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FF -  The Chaotic Wires of Love

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Arnav and Khushi were together for a while, in the story of their Lives.She had loved him with all her heart, and he had caredtoo.However, back then,time wasn’t in their favour,and they parted and their lives took them miles apart from each other.

He went on to successfully live his dream,but his life was devoid of Love.

She carved a settled and safe life for herself, but her heart was devoid of Love.

Will they be able to find their way back to each other,and rekindle the chaotic connection that once bound them to each other?



Arnav Singh Raizada – 32 years old, super successful business tycoon , inheriting most of his wealth from his industrialist father Arun Singh Raizada.But ever since he took over the Raizada Industries, he has expanded into various business verticals taking his father’s dream to newerheights.Today, Raizada Companies had its hold in almost every growing sector inthe country. His father had stepped down as the CEO four years ago. Arnavreturned from the US when he was 28.He  completed his MBA at Harvard at 25 and thenworked with Mckinsey as a strategic business consutant because he wanted togain experience in a different environment before returning to India.

He is a no nonsense attitude person when it comes tohis business, and to the point, straightforward and semi-introvert personalitywhich people assume to be his arrogance because of his position,amisunderstanding he isnt bothered by much because he believes that people who trulyknow him, understand and acccept him for who he is,he could be arrogant andunreasonable at one moment and extremely warm and caring in the next (towardshis family members and close friends and business associates).

His personal life has obviously been very interesting,thanks to his dynamic and enigmatic personality ,he has had his share of flingsin the past many years, but only one meanignful relationship which lasted for 6months,until he screwed things royally,and they parted ways.He hasn’t been ableto get himself to feel much for real post this breakup, eight years ago.But nowcoming to the present , obviously his family is after him to get married,especially his mother and sister.

The Raizada’s live in Delhi.



Khushi Gupta Mehra is a warm, happy go lucky, chirpy beautifulgirl who takes Life as it comes, and copes up each day with a huge smile on herface.She is 28 years of age, married at the age of 22 to Aaditya Mehra, andthey had been living in New Zealand until five years ago, when the familywanted them to move back to India, after the birth of their twins Atharv and Myra.Khushiwas an orphan and was adopted by Shashi and Garima gupta at the age of 4.Shewas a brilliant student ,always on top of the class ,she had won a fullscholarship to the prestigious undergrad programme at Babson Collge,Boston USA,but due to personal reasons she had taken up the exchange programme for thelast 6 months with a college in New Zealand and finished her studies there,this was where she met Aaditya ,arranged through her families,and they married shortlyafter as she completed 21.She is a lovely human being, very kind andcompassionate and optimistic,and a wonderful mother to her two children.

Coming to Love, she had ofcourse been a firm beleiverand had always fantizised about being captivated by the magical power of Loveall her life.However she had only one meaningful relationship in her collegedays which left her completely broken, shattering all her illusions about love.Shehad married Aaditya,because they had this deep friendship and understanding,becausewhen they met, they were both nursing their broken hearts,and it was thiscommon pain that kind of led them to partner for Life.Ofcourse they loved eachother but more as companions, they both knew and it was a clear understood factbetween them that,those crazy chaotic boundaries of Love(that insane,passionate,emotion that drove you to do stupid things was a territory theywouldn’t tread into).

The rest of the characters involve Arnav’s family –The Raizada’s (His parents Arun and Ratna,who have a happy marriage, his sisterAnjali, his dadi and his cha-cha and chachi Atul and Mamta and their son Akashand his wife Payal and their little daughter Mira who was 4 years old)

Khushi’s family – Her husband Aadita Oberoi, her kidsAtharv and Myra who are 4.5 years old and her parents and her in Laws.(Thecharacters will be introduced as the story progresses)


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They separated and went their own ways. With one married, it will be difficult to start something now.

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Originally posted by coderlady

They separated and went their own ways. With one married, it will be difficult to start something now.


Will just be sharing the chapter 1 soonish😊

The answer to the question in your mind will be in that😊😊😊

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Interesting! Khushi and Arnav live in 2 different worlds where it is hard to think they will have a common story....looking forward....

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 Chapter 1 – Haunting Memories

Arnav’s POV

I woke up with a jerk yet again, and I couldn’t believe that I had dreamt the same thing again.Off late, almost one night every week without fail, I was literally being haunted by these memories of the past.And not the memories that are recent,these are memories that I had buried deep inside my being eight years ago, andI am totally shocked at my very own mind for shoving them in my face  every other night now and then that too in mystate of sleep when I am too vulnerable to press a pause on the play of eventsin my head, until it comes to that one point, that haunts and shakes meeverytime,  that memory goes through myhead and I end up waking up with a jolt , back into the reality that Life istoday.

