14th Nov - analytical highlights

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As graciously appointed by our guru ji herself, I as temporary guruji would like to share some positivity from today's episodesmiley14

fyi: new pair of binoculars are in use, following Shah's instructions to pick up the hints and nuancessmiley16smiley36

  1. Best sequence of the episode - Jeep ride and Abir-Mehul lakeside tashan

From start to finish, this Jeep ride was thrilling, exciting and beautifully written/directedsmiley32 From the very first turn, Abir's facial expression says it ALL. He has full determination to put an end to this act, hiding game and drama. Abir's grand theft auto style driving was super intelligent!smiley41Mehul toh gand phat gayesmiley37 point/hint 1: Abir purposely takes Baba on this crazy jeep ride to not only force Mehul to spill his truth beans..but hint to us - Abir already knows Mehul's heart disease is fake, Baba who randomly stumbled, sweated or fainted at such small situations - Mishti's phone call and Meenu's fight, is now just screaming/shouting like a normal man to get Abir to stop driving - not once did Mehul pull the "I'm having heart pain" drama in such a dangerous situation. Abir would never take a real heart disease patient on a risky jeep ride, instead he just wanted to give Mehul a scare to shake him up.

Dialogue of the day #1: ""Mujhe aap ka sach bohat pehle se patha chalgaya tha. Lekin mujhe aap ke muh se sunna tha" Hint#2 Abir himself confesses he has known that Mehul is not the Baba he believes. Abir has totally executed his own plan to get Mehul's truth out from his own mouth. Our abir has been a hoshiyaar bacchaa for a while. how long has he known? how long has he been acting for Baba? well..let see more for hints..

Dialogue #2: "Maa jaanthi bhi nahi thi, ki mein apna naam badal na chahta hu...AAP chahte theThis is a big hint fam!smiley20 Abir has most likely been acting ever since he and Baba printed that wedding card with his name as "Abir Kapadia". Abir started his own game to trick Mehul that he wants to change his name. The fact that Mehul was so elated and soon pushing Abir to get his name changed quickly, gave Abir hints that something is incredibly wrong, but he simply wanted the truth from Mehul himself so he continued his own game. 

It's possible that Abir has had doubts since he learned Mishti was in rajgad and pandit ji said she was asking about Mehul kapadia. Abir obviously knows that Mishti would never start blame game on someone whom she also equally believed was the Baba Abir has been longing for. Just like he said in the KC episode - "agar mishti kuch chupa rahi hai, toh uski koi vaje hogi" - he knows Mishti would not simply investigate Mehul in rajgad, for no reason - so maybe Abir began to contemplate and plan his own ways to find the truth, when he came back home and decided to change his surname. please remember fam, Mishti had equally believed all of Abir's words about Baba, she too was fooled by Mehul thinking he is exactly the loveable Baba Abir deserves. 

Dialogue #3: "Thez tho bohut pehli se lagi thi maa, dard aaj hua" This further supports the idea that Abir has known for a while already that his dreams of his Baba has been crushed. He has already faced the notion that Mehul is not what he appears to be. But now that it is officially out and over, Abir really feels the pain, devastation, guilt and loss.

P.s however there are somethings that still may not add up right now (how did Abir know to change his name to kapadia? what exactly triggered his doubts?). But trust me, just wait it out fandom. Abir's secret plan and how he connected the dots way earlier, will be revealed sooner or later- THIS must be a twist Shah is hinting aboutsmiley32 The writers never reveal everything altogether..they will always stretch it out to build interest, trp and drama. Just be patientsmiley20 Be positive :)


Special appreciation for acting and performances:

I honestly cannot praise Shaheer any highersmiley42smiley42, he was simply outstanding. The episode belonged to him smiley20smiley32 The underlying, simmering anger/frustration whilst driving the jeep (each and every dialogue delivery was simply superb) voice modulation and body language said everything you needed to know! smiley32smiley32 He was too haawt in this angry/intense avatarsmiley43smiley9 can't stop watching it just for him!

And Sameer sir also held his ground when realised things were not going in his favour - the desperation, baba acting, frustration and spill of the truth and lastly the threat to mishti = all was fabuloussmiley32smiley40

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res - part 2

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Sereciously smiley36smiley36smiley36

You are so efficient...abhi se kaam shurusmiley16smiley16smiley16

Good job guruji 2.0 smiley40smiley32smiley41smiley41

Meri khudsi gayismiley36

My highlights 👇

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Loads to say..smiley14...hopefully will update very soonsmiley4

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Originally posted by Onyourface

Sereciously smiley36smiley36smiley36

You are so efficient...abhi se kaam shurusmiley16smiley16smiley16

Good job guruji 2.0 smiley40smiley32smiley41smiley41

Meri khudsi gayismiley36

Will read and respond asap smiley4

Oyeeeeeeee..Gurujii is Gurjiiiismiley37smiley31......

