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Thank u my sweet friend Ash for making a lovely banner 4 this FF

Dedicated to Sweety2765 who wanted Season2 of Punar Vivah.

Punar Vivah ..Remarriage...Season2 Character sketch

Prem Luthra and Simar Luthra

A lovely couple who are the parents of Rishab,Karan,Sameer,Krithika and Ruchika.

Rishab Luthra

The eldest son of Prem-Simar.He is very emotional and soft.

Karan Luthra

The second son of Prem-Simar.He was a very jovial cute person.But some incidents in his life turned him into a ruthless person.

Sameer Luthra

The third son of Prem-Simar.He is a cute personality.He regrets his past deeds which made him loose his love and happiness.

Krithika Luthra

The eldest daughter of Prem-Simar.She is a sweet soft natured girl.

Ruchika Luthra

The youngest daughter of Prem-Simar.She is very bubbly,fun loving and stylish.

Anjali Luthra

The cute little daughter of Karan Luthra.

Anshuman Arora and Pakhi Arora

A very romantic couple.They are the lovely parents of Preeta and Shrishti.

Preeta Arora

She is a nice daughter,a good sister and a loving mother.She regrets her past actions which hurt her dearest ones.

Shrishti Arora

She was a bubbly chatter box,But she lost her happiness in the past.She is hiding the  pain inside her heart.

Sanjana Arora

The daughter of Preeta Arora.


The loving husband of Krithika.He is an orphan who stays in the Luthra house like their own son.

Kabir Mittal

The husband of Ruchika.Personality wise he is similar to Ruchika.

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Congrats on season 2... fabulous character sketch! 

update soon, thanks for the pm 

Posted: 3 months ago

Lovely awesome CS dear

Thanks for pm

Posted: 3 months ago

Congratulations on Season 2

Posted: 3 months ago

Fabulous Character Sketch

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Punar Vivah ..Remarriage...Season2 Part1

Luthra Mansion...

All were seated in the dining room to have break fast.

Simar gave a glass of milk to Anjali:Anjali beta..drink this milk for strength.

Anjali nodded smiling:Ok dadi.

When she took the glass in her hand by mistake the glass slipped a little of her hand.She succeeded in catching the glass.But most of the milk fell on Karan's pant and shirt.

Karan stared at Anjali.Anjali got scared.

Karan shouted at her:How dare you?You spoiled my dress.I am supposed to leave for the meeting.But now I will take more time to leave.

Anjali:I am sorry papa.

Karan:After spoiling everything what is the use of saying sorry?

Anjali started crying.

Karan:You and your fake tears.

Karan raised his hand to slap her.Suddenly Simar held his hand.

Simar:How could you even think of beating a small innocent child for a mistake she did unknowingly?This is cruelty.

Karan:What did you say Maa?Anjali is a small innocent child?Seriously?Indira's blood is running in her veins.She is Indira's daughter.She can never be innocent.Other children will be innocent.But unlike other children Anjali will be poisonous like her mother.

All were shocked.

Prem:Krithika...take Anjali inside,

Krithik:Yes papa.

Krithika took Anjali inside.

Suddenly Prem slapped Karan.Karan was shocked.

Prem:Are you not ashamed to talk like this about your own daughter?Anjali is not just Indira's daughter,but also your daughter.Don't forget that.You don't deserve to be called as a father.

Karan:I don't want to be anyone's father also.

Karan walked away.

Simar burst into tears.

Simar:Premji,see how Karan is behaving.How can be so stone hearted towards his own daughter?Something is wrong with my upbringing.That's why Karan became like this.I have failed as a mother.

Prem caressed her face:No Simar.It's not your fault.I know that you are a great mother.Karan is like this because of his own fault.

Simar went near Anjali.Anjali was crying.

Anjali:Dadi,why papa hates me so much?

Simar felt upset.Simar hugged her.

Simar:No Anjali...papa loves you a lot.It's just that he is short tempered.

Anjali:Why did my mumma leave me and go?Why she also hates me?

Simar:Who said your mumma hates you?She has gone somewhere.That's it.

Anjali:Will my mumma come back?

Simar was silent for a moment.

Anjali:Say dadi.

Simar caressed her:Yes,mumma will come to you.

Anjali's face blossomed:Really?When?

Simar:Very soon.

Anjali hugged Simar happily.

Prem came there with a smile.

Prem:Dadu's little darling come...