I run a hand through my hair for a brief second, before picking up my phone. It was 545 am,everyone would still be asleep, me and Akshay usually left for our run at 6 10am, as I still had some time and I was no way going back to sleep again, so Idecided to freshen up.A while later,as I step into my personal pool sideoutside my room, I close my eyes and take a deep breathe trying to figure outwhy this was happening to me.Over the past couple of months, this had become aregular scene for me every other morning of the week, and I tried to recallwhat Akshay would always say – “Bhai,people come into your Life for a season, areason or a Lifetime, and you make these memories and relationships, and thenoften your paths go different ways,but you move on..eventually learning fromyour experiences and relationships, but Life moves on, and memories fade away…”

I made a mental note of telling him that what he thinks is totally nonsense. Well to behonest, I kind of didn’t find it nonsense until about six months ago, untilthis strange thing started happening to me and these hidden memories started tohaunt me. I closed my mind to them, I literally ordered my brain to stopprocessing these memories, so then they started haunting me in my dreams.

And it was all about Her.The one I had left far behind in my Life, eight years ago. I knewI had been unfair to her ,she deserved much better, but to my defense I wasonly 24-25, not at all experienced with any stability in relationships,becauseI had always believed that having no strings attached made things so mucheasier, because my focus in Life was always on my education, my career,becauseI knew the responsibilty that was awaiting to lean on my shoulders,always.AsArun Singh Raizada’s only son, born with a platinum spoon(as most people say),I was fully aware that the empire dad has built would need me to step in,and Iwanted to be ready in every way for it, to prove it to my family and myselfthat I deserved to step into dad’s shoes, and not just because I was entitledto it. Honestly, I never really gave a damm about what people thought of me,but I cared about what my family felt, and more than that, I really just neededto be satisfied within about what I was doing in terms of my career and mygoals.I kind of had this vision for myself that I needed to live up to, and thatwas what my focus was on for the last thirteen years,ever since I was 19 andleft the country to first finish my undergrad in Singapore, gained some workexperience there and then went on to the US for my MBA at Harvard.

I had justturned 24 when I started out at Harvard,and I had been in Boston for two months,whenI first met her.And just as that thought creeps in, the lock on the gatesopen,and memories start gushing in,and I sign in despair for I really have noclue on how to deal with this situation,anymore.

And Now that mymind is forcing me to take this walk down the memory lane, I am surprised andshocked to discover that even though this was eight long years ago, the memorystill is very fresh in my head.

The first momentI laid my eyes on her, that twinkle in her eyes,the sparkle in her laughter.BeforeI could control myself, a smile curved my lips,which was crazy I know, but itwas also true,she kinda was like that magicdust that sprinkled happinesswhereever she went,her name reflected her in every way – Khushi.

I close myeyes for a brief second, and it all rushes into my head.

Our firstdate.Our first Kiss.The way she would blush everytime I was close.Those HappyTimes…I had been truly very happy in those days, infact now that I look back ICan easily say that the time I had been Khushi made it to the top on the bestdays of my life.I smiled easily.I laughed and I lived with a peace andsatisfaction within that was impossible for me to comprehend then, just like itis today.Honestly, I never have been able to completely understand what it isthat I shared with Khushi Gupta, but I know one thing for sure , it wasdifferent and it was definitely special, for I haven’t really felt anythingeven close to it in the long long time ,ever since we parted.

But backthen, that precisely had been the problem, I hadnt really felt much for real,and I had almost thought that I am immune to it,or maybe I am just programmeddifferently, until her.I had started to feel, I knew I had genuinely feltsomething deep down for her, something I hadnt really felt anything familiar everbefore, and that had started to scare the hell out of me,and I had started topush her away for no fault of hers really, now that I think of it, I am not atall proud of the way things transpired and ended between us. I hurt her, saidthings I shouldn’t have, implied things I shouldnt have, only so that I couldpush her out.

And I hadsucceedd ofcourse, I can be pretty mean, ruthless or in plain words horrible,when I want to be.

Maybe If Icould have been honest,and admitted to her that I was scared about what shemade me feel,and explained to her the need to separate,because she was throwingme off my focused course,maybe she wouldn’t have been as hurt as she was.

And maybe Iwould atleast know about her whereabouts,maybe I would have a chance to atleastapologize and wish her well for her future, which I very much wanted to domonths after our breakup.But I couldn’t, because she vanished, she simplyvanished into thin air, overnight.Ok to be fair, she did try to get things backon track, she reached out to me several times, but I think my stony reaction toher each time ,worsened things day by day, and then one fine day, she was gone.

I flinched asI remembered how I felt when I learnt that she had left the US.It had hurt backthen, and if I flinched in this moment, maybe It hurts today too.

