Ishq Subhaan Allah LIVE Written Update 18,19, 20,21,22 Nov 2019

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Ishq Subhaan Allah LIVE Written Update  18 Nov 2019 

Ruku attempts to frame Zara for theft of cash n jewellery from the venue of Azra n Imran’s mehendi ... Shahbaz insist zara be arrested by police .. the police arrive n are ready to arrest her .. Kabir, Firdaus n Alish declare Zara could never steal Zaid recollects he had learnt to take videos .,his video reveal the real culprit .. Ruku’s plan to cram Zara fails ..Shahbaz is disappointed too .

Next day Irfan n Shahbaz  inform about a family who wanted to adopt the kids .. they meet the family at Sharia board .. there they discover that family was only interested in adopting Zaid ...

Shahbaz favours this adoption as it would be good future for Zaid .... the kids were already separated from their parents at least siblings could remain tog !! 

Zara discusses with Kabir how she did not want to separate him from his real sister Alisha ...

Zara gets emotional about the kids .. she shares her reluctance to separate the siblings ... 


The three kids lock themselves up I;the store room .they refuse to get separated .. Zara weeps for them .. she then tells Kabir that neither she nor Kabir could adopt the kids for the sake of the kids was he ready to marry her ?? Kabir is shocked is every one else .. 

Ishq Subhaan Allah LIVE Written Update  19 Nov 2019 

Zabir are very upset at the prospect of separating the three children .. Zara is totally against it .. Kabir suggests he will adopt the kids n take all their responsibilities but Imran informs being single neither SB nor the courts will legally permit him .. nor could Single Zara adopt them legally .they are at a loss .the family is worried for the children’s future 

The kids are very disturbed at the prospect of separation n lock them selves takes great bit of assurance n promises fromZara to convince them that will never ever be separated .

Zara then decides to marry Kabir for the sake of the children ,,she rushes t Ahmad house n proposes to Kabir ,,an arrangement just for the sake of the kids 

Kabir declines marriage proposal as none could take his beloved Zara from his heart she  still belonged to her from mind n heart n soul .. 

Shahbaz insults n  berates Zara ..for daring to propose to Kabir n dream of getting a position in society n live life of luxury .. 

Kabir is still very much in love with late Zara n can’t think of marrying again 

Zara wonders what to do next .

Ishq Subhaan Allah LIVE Written Update  20 Nov 2019 

Zara is very upset n worried about the future of the children.

Azra is getting ready for her wedding ., Salma and irfan gift Azra jewellery n HM package .. Azra wonders how they knew her choice of fab jewellery n HM destination ?? Kabir arrives n reveals how Zara has told him everything .

Azra is very emotional as she says they were lucky to have Kabir in Zara’s life . 

On the day of Nikah All members dress up n reach the venue .. Zara is looking very pretty .. Imran is ready with his sehra in position ....

Zara learns from Azra that she n Imran were hinking of adopting the three children n help out the orphaned kids n relieve Zara outnof her worrisome situation .

Kabir is against this idea n when Zara shares this with him he reprimands n accuses Zara 


Imran’s father refuses to accept Azra as bahu as she had insulted the family even before marriage by deciding to adopt three orphaned kids 

Zabir n everyone are shocked .

Ishq Subhaan Allah LIVE Written Update  21 Nov 2019 

At nikah venue Imran states that he n his bride Azra had thought of this plan to adopt the three orphaned children . Imran’s father is against it since the family n khandaan of the kids were unknown ... he refuses to accept Azra as his bahu n orders Imran to choose between his Abbu n biwi .. he threatens to slash his wrist...I ran has no option but to walk out of the venue ,..deep,y apologising tk Azra ... she is heart broken 

Irfan Salma n Kabir’s words fails to placate them ....

Later Kabir n Ruku berate Zara for her marriage proposal to Kabir which precipitated this hasty act by the bride n groom 

Zara is  very upset 

Ishq Subhaan Allah LIVE Written Update  22 Nov 2019 

Irfan Qazi n Salma console Azra over the broken nikah ... 

they miss zara too .. 

At Ahmad house Kabir n Imran have a tough time persuading the children it have their meal as all are missing Zara 

Stung by Kabir n Ruku’s words Zara decid3s tk Sen hell from her step father at Allahabad 

She mets with RTA and is take to hospital

Docs struggle with saving Zara’s life as she is critically injured .

They struggle to contact her family 

At Ahmad house n Qazi house they all wonder where could Zara be ??

Kabir goes looking for he at various hospitals .... Zara is lying on the ICU bed n Notices Kabir n tries to speak thru her oxygen mask but fails ..

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Posted: 6 months ago

Are we heading for Zabir nikah ?? 

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