Amrita Breaks Randhir''s Heart

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Posted: 8 months ago

It was an emotional epi for Ridhir and Param-Riddhima nails it😭💔

Amrita realise that its all Ansh plan and she pretends to be angry and scolds Randhir that what he means of suspecting her,Randhir says he doesn't want to discuss their personal issue in public which Amrita says that trust is most important in husband-wife relationship and they are going to get married soon and he is suspecting her,now she has to think twice about marrying him upon hearing these words from Amrita Randhir feels hurt and he is heartbroken while Amrita leaves the house in anger...Dharam tells Randhir that he will talk to Amrita and what she did was wrong,Ansh gives a evil smirk telling himself that Jiya was right that suspicion does destroy a happy relationship

Naintara says that in a occassion like Diwali,ghar ki lakshmi is going out if the house in anger which Randhir says that one person anger and hatred should not distract the prayers and the prayers will happen

Dharam-Dadi stops Amrita and ask her how can she humiliate and suspect Randhir,he loves her so much and she hurt him which Dadi says whatever issue b/w both of them they could solve it in private and Dharam ask Amrita whether she loves Randhir or not which Amrita replies him that she loves and trust Randhir so much that she can marry him at this very moment and whatever she did infront of Randhir is a drama and facade to fool Ansh,Dharam-Dadi are confused which Amrita explains to them that she has doubts on Ansh and he is creating misunderstanding b/w her and Randhir...she further explains that Ansh was in her room and she told her not to inform Randhir but he told Randhir about it and when she went to investigate Jiya's lab,in a diary she smells of Ansh perfume either Ansh was in the lab with Jiya or he left from there thats why she doubts Ansh that he is just pretending infront of Randhir,he doesn't want to get cured,Dharam ask why she doesn't want to tell Randhir the truth about Ansh which Amrita says that Randhir blames himself for Ansh's condition and she needs to gather solid proof to expose Ansh infront of Randhir and she has a plan and leaves(amrita proves that she indeed is a smart police officer👍🏼)

Ansh calls Jiya up and informs her that Ridhir fought with each other and her plan is successful,the prayers starts and everyone does aarti,while doing aarti Randhir is sad and heartbroken while on the other hand its shown Amrita in Jiya's room and told Additi to tie her up tightly and apply blood scratches on her that it looks real and she ask Additi to call Ansh,Additi informs Ansh that Amrita went to Jiya's home alone w/o backup and she is in danger,Ansh gets worried for Amrita and angry on Jiya told Additi he is on the way,Amrita smiles as her plan is successful and he gets another call from Amrita telling him that Jiya is torturing her,Ansh is very furious

Ansh calls Jiya but her line was unavailable w/o wasting any time Ansh leaves in Haiwan mode to rescue Amrita

Jiya&gang were discussing about Randhir just than Ansh enters in his Haiwan mode and is very angry with Jiya abd he turns to his human mode and ask Jiya where is Amrita which left Jiya confused and accused Ansh of being crazy

Their argument regards to Amrita continues when they heard noises from Jiya's room,they heads to the direction and saw that Amrita was tied up,Jiya was shocked,Ansh scolds Jiya saying how dare she torture Amrita which Jiya ask him to shut up as he is spilling the bean to Amrita,Ansh continues to blabber in anger when he spill the bean that their plan was to separate Ridhir...Ansh realise that he has spill the truth infront of Amrita

Amrita untie herself and thank them for making her plan successful and she taunts Ansh that he is ungrateful friend,Randhir has been working day and night trying to cure him and he is backstabbing Randhir on his back now she realise that his friendship love and care for Randhir in their childhood days were all fake and he was with him for his money upon hearing this Ansh is in tears,Amrita says that their confession has been recorded and she will expose Ansh infront of Randhir and leaves...Ansh is very angry and tells Jiya that he has lost Amrita again,Jiya ask him to calm down and they can still turn the tables

Amrita trying to call Randhir but she could not reach him meanwhile Randhir is on the terrace drunk and recalling Amrita's words,Baby comes there and ask him that he is thinking about Amrita and he should call her and sort out everything which Randhir says that it was her mistake and she suspected him,just than Randhir phone rings and its Amrita,Baby ask him to take the call but Randhir pour his drink on it and leaves

Amrita trying to reach Randhir again but its unavaiable while on the other hand Dharam-Dadi trying to reach Amrita since both sides is not available she leaves a voice messsage for them suddenly Additi saw Ansh in his Haiwan mode running on the road and she informs Amrita,she realise that Ansh is running towards Randhir's home and she needs to expose Ansh to Randhir

Randhir is drunk and is in thoughts when Naintara came and badmouth Amrita that she is a gold digger,Randhir gets furious and he tells Naintara that he have seen so many girls in his life but Amrita is unique if she wants his money or property she would not have study hard and become a police officer and thank her for her advise but he doesn't need it and leaves in drunken state

Amrita came in Randhir's room telling him that she thinks Ansh is behind all this misunderstanding b/w them,she ask Randhir to say something when the person comes out from the washroom was Ansh,he comes near to Amrita and scare her and show her something from his phone that shock her and he tells her that now she will do what he wants,Amrita is helpless and is in tears