And maybethat’s why it comes back to haunt me ever so often,because I couldn’t get aclosure within from whatever it was I shared with Khushi Gupta. The thoughtsand memories’ that come in start off as a dream, replaying the happy times wehad, and then it all starts proceeding towards the time I started to screw up,the hurt on her face, the tears in her eyes, and that pained tear stricken faceand that shattered look in her eyes,as she looked at me after the final row andI know my those words were the final blow to her.Its that last row that Iregret the most.Its that shattered look in her eyes, that’s coming back tohaunt me.And now because I am matured enough to understand, and because my mindhas rewinded this moment a million times in my head, I know what that lookmeant.It was that look which said- You just Scarred my soul.

That was thelast I saw of her,eight years ago.She deactivated all her social media, andchanged her number, maybe even shut down her email account, because the two mailsI tried to send to her bounced back.

And eightyears later, on mornings like these, I find myself standing on my poolsidethinking of her, hoping I had just had the chance to know , how Life turned outfor her, and probably wish her well,because I really do wish that forher.Because, undoubtedly she was one of the purest human beings I had ever comeacross in this big bad world. I take a deep sigh as I silently wish her all thevery best in my mind,and I find myself wondering, why these memories have notreally faded with time, because eight years is indeed a long long time.I canthelp but wonder why havent I been able to flush Khushi out of my system, justlike I have flushed out all the other flings I have had in the past.There hasto be a reason why I havent been able to get her out of my system, there has tobe a reason why these memories are haunting me, but I cant really get my headaround it, so just like I always do, I shrug it away and command myself to notthink of this again.

Thankfully myphone rings and its Akshay,I gulp down half the bottle of water next to mytable,and make my way out to join him for our morning run routine.


The Raizada’shave certain unsaid – rules in the family, which all of them are very particularabout, because they are a close-knit family.They Live together, in Shantivan,Kaushalya Raizada is the head of the family, mother to Arun and Atul Raizada,she had sole handedly managed the business her late husband Ajay Singh Raizadahad built,after his untimely death, for two years until Arun and Atul wereready to step in and take over.The Raizada brothers Arun and Atul were only twoyears apart, Arun being the elder one, and both had equal hold on the Raizadabusiness empire,and because of their different industrial diversifications,each headed a different industry,and more than that it was the brotherly bondbetween them that was commendable,as they both had immense love and respect foreach other.Their wives Ratna and Mamta were more like sisters to each other andbecause of the close bond between the four of them, Anjali, Arnav and Akashgrew up very close to each other.

Anjali wasthe oldest,and was two years older to Arnav and Akash who were just six monthsapart, Arnav being the older one.Anjali was happily married to Shyam Mehra, whenshe turned 24, who was also a close family friend, and was a successful lawyer,and had taken over his fathers law firm with great ease.They had a son who was7 years old,and his name was Shiv.

Five yearsago, Akash had married Payal, who was a family friends daughter, infact thefamily had known Payal ever since she was a baby, so everyone was delightedwhen the news of Akash and Payal being in love came to light.So everything wassuper smooth there, and they now have a adorable daughter Mira, who is thelight of the house.

Now everyone’smajor concern was to see Arnav settled in terms of his personal life, becauseon the work front everything was now more than settled for both Akash andArnav, as both Arun and Atul had taken a back seat four years ago once Arnavreturned from US and Akash and Payal from London. Arnav and Akash wereindependently handling various sectors,but with constant support from each other.

They were ajoint family,where everyone loved and respected each other,and also gave eachother their space and privacy.Everyone dined together,breakfast was the meal inthe family where everyone got together, ate and spent time together,and everyonetried to catch up over dinner as well,until ofcourse anyone had a separateengagement on the workfront or a personal note.


Breakfasttoday at Shantivan was the usual, happy, cheerful atmosphere,and Anjali hadjoined in after sending Shiv to school.Arnav sipped his last bit of coffee andhe heard his grandmother say – “ Chotte, you do know you can get away for somemore time, until Arun Ratna,Atul and Mamta are back from their holiday, andsoon after, you got to start meeting the girls we have shortlisted out foryou…”

Arrnavgrinned as he spoke – “ thank god for that…wait, I think I should call Dad andask him to extend his trip a bit…”

Akash andPayal laughed at that as they jointly spoke – “ You wish…”

Anjali smiled– “ oh, cmon Chotte, Dadi is right, its high time, I cant really be on yourside anymore…infact Nani is going to visit us soon too, and we don’t want toget her started on this right…”

Kaushalyaroller her eyes and grinned – “ yes she gives me a tough time everytime,telling me how iv given you all too much freedom and liberty…cmon Arnav, beta Iam serious about this..”

Arnav nodded– “ ok, ok…fine, I will look into it once everyone is back,on one conditionthat until then for the next three weeks, lets not talk about this, ok? Deal?”

The rest ofhis family members all echoed in unison – “ Deal..”