But Nandu has done a amazing and fab jobbsmiley32smiley32

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wow nandu amazing post yaar... smiley32smiley32smiley40many new analysis n points... 

firstly the jeep thing i never thought in that way i mean the health connected to it... he was driving rashly to scare mehul n make him say truth but this health connect actually fits perfectly... smiley32smiley20 so abir once tried searching for mehuls health report naa maybe again he casually did it n found something... 

the 1, 3 perfectly explained yaar smiley32smiley32 even i have the same thoughts.. and perfectly links to one another... just need more hints to know when abir started doubting... 

2nd one never thought in this angle... actually this makes sense... abir didnt pressurize mishti to say anything then but maybe he did something after that.. this looks so intriguing yaar nandu... smiley20

nandu continue soon yaar... i have a thought on mishbir not having any private time or not able talk is for some reason... dont know maybe it has something to do with abir saying not to bring mishti in this... 

and also about abir telling to meenu he will be the million in one son for her, the son she deserves i felt this is not entirely with love but something deep is there in that word... it can mean either way good or even for her manipulative self.. do you have any thoughts or analysis on this... 

so there is a continuation wow want to read more... smiley20

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Aaye haaye yeh Hui na baat Guruji 2.0 ...now this is some brilliant analysis smiley31smiley31smiley31 totally on point and logical , new pair of binoculars are making you do wonders smiley20smiley20smiley40

1. Undoubtedly jeep scene was the best scene of the day - like you described from the very first turn we knew what he is up to,  sach mein I wonder itne smart hain baba toh itni aasani se kaise phasa liya abir nesmiley36smiley36 Talking about expressions,  shaheer ke expressions toh mindblowing the hi , but I loved baba's expressions more , especially in the jeep scene smiley37smiley37smiley37 khauf jab saamne ho toh sach mein naani yaad aa jaati hai re babasmiley37 adhyay part 2 mein come prepared with a better plan bhola babasmiley37

2. First I thought abir saying mujhe pehle se pata tha was related to the things he observed in yesterday's episode but now with your brilliant and deep analysis I am able to sense that there is a huge chance that abir knows something before the climax in the rv house and he had already started his investigation way back, lol that will nullify mishti and meenu's efforts smiley37 But it definitely be a good twist...abir the ultimate player smiley32smiley32

3. The confrontation scene,  abir's breakdown  , the water reference,  his shayari all this deserves more screen time to be honest,  jaldi khatam ho gaya you see , we needed more of abir's monologue , how exactly he knew,  the dialogue exchange between baba and abir after the truth is out should have been a little longer , it was rushed,  instead they should have reduced meenu abir and mishti scenes 

4. Mishti made no sense today,  none of her lines made any sense , I respect her decision to leave abir and meenu for sometime and let then be but there was no need for papa wali line ...will completely blame the dialogue writers only ... in sab ke beech mishti earing nikal rahi thi was smiley37

5  Coming to abir meenu scene,  I have no problem if abir apologises to meenu for behaving rudely at times ,  but again  most of the dialogues were making no sense , abir had all the rights to ask questions on his baba , to decode his family matters and that kadvi davai shehad linesmiley37Excuse me davai hum kisiko tab pilate hain jab vo bimar ho aur hum unko theek karein , meenu ne abir ko theek kab kiya ?? She has always indirectly harmed abir ...isme davai ka reference kya tha smiley36 Again poor writing,  will abir ever ask yeh sab kyun Hua kaise Hua maaa ? Also don't you think meenu should also apologise to abir ?

6. Nanko decides to grow up on children's day ...yeahhhhhhh  smiley40smiley40 Let's see sirf bol rah hai yan sach mein bada bhai ban ke dikhega yeh....bhai Milan was amazingly done

7. Meenu ne police ko documents dikhaye aur vo 2 sec mein maan gaye smiley36 Meenu sach mein rajkot ki don hai smiley16 Aur haan breaking stereotypes ki baat ho rahi hai toh jante ho kaun tod raha hai is serial mein stereotypes 

Intelligent peeps : mishbir ka  awesome love yaar smiley16

Genius peeps:  abir and his neend mein bhi hoshiyar skills smiley40

Legend uru : again wrong smiley37 It's the Indian police yaar .. reaches always on time !! smiley41

Ps : did anyone notice during baba confrontation scene,  the engagement ring was missing and it came back in abir- kunal scene smiley37smiley37 matlab ring ke legs hai ...kaha chakkar lagane gayi thi ??

Once again awesome awesome post nandu...good job Lage raho nandu sabki bandhu Guruji 2.0 

The intense angry bird at it's best 🔥😁

The naani yaad aa gayi bhola baba ko 😎😎

The chidiya yahan vahan kyun udd rahi hai ?👓😜

The " main aap jaisa chahein vaisa beta banuga maa"😨😨

Tne children's day pe bada Hua nanko 🙏🙏

The swachh bharat abhiyan ka adhyay part 1 over 😓😓

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Posted: 8 months ago

Originally posted by Cool_wonder

Oyeeeeeeee..Gurujii is Gurjiiiismiley37smiley31......

But Nandu has done a amazing and fab jobbsmiley32smiley32

I know yaara smiley31smiley31smiley31 main single piece hun smiley40

Yes she has actually made some brilliant and interesting points 

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