Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE updates 18,19, 20, 21,22 Nov 2019

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Posted: 4 months ago

Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE  updates 18 Nov 2019 

Episode begins with Krishi being pampered by her Shamita .. Nandini watches from the door jealously .. .krishi insists Shamita put her to sleep n share h bed .. she thinks next day would be shamita’s wedding day !!

..she thinks Krishi could dram all she wanted as tomorrow would be  Nandini’s day 

Krishi wakes up n is distressed  to find herself alone on the bed ..

Nandini  smiles as she watches Krishi searching for her parents .Shamita wake up on  hay stack surprised .. Asmita is not waking up .. 

Moni has no clue .. Krishi tries to call Asmita Nandini secretly watches Krishi n feels happy ..  she tells herself how she had mixed chloroform in the mehendi n this resulted in their falling asleep so fast that she was able to kidnap them to secluded place ..

She boasts of her achievements to Shekhawat .. she then tricks Krishi to confess the truth thatbshe was faking illness n memory loss .Innocent Krishi weeps for her missing parents n confesses about her lies which she told to reunite Shamita .

Nandini decides to use this to disrupt Shamita wedding .

Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE  updates 19 Nov 2019 

Shamita wake up n find themselves in strange place ..they realise they have been kidnapped .. they decide to get back as Krishi needed them .

At Majumdar house Krishi is looking for her parents .she is told a story how parents turned into earthen pots if their children lied ..

Krishi is made to feel guilty by Nandini n is  being forced to confess.,Shekhawat n Nandini plan to use this confession of lying to disrupt Shamita wedding . After prolonged trying Krishi does not disclose that she was lying as she had promised her mother to keep this a secret .. 

she manages to save the earthen post that Nandini threatens to shatter ..

Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE  updates 20 Nov 2019 

Shamita make good their escape .. first by managing to get out of the godown then by fighting off the goons guarding the den .. they reach home .. 

right then Nandini has scared Krishi so much that her parents will now turn into matkas if she did not  confess her lies ,,Krishi confesses that she never suffered memory loss but faked it just to get her papa marry Asmita .

Shana over hears it n gets shocked .. Asmita is reduced to tears ..Shekhawat n Nandini smirk .. 

Krishi hugs Shaan lovingly relieved that he was OK n returned home .. Shan is furious that she lied to him he is even more enraged knowing Asmita knew about this all the way .. he is hurt n douches his pain in alcohol .. Asmita tries to pacify him but he accuses her of manipulating a kid for her selfish reasons ., she was greedy .. n teaching wrong things to a kid n the worst mother ...

Asmita is in tears ... she tries to plead him to accept Krishi as his daughter ..but he declines ... 


Shaan is ready to fill maang n put Mangal sutra .. Asmita is shocked he pleasantly surprised .... Krishi n Nivi smile.. but Shekhawat n Nandini are worried ..

Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE  updates 21 Nov 2019 

Shaan is very upset with Asmita n refuses to listen to her pleas .

He surprises every one by declaring that the entire fiasco was over his filling of maang n putting MS so he will co plate it today n put the matter to ready once n for all ..As ita is pleasantly surprised n is expecting Shaan to put them on her .. Krishi n Nivi are all smiles .. while Nandini is shocked n worried .... 

to every one so shock Shana Gilles Nandini’s maang n puts MS on her .

He declares Nandini was the best mother to his daughter Chahat n never asked her to lie for her own greediness .. she never forced him for Anu MS or sindoor ...

He berates Asmita n insults her ... Asmita is reduced to tears ...Krishi faints at this sight .. Asmita seeks help but Nandini stops him from helping Krishi ...Asmita n Krishi carry her to he bed n get her checked by docs n later Krishi recovers 

Shaan’s Lawyer gets the adoption papers .. he signs them n asks Asmita’s signature she she was the mother ....Asmita goes thru the papers n burns them .. she refuses to give her daughter to Shaan who did it care about Krishi .....She assures Krishi deserved better papa than Shaan n she will give her new papa in Shekhawat m she will marry him 


Shaan is very disturbed thinking of Asmita’s marriage to Shekhawat n rushes out of his room

Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE  updates 22 Nov 2019 

Asmita declares she will marry Shekhawat in the next 24 hrs ..

Shaan was not the best for Krishi ..she deserved better .. Shekhawat would be better than Shaan .. Shaan angrily retorts that this should be Krishi’s decision not Asmita’s..Krishi endorses the same views as her mumma .. Shaan refuses to put the black beaded necklace n red colour on her mumma he have those to Kans’s aunty .. he also scolded her not insulted he was not her best papa after all .. she is sure as her mumma feels a shekhawat would be her best papa ..

Asmita Krishi , Shekhawat n Vivaan walks out of Majumdar house 8 to a guest house as Shekhawat was renovating his house ....

Asmita is heart broken but finds solace in the two children .. Shekhawat assures she will get a good life that she deserves n Krishi a good papa .

Shan is angry n heart broken that Asmita has once again snatched away a child  he truly loved .. he misses Krishi even though Chahat showers affection on Shaan ...

At night when Asmita is fast asleep she is woken up by a movement .,she is shocked to see Shaan in her room.. she wakes up b is about to exclaim but he covers her mouth n apologises for shouting at her n insulting her .. asks forgiveness n wants them back into his life .. he is unable to live with out His Puchki n Krishi even for one night how could he live the whole life .. .he hugs Asmita ;pleads her not to give him up so easily .... she pushes him away n her dream breaks ..she is upset... thinking of Shaan. ..  

Krishi is dressed in a pretty red lehenga choli .. And Smitabis dressed up like a beautiful Rajasthani bride red .. both discuss how they will never forgive Shaan for insulting Asmita  .


Shana meets the nurse who took  Krishi at birth n brought her up .. he learns Krishi was his real daughter .. Shaan is shocked n runs to stop Asmita Shekhawat’s shaadi .. n adopt his own daughter .. 

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Posted: 4 months ago

I actually want Asmita to Marry Shekhawat now 

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Posted: 4 months ago

How can you say that he too went to extremes joining hands with nandini and letting her give electric shocks to her as he is obsessed with her and in future if it becomes a question of nirvan and krishi imagine what he can do.

Asmita should not marry period...she is an educated woman of tody why does she need a man.

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