Arnav smiledat his family as he resumed his meal,he really was blessed to have them all,and then just like that in that one moment, Khushi’s smiling face flashed infront of his eyes, and he felt his heartbeat literally stop for a second, hecouldn’t believe it now the memories were starting to make their way from hisdreams into his mind,he quickly nudged her out of his head again, and made amental note to not let the past haunt him again, like it had done this morning.



Khushi took adeep breathe as she looked at Aaditya’s hand on hers as she heard him ask in aworried voice – “ are you sure, you are ok??”

Khushi gavehim a small smile as she nodded reassuringly – “ Yes.I am, I truly am ok aadi,like I said earlier its better this way, we started off as friends,and the onlyway left to go forward in a healthy way without impacting the kids life wasthis…now we can all be positive about the situation and take things forward…”

Aadi nodded –“ You know I Love you right??”

Khushi nodded– “ I know you do, and you know I do too, and we both know it’s the bond ofcompanionship, friendship, and love and respect as each others partners that wealways shared, but I know, you were never in Love with me , just like I wasnever in love with you, in that way, so trust me when I say this aadi, I trulyam really really happy for you, that you can get your heart to beat again forsomeone in a way like that, and I really wish you and Ahana,all the very best…”

Aadi smiledsadly – “ this is what surprises me the most, your calmness, this composure,honestly I am feeling more jittery than you right now, we just signed ourdivorce papers Khushi, and why do I feel that this look of calmness in youreyes tells me that you saw this coming…”

Khushi sighed– “ Maybe I did, but aadi, lets not worry about it anymore, it was something weneeded to take care off and we did, and now we just need to be tactful on howto go about it around the kids..anyways lets talk about it tonight then? Athome?? We gotta handle the whole you moving out situation with a lot of care,atharv and myra are young, but I feel if we do this right , we will all be ok…”


Aadi nodded –“ yeah, I know, me and Ahana have been talking about a solution for thesituation, and I wanted to discuss it with you..”

Khushi nodded– “ok but not now, tonight at home, I really need to leave for thatappointment, and then because I have taken a off today, I will just pick up thekids and head home..”

Aadi noddedand because Khushi spotted that guilt in his eyes she said with a small smile –“btw, thank you boss for letting me have the rest of the day off…”

Aadi smiled,his heart was literally in the most complicated situation of his life, but hesmiled, Khushi always knew how to make him smile, and that’s why he knew that theirfriendship would always be the same, they had been through so much together,that love would always remain and so he spoke – “ very funny Khushi, but youwill be back to work tomorrow wont you??”

Khushi smiledas she opened the door – “ ofcourse..”

Aadi held herhand for a brief second as he spoke solemnly – “ its sad, it really is sad thatwe couldn’t get our hearts to beat for the each other in the way we thought itwould eventually with time, but Khushi, I really hope, you can find someone whomakes your heart come alive again…”

Khushi sighed– “ that’s so not happening in this Life aadi, but you know what Its ok, I haveno complaints whatsoever, I don’t regret a thing, you gave me atharv and myraand they light up my world and my heart, so pleaseee, cut the guilt out andsmile, please??”

Aadi smiled –“ and you still have me Khushi, you know I am always there for you…”

Khushi smiled– “ I know…”, and with that she finaly got off the car and started to walk onthe sidepath, as she wiped a tear out the corner of her eye, she desperatelyneeded to sit alone for a while and get herself together and analyse thissituation Life had thrown on her plate.



Khushi’s POV

Ofcourse Ihad no appointment, I just need to sit out alone on a deserted park benchsurrounded by solace to just think about everything. I don’t usually lie toAadi, I never do, but off late I have had to on times like this because I don’twant him to worry about me , because I really am ok, I just need my space topause, think, recollect , put that smile back on my face and move on.But beforeI do that sometimes, I need to sit alone, and just cry a little, I respectevery emotion that I feel and I like to give every emotion its moments. I justhate it when Aadi goes into a guilt trip and feeling like as if he has desertedme midway, when I know that is not the truth, hence the lie. Things have beencomplicated off late,but that’s Life isn’t it, just when you feel you know theanswers it comes along, slyly and changes the questions.


Its beenthrowing strange surprises at me every now and then as if I were its favouritemuse.Its like a rollercoaster that takes me so high in one moment and thenpulls me down in the next instant, draining me off all my energy, leaving meunsettled and lost in the maze of destiny and Life, that even though I know Ihave to get up again and resume the walk on the path, there are times when Ijust want to standstill to recollect and analyse the story of my Life untilnow.

I was anorphan, so at a very beginning of my Life I had seen and experienced the factthat happiness was a precious thing, you gotta find it in the tiniest ofmoments in life.

