and Kabir manages to drink it. Amber asks Kabir if he recommended Nia for training? Kabir says yes and says she is deserving. He says Nia will have fun. Amber says how does he know she will have fun? Is he going. Kabir says no. Nia tries to defend Kabir. Kabir answers all of Ambers queries about traveling, eating, sleeping, cooking, etc. Amber shares all of Nias weaknesses. Nia says she will learn to manage. Amber asks what if she misses me? Nia says facetime. Nia sends Kabir packing but Amber makes him drink the coffee and he does. Outside Kabir sulks and Nia teases him. She waves him bye. Amber says just checking if he wants another coffee. 

Later at night, Amber is on the terrace and Nia comes and Amber says tell the truth. You forgot the movie date and had gone to the mall. Amber says a father is a father is a father. Nia says had gone to get gift for you. Nia says daughter is daughter is a daughter. Amber says gift is not gonna make me happy. Nia says check this, got a dart board. Helps to destress. She also gifts him unocards. Amber says these gifts are to play alone. Nia says you can play alone or with others like Shukla aunty. Amber says no way. He asks to keep the games away and they decide to play cards. Nia suggests to bring Kabir along for Friday movie watch. Nia says wait, its too late. Time to sleep. Amber sulks and walks off.

Shanti bai says am leaving, cant work with your dad. Nia offers a hike in salary. Shanti relents. 

Part 2

Amber is watering the plants in the morning when a person comes. Amber says he left. Nia notices him and says this is the house, come. Amber sulks. Nia offers water and meantime Amber asks him to leave. Nia catches him again and makes him stop. Nia fumes on Amber for running away from blood test. Amber says got test done 2 years ago. Amber says in 2 years nothing happens. Nia says want to travel with peace of mind. Amber says make tea Shanti. Nia refuses to relent.  She says we decided to take test. Amber says you make all decisions, i only obey. You dont care about my opinions coz i am old.

Part 3

Nia is hurt by Ambers words. Amber says you do as you wish. Got job at Noida. Not at home on Saturday-Sunday. Nia says so to live in Ghaziabad, i should leave a good job? Coz of the good job i got opportunity to go to USA. Amber says didnt even ask me before that. Nia is hurt and says fine. Do as you wish. Amber says i am fine. Why worry. Nia says i am scared, mom used to say am fine, but she left. We couldnt save her. What will i do if anything happens to you. Happy? Amber feels guilty. Nia walks off. 

Precap -- Amber asks if report is good? Kabir signals a thumbs up to Nia and she says yes all well. Amber feels something amiss and ties himself with weight and drives off.

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Posted: 8 months ago

Though it's a little late, thought I should say thanks for it coz it takes efforts to type out the entire update. smiley31

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Posted: 8 months ago

Thank you for the lovely detailed update! 

Do I remember you from the Rangrasiya forum or were you on Ishqbaaz? But I know I've read your posts with interest & pleasure 😃

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Posted: 8 months ago

My pleasure  smiley31

Yes I was in Rangrasiya forum. smiley9

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