Randhir comes in and back hugs Amrita,she was in tears Randhir ask her to forget everything and lets start afresh...Amrita tells Randhir that she wants to break their relationship as she is in love with Ansh,the scene cuts into a FBs where it was shown in the phone that Ansh has kidnapped Dadi-Dharam and torturing them with the joker and Ansh threatening Amrita about their lives if he never do what he say and the scene cut to present,Amrita tells Randhir that Ansh was in her bedroom that night and they talk sort out all issues amd she realise that Ansh is her true love and what she felt for Randhir is not love upon hearing Randhir is shocked and in tears and he defends saying that he will never agree or trust that she never loved him,Amrita ask him to understand that she never loved him she always loved Ansh since childhood since Randhir trapped her in his sweet words she fall for him thinking its love and its now she realise that it was never love she always loved Ansh furthermore she ask Randhir to forget her which he say he knows all these are pranks of Ansh and her...Amrita angrily say that he can believe what he wants but she has told her decision that she is in love with Ansh and their relationship is no more and she left Randhir's room in tears while Randhir left heartbroken and confused...the entire drama was seen by Ansh and he gives a evil smirk(amazing performance by param-riddhima👍🏼a must watch scene😭)

Amrita was running towards the entrance when Ansh holds and brings her closer to him,she feels uncomfortable with his presence and closeness...Amrita ask where is her father and Dadi which Ansh says there is no hurry first she needs to repeat the 'i love u'sentence,Amrita say she has done all he wanted now don't expect and again ask him where is dadi and her father whereabouts which Ansh shows her through his phone,they were in a lab and the joker is torturing them with a device,Amrita ask Ansh to stop all these and release her folks which Ansh says he will but after their marriage Amrita was shocked to hear the word marriage which Ansh say that once they get married he will release her folks...Amrita in thoughts furthermore Ansh says that Randhir is vety stubborn and he will not trust her easily thus they need to convince him again

Jiya&gang were discussing about Randhir and Jiya says that this Diwali is going to be great for them as Randhir will be destroyed personally and professionally which Govind ask her that she is taking more interest in separating Ridhir,which Jiya replies him recalling the curse that she wants to see Randhir living a lonely life w/o love and friendship and that gives her happiness

Ansh is in Amrita's room and she is decked up as a married women with sindoor and mangalsutra;Ansh comes to her and praise her that she is looking gorgeous and painfully creates a tattoo of his name in her arms,Amrita in tears...He ask her not to cry as they are going to marry soon its only a matter of time and once again he show her folks through his phone and the joker torturing her Amrita ask them to stop and she will do whatever he wants(ansh is a devil in disguise he claims to love amrita is this his love?🤮torturing her he is a psycho😡 and randhir believes its all due to the evil solution that jiya injects in🤦🏻‍♀️,he needs to understand obsession is always in ansh's nature its just that it didn't got reveal becos noone eyed what he wants randhir needs to understand this basic facts,he is naive becos he loves and trust his friend who betrayed him😡🤦🏻‍♀️)

Randhir is getting ready Baby ask where is he going which Randhir replies him to marry Amrita,Baby was surprised and ask at this hour which Randhir tells him that both loves each other and he has already find out from the pandit that its an auspicious day to get married and with this step Amrita's anger will vanish...Baby says what if  Amrita refuses the idea of getting married to him,Randhir is in thoughts but he says nothing of that sort will happen and ask Baby to i form Dharam-Dadi who is in the outhouse

Randhir comes with band bajaa baarat with Baby dancing,Ansh informs Amrita that Randhir is coming with procession and she knows what to do otherwise she knows what he will do with her folks...Amrita is helpless

Randhir stops at Amrita's doorstep and Amrita comes out and say what is all these which Randhir tells her that everything is prepared and now they should get married,Amrita gets angry and ask him to stop all these as she is not interested to marry him infact she just got married to Ansh,Randhir is shocked...Amrita shows her mangalsutra him after seeing all these Randhir still did not trust her and say its a prank which Amrita ask him to see for himself in her house and there Randhir saw a lawyer completeing legal formalities

The lawyer congratulate Ansh-Amrita for their marriage,Randhir ask Amrita to stop playing a prank on him its not funny which the lawyer say that its true abd they are legally wedded husband-wife,Randhir is shocked and Ansh fuels the fire saying that it all happened in a sudden Amrita cuts in saying that now he understood that she has moved on and he should move on too,Amrita ask Randhir to forget her...Randhir is heartbroken and turns his head away saying that this marriage cannot happen which Amrita comes to him and tell him that the marriage has happened,Randhir gives a fake smile and hugs Ansh cobgratulatibg him that his marriage shoukd be grand and the world should know it,he further says that he has prepared eveverything on difference is bridegroom and that will be changed and they should get married now,Amrita tells herself that she needs to dodge the marriage she came up with a plan saying that she wants to go through evety rituals of marriage like haldi mehndi sangeet Ansh hugs her from behind which makes Amrita uncomfortable and Randhir hurt abd he says that everything will happen like what Amrita dreams on her marriage

Randhir hugs Ansh and congratulate Amrita for their marriage and wishes them a happy life saying he will prepare everything for the marriage,he leaves the house with a bottle in his hand in tears,he was literally heartbroken but put up a smile for his friends happiness,Amrita was about run behind Randhir as she was equally heartbroken but Ansh stops her saying that they are getting married in 3 days she should get prepared,Amrita angrily tells him that they are not married and she never sign any papers which Ansh that this fact only they knows but not Randhir so stop wasting time and get prepared for the marriage otherwise he very well know what extend he can go to win her and threaten with her folks,Amrita is helpless and in tears

Precap: Ansh shows Amrita their wedding card saying that he cannot believe that his childhood dream came true of marrying her...Randhir is heartbroken and tells Baby that in 24hrs he needs to create a solution that will drain out Ansh evil solution from his body

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