I believed ,and I always had faith that Life was the biggest gift and that we must go on,no matter how difficult the situations get, I had grown up and lived around inthe situations that taught me to appreciate every little thing that made yousmile.Then I got lucky, and Maa and Baba came into my life and I was adopted atthe age of 4, into a extremely loving family, who treated me with so much love,just as they would have with their own blood. Maa would always tell me that Ireminded her off Divya, the daughter she lost due to an unfortunate accident atthe age of 4. They loved me so much , that I grew up with the sense ofgratitude and appreciation towards Life and God in a way that I cant reallyexplain in words, and instead all my Life ever since the name Gupta adjoined myname Khushi, I dedicated each day in making my parents proud, living upto theexpectations that I knew they would have had of Divya.They never pressurized mefor anything, but in my very own eyes, I just had to do everything that I didin life , keeping their happiness in my mind and heart because that made mehappy.It gave me a lot of happiness to be able to make them proud,because Iknew that anything I did would be nothing in comparison to the fact that theygave me a family, the sense of security of belongingness, someone to call Maa andBaba.It meant the world to a orphan like me that I can.And then even thoughPayal, my little sister came along two years later after my adoption, theynever differentiated between me and her, even though she was their blood and Iwasn’t.

I lived eachday like I knew was expected out of the daughters of the middle class Guptafamily, I studied hard, I exelled in every co-curricular activity, and I nevereven dared to let my heart loose in the matters of relationships for all mylife, keeping my emotions locked up in that perspective because I always knew Iwould marry the man, my baba would choose for me.

But myperfect controlled focused Life saw a massive change, when I got thescholarship to study in the US, and that too in the prestigious Babson College,Boston. It was a huge accompalishment in our middle class society, and I stillremember the pride with which Maa and Baba sent me off to the US to study,giving me a lot of part of their savings for my living there.

I smile as Iremember my very own excitement as I landed into Boston, my happiness on thefirst day of class in such a prestigious college.I couldn’t really thank God orLife for moments like these, that gave me the courage to dream a life formyself that I could have never imagined.

There’s athing about memories, they are magical in their own way, being a part of yourbeing in a way that’s impossible to separate. I would never trade my memoriesfor anything in the world, and I am sure no one would , because our journey ofLife is what makes us unique, we all have a different story to live.

My life inthe US was going as per my plan for the first three years of my graduationlife, I was excelling in my course, studying with passion and dedication and Ieven had found a decent part time job in my college’s counselling andadmissions office, and was saving up and taking care of my living expenses bymyself.Everything was going as per the plan, and then one fine day, I came faceto face with a tornado that changed my Life, forever.

The Tornado,named Arnav Singh Raizada.

 I don’t really want to walk down that part ofthe memory lane today, because it just rattles me everytime I do, it hurts me,it breaks me and it makes me cry, and it makes me hate the fact that I couldn’tget my heart to beat in the way ever again, like it did for him. But now thathis name had already crossed my mind, the memory gates open and moments floodin, moments that make me smile, moments that make my heart glow in warmth allover again, moments that make me wanna cry and laugh at the same time, momentsthat are such a significant part of my Life that I don’t think I could everforget him, and so even today there is this corner in my heart that is solelydedicated to Arnav,and his memories in my Life.

Arnav SinghRaizada  and his memories in my Life willdefinitely go to my grave with me, he marked my soul because he made me feelthe love I thought I would never feel in my Life, I never knew I was capable tofeeling what I felt. I never knew I could Love in the way I loved him because Ihad always kept my emotions on guard in that perspective always, and maybe thatwas why he had also scarred my soul in a way that it was irreparable, he wasthe first one and the only one I had ever loved in the way I had, truly madlyand deeply.And the day we parted eight years ago,was the last day my heart felt– Love.(The love in its truest romantic, fantasy, crazy, chaotic,passionate sense)

And that’swhy I was so sure when I told Aadi that I couldn’t get my heart to beat againthat way in this Life, because in my soul I knew, I could never love anyone theway I loved Arnav. I couldn’t get myself to love Aadi like that in the eightyears of our marriage, I just couldn’t , I tried, I know he tried too, but wejust couldn’t get each other to feel that way.

Now, today ifI ask myself, what is it that I really feel when his memories return to my mindto haunt me, I can easily say, they make me smile,but that smile is accompaniedby tears in my eyes.I don’t hate him for what he did, though I tried toodesperately do so after we parted, I tried to detest him for breaking me in theway he had, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t get myself to hate him even for asecond, because I had no one else but myself to blame for my broken heart.Allmy Life until he came along, I had happily guarded my heart and emotions, he couldbreak my heart because I gave him the power too, he had become too important tome in such a short time, creating in havoc on my mind, and heart , stripping meoff of every guard, every lock, I had put as a guard to my soul.

But back thenin time, eight years ago, I didn’t have the strength to be around him anylonger, for the first time in that moment I knew I had to run away, and I did.Ihad tried to talk to him so many times, worrying each day about what was itthat had gone wrong, but he didn’t give me any answers, instead chose to breakmy heart each time I tried to mend things between us, he was like this coldwall that I couldn’t really reach, and so I gave up, I had too,he didn’t reallyhappen to leave me with any other choice.

I flinch as Iremember how he trampled over my heart,in the moment that I last saw of himeight years ago.Strange, because it definetly makes me flinch a lot more incomparison to the unsettlement I should be feeling as I just signed my divorcepapers just a few minutes ago, but then again , I know I never loved Aadi inthe way I loved Arnav, not even close, my heart never gave anyone that power postthe disaster it had faced in the hands of Arnav Singh Raizada.

But do Iregret feeling what I did – NO.Do I regret falling for him the way I had – NO.I sometimes regret carrying this weight in this corner of my heart, that I  never got the chance in this life to tell theonly man I loved, how deeply I had loved him, my heart often laments in thefact that it could never really confess what it once felt so deeply.Sad, butwith time I had come to terms with the fact, that , it was the fate of my love.To be honest, till today I don’t know exactly what I was to him, did heactually even care, a part of me wants to believe he did, but if he truly didhe wouldn’t have done what he did.

He neverloved me , whereas I loved him with all my heart, sad that out of all thethings in the world, he had chosen my feelings to play with.

But such isLife, we have to accept what it gives us on our plate and move on, and that’swhat I did.It was easier for a nobody like me to vanish from his life, and thatwas what I had needed in that moment,and the transfer to Auckland in my lastsemester really helped.And that was where when I first met Aadi, he hadfinished his masters just then and was working in Auckland.

So me andAadi are from familiar backgrounds, he is also from a middle class family butfrom Dehradun, whereas I was from Lucknow, but it was just by chance we met asBaba and Maa were so worried about my sudden shift to another country thatbaba’s  asked his childhoods friends sonto get in touch with me , to help me settle in, in a different country, andthat was how we met, and we sort of clicked as buddies in the first go. We alsoconnected really well with time because we were both nursing our broken hearts,so we understood what the other was going through and healed each otherthrough, and we had such a strong bond that when our parents suggested that weget married, we didn’t think much and nodded in agreement, because we knew wewould make great partners, our bond was more platonic, we knew we couldn’tshare a great love, but it felt right at that time, that we could share Life.

And we did,with great ease, with a great bond of friendship, respect and even love, butthe companion love not the great love we had both had failed experiences in.Wewere living in Auckland, until Atharv and Myras birth, when our families wantedus to come back to India and then we were in Dehradun,and had only moved toDelhi six months ago, because Aadi wanted to expand his self-made business intothe capital. I was a little hesitant at first, because even the thought that Iwould be living in the same city as Arnav so many years later made me nervous,crazy I know, but that’s what I felt, because I always knew he would returnhome, to fill in the shoes of his father for the great business empire theRaizadas had built.

It was easierfor me to vanish from his life because I was a nobody, but he wasn’t.He waseverything but that,I would often spot him in the news in the nationalnewspapers back in Dehradun as well, and ever since our move to Delhi, I wouldspot him every other day on Delhi Times, page 3 with some model or the other,or on the front page of Business Standard, talking about another successfulventure of the Raizada’s. No one in my family, knew that he was the man who hadbroken my heart, not even Aadi, because I never revealed that information toanyone, I didn’t want anyone to know.

Anyway, so itwas here in Delhi, that Aadi met Ahana, and I could sense that something waswrong with Aadi because I knew him way too well. I knew he was fighting hisemotions, and so one fine day, I made him sit in front of me as I asked him,that why was he doing this to himself, he was lucky that he could finally feelhis heart come alive again, and to be honest it was me who pushed him intoexploring his feelings towards Ahana. Now if I share this with the world peoplewould call me the craziest person on this planet, I mean which wife does this??Ask her husband to explore his feelings for another woman, and not just that ,our kids were also there in the picture.

But I know why I did it, because in my heart, I knew our longing for that magical love was still alive, we tried our best but the spark didn’t just fly off between usafter all this while, and I had realized a year ago that it never would.So whatwas the point then? Just because my heart was dysfunctional, I couldn’t expectAadi to fight his feelings.I knew I never had this chance to feel ever again inthis life so I was really happy that life was giving him another chancehere.Honestly the only thing I was worried about were the kids, they loved aadiway too much, but then again I wanted my children to grow up learning to dealwith the truths in Life, I was always honest with them, and I knew if wetackled it well, parting ways was the healthier decision for all of us. Infacteven right now, I am just a little sad because I know Myra and Atharv will missaadi a lot once he moves out too, and maybe even I will but that’s because wehave been companions for so long that we are kind of used to each other.But itsok, I know I will be ok, and I will make sure that the kids will be ok too, itwill take some time but it will all be better.Myra and Atharv were the light ofour Lives, and we love them so much that aadi and me have decided that we willpositively talk through the situation and handle each step at a time.

But now meand Aadi have a mammoth task at hand, we still have to give the final news toour families, they obviously know whats been going on, I was the one who hadasked them to be understanding of the situation rather than bombarding Aadiwith accusations for breaking our family.But I know they are angry and worried,but I know in my heart that I can handle the situation and I will.

I take a deepbreathe, feeling a little more composed now, over the years of my life ivgained a lot of inner strength that’s helped me deal with any adversity lifehas thrown my way.Except for that one time, when I felt deprived of everyenergy and strength, eight years ago.

Its Sad, thatI had failed in Love,its heartbreaking that my heart refuses to beat in thesame way again, but its ok, his memories will always be a part of me, our chaotictwisted,story will go with me to my grave.

Its sad, thatI just signed off my divorce papers, and now I have to make things easier formy kids.

But its ok, Iwill get up again, smile and accept what Life has given me, and with thatthought I wipe off the tears that had silently found their way down my cheeks,and close my eyes taking a fresh breathe of air in to recharge myself.

Because I hadlearnt very early in life that happiness was a precious thing and ones gottafind it in every adversity in Life, and that’s what I mostly did.

That is what has kept the story of life moving forward till now.



Ten MinutesLater

I feel muchbetter now, looking out the window in my Uber, waiting for my driver to take meto the school to pick up my little ones, they usually stayed in their schooluntil 330, attending the full day programme however today being Friday I hadinformed the head that I would be picking them up early. I had a fun timeplanned with them, I was taking them for the movie Lion King and I was surethey would love it, and their smiles and excitement would strengthen my beliefthat we would all be ok.Just  then as weneared the red light and I spotted an old lady, slowly trying to make her wayon the zebra crossing, and I knew that the signal would be green in just 90seconds, and there was obviously no way that she would be able to make itacross the road in that time, and knowing Delhi traffic, I knew we would haveeveryone honking at her, some even finding their way in between because no onejust no one wanted to stop and give way to anyone, these days, everyone wassuch a rush, always.So I just told my driver that I would get back in soon,after I help the aunty cross the road and that he can wait for me on the sideahead after the signal, and he nodded giving me a small smile,and giving him asmall smile in return, I stepped out, making my way towards the aunty.


Arnav’s POV

Theres onething I literally hate about Delhi and Gurgaon, and that is its traffic, itshorrible, it’s a headache, I usually like to self drive but the traffic offlate gives me a headache, so dad’s happily asked Verma uncle, his trustedchauffeur to be with me now, and honestly I couldn’t be happier.

I don’treally visit this part of the city anyway,as in Gurgaon, but because today Idid, because Di wanted me to accompany her to the new NGO she is keen for us tofund, I couldn’t really say no to her, honestly I don’t ever recall saying noto di or Maa ever.

We were onour way back to office and we had been stuck in this signal for ages so  I was using up the time to answer mymails,but I had to make it in time for my meeting so I asked Verma uncle  – “ uncle, how much longer will we be stuckat this signal, you think?”

Verma Unclesmiled giving me a sidelook backwards – “ I don’t know beta, the traffic isalways unpredictable, but I think another five minutes or so, we should be ableto make our way smoothly…”

I sighed – “I hope so…”, and returned my attention to my phone.

Right then Iheard Verma uncle say – “ there you go, people these days have no patience atall, look on the other side, the old lady is trying to cross the road,and thesignal has just got green and people are honking away at her, but thank godtheres still kindness in this world, atleast someone has reached out to helpthe old woman…”

I looked upfrom my phone and looked out the window and I witnessed the scene Uncle spokeabout, as a woman helped the old lady make her way through across the road, andI smiled instantly, as the woman tried to handle the angry traffic gesturingthem to wait as she held the old ladys hand and helped her walk a littlefaster,and right then as they reached the other side, the cars started to blazeby, but I don’t know why I had the urge to continue looking out at the old ladyand the woman and so I tried to gaze in between the moving cars, and I saw theold lady embrace the woman into a big warm hug, kissing her forehead, probablyblessing her for helping her.

A smilealmost made its way to my lips again, but right then my world came to astandstill as I spotted the face of the woman, as she pulled out from the oldladys hug, kissing her hand, giving her a brilliant smile.

It was her.

There was noway that I couldn’t see that face and not recognize it.

There was noway that I could forget that smile.She had the smile that could light up a darkworld.

It was thatsmile.It was the same smile.The same face.The Same her.

It wasKhushi.

I felt numbas I tried to close my eyes and open it again , to check if I washallucinating, maybe she had found her way out of my dreams into the reality,and so I looked again and again, as I watched her stride quickly across thesidepath and get into  what must be acab.

I watchedfrozen, in shock, as I saw her look back and wave back at the old lady givingher a flying kiss and her hundred watt smile, before she got in the cab and thecar drifted away.And right then the signal at our side of the road also turnedgreen and Verma uncle started to make his way as he said – “there we go Beta,now I think it shouldn’t take us too long…”

Usually Iwould have replied to him, but right now I couldn’t move, I was too shocked andshaken as I tried to comprehend what I had just seen.

I couldn’tbelieve I had spotted Khushi here, in my city after all these years.

I couldn’tbelieve that it really was her for her and not a hallucination.

And Icouldn’t believe how shaken I was feeling in this one moment.Just this morningI was down the memory lane, remembering whatever it was between us, andwondering how life turned out for her and silently wishing her well, and hereshe was right in front of me, out of my dreams into the reality.

I closed myeyes for a brief second, as tried to comprehend what I felt.

What was moreshocking was the fact that one glimpse at her had stirred so much inside of methat I had no idea how to process it all.I had no clue as to what thisrestlessness was about.

I couldn’tbelieve I had spotted the one, the back of my mind had been silently wonderingabout all these years, just like that on the streets of Delhi.

Right then asmile made its way to my Lips as her smiling face from minutes ago revolved infront of my eyes, she was wearing a white tee and jeans,casual like she wouldin the past,kind as always, wanting to lend out a helping hand to almost anyonewho needed it and I closed my eyes reliving the moment in my head,that smilewas still the same, the same face, the same twinkle in her eyes, she was stillthe same old Khushi, one of the purest human beings I had ever met in my life.

And it mademe smile that the big bad world, hadn’t been able to change that about her.


Khushi’s POV

As I sat backin the cab, I felt happy about the fact that my little help could make someonesday so much better.I was still feeling warm from the hug I received from Malaaunty,and when she blessed me, I asked her to keep Myra and Atharv in herprayers.

I looked atmy phone, it was still going to take me 15 minutues more to reach , I quicklyreplied to Aadis whatsapp message assuring him again that I really was ok.

I needed somemusic, so plugged in my ear phones and listened to my favourite playlist, andlet the music calm my nerves.I put my phone aside, and leaned forward to pickup the newspaper from the taxis backpocket and started to read, and just as Iflipped the pages, I found myself staring at another picture of Arnav SinghRaizada, standing next to his brother Akash as they spoke about Raizadas newacquisition in the real estate sector.

Arnav lovedhis family to bits, I knew he did, he would talk often about them in the past,and I would often tell him that he was really lucky and that he must cherishhis family, like he did, always. And I remember him talking about his siblingsall the time, Akash was his first cousin but they were both really close toeach other. And not just because of the memory of the past, I recognized Akashbecause I had seen so much of the Raizada family in the newspapers, that Iwould recognize most of the immediate family members of the Raizadas if I wereto see them in real.

On reflex, Ifound my hand linger over Arnav’s face in the newspaper, like it did everytimeI spotted him anywhere. That look was still the same, that same enigmatic aura surroundinghis personality that worked like a magnet to the people around him. He was likethat magnet I couldn’t help but get pulled towards too, in the past.

Everythingabout him still looked the same on the surface, whereas ofcourse it was obviousthat so much would have changed, back then in the past when I first met him, hewas a student, and now he is a famous industrialist. I did feel happy to knowthat he was able to live the dream he had always carved out for himself, Iremember how important it was to him back then.

Strange, howI allowed my hand to linger on his picture everytime I spotted it. I stilldon’t know why I do it, maybe because seeing him ignites that longing in thatdeep corner of my heart, for the emotions that he made me feel. Maybe, itsbecause, that so much of him is still a part of me, that even though I can hideit from the world, I cant really lie to myself, that I was so crazily in lovewith him that the hangover of that emotions still haunts me every now and then.Or maybe, I just like being nostalgic when it comes to him.

Silently, inmy mind, like always, I wish him well, and close the newspaper in my hand,before closing my eyes for a brief second,trying to compose myself.

There was nopoint in lamenting the past, because there was nothing to be sad about.

I reallyneeded to Thank Life for letting me experience love in the way I did, eventhough I don’t know if whatever he felt for me was Love, but it had felt likehe had cared, but I could only sure of what I felt myself, within, and it hadbeen love,and it would be a pity if I had never experienced it at all.

Like they allsay, its Better to have Loved and Lost, than to have never Loved at all.


Tada!!  Let me know what you guys think.

P.S - Also please excuse the space errors that have just happened on its own as I insert my work here from my word file.




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Originally posted by -MIMOSA-

Interesting! Khushi and Arnav live in 2 different worlds where it is hard to think they will have a common story....looking forward....

thank you so much! happyyou find the plot interesting!

I have just posted Chapter1..let me know what you think.Thank you

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Would love to see how you carry it forward 

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After many days I read a different and nice concept of arshi story. Want to read more.

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