Anjali ran towards Prem and hugged him.Prem hugged Anjali.

Simar was talking with Ruchika.

Simar:Ruchika..you are sure.Right?

Ruchika:Yes Maa.I met her recently.

Simar smiled.

Simar walked towards Prem.

Simar:Premji...you know that Anjali is devoid of father's love.She should at least get her mother's love.

Prem:But you know that Indira left Anjali when she was a baby.She never bothered to turn back.How do you expect Indira to return?

Simar:Indira won't return.But Anjali deserves a loving mother.For that Karan should get married.

Suddenly they heard a sarcastic laughter from behind.

It was Karan.

Karan:So you both are planning for my wedding.Which witch are you choosing for me?

Prem:Karan..control your tongue.

Simar:Not a witch,but an Angel.You are not less than a devil.So an Angel is needed in this family to love Anjali.

Karan:A woman can never be an Angel.I was close to 2 women in my life.I loved both of them in 2 different ways.But they both wounded my heart mercilessly.

Simar:Stop insulting women Karan.

Prem:Not every woman is same Karan.Can you say that your mother is not good?

Karan was silent.

Karan:I won't say that Maa is not good.I agree that Maa loves all of us.But it's difficult to trust a woman after I got betrayed twice.I won't be able to love any more woman.

Simar:But you need to get married for Anjali.

Karan:For that little witch I should risk my own life to get married?

Simar:Karan...if you utter a word against Anjali I will also slap you like your papa.

Karan:You are my mother.I won't feel sad if you slap me.

Karan smiled emotionally.

Simar got emotionally.

Simar:I know that you cannot love Anjali.But we are worried about Anjali's future.After we leave this world Anjali should not be alone.She needs someone who cares for her.If you have 5 percent of gratitude towards me marry again Karan.

Karan:Ok,I will marry anyone blindly.But don't expect me to love her.

Karan left the room.

Prem:What are you saying Simar?Don't you think that we will be spoiling a girl's life by getting her married to a heartless person like Karan?She will be stuck in loveless marriage.She may even divorce him and go which will break Anjali also.

Simar:No Premji.As I said she will be an Angel.An angel can turn a devil into an Angel.Her pure character will change Karan.I have full faith.

Prem:But i have no faith Simar.

Simar:Don't you trust me Premji?

Prem:Of course yes Simar.

Simar:Then believe that nothing will go wrong this time.

Prem:But where can we find such a girl who can tolerate Karan?

Simar:I have already found her Premji.You just come with me to meet her parents.

Prem was surprised:You found a girl so fast?

She smiled.

Arora house....

Preeta was singing lullaby to Sanjana.Sanjana was happy listening to it.

Slowly she fell asleep.

Anshuman and Pakhi looked at her emotionally.

Pakhi:Sanjana has slept?

Preeta:Yes Maa.

Anshuman:Preeta beta...we want to talk to you.


Anshuman:You suffered a lot in a loveless marriage.

Preeta became upset:Yes.But that's over.Now I am living for Sanju.

Anshuman:But you deserve love in your life.

Preeta:I am not destined to be loved by anyone papa.That's why my husband left me.

Anshuman:Don't say like that.Just because that idiot did'nt love you it does'nt mean that you will live the whole life as a single mother.You deserve one more chance in your life.

Preeta:Are you talking about remarriage papa?I am scared of remarriage.What if again I will go through the same sufferings?

Anshuman:Always it won't happen Preeta.You will find true love and happiness in your remarriage.

Preeta:But I have no courage to get married again.

Pakhi:Say Preeta..don't you crave for love?

Preeta:Which woman does'nt crave for love Maa?But I have no hope.

Pakhi:But you will get the best man.We will get you married to a man who understands you the most.

Preeta:Who will understand me more than Karan?

Pakhi:What if Karan is the boy we chose for you?

Preeta was surprised:Maa..what are you saying?Karan?

Pakhi:Yes Karan.Recently you met Karan's younger sister Ruchika.Right?She told her parents about you and your divorce.Karan's parents met us and asked us for your hand.Because they know that you are the best for Karan.

Preeta could'nt believe it.

Preeta:Karan used to understand me completely.He knew what is best for me.But I did not believe him.I hurt him a lot.How will I face him?

Pakhi:Don't think about the past Preeta.Karan must have forgotten everything.He will be only happy to see you again.

Preeta:But did Karan agree to marry me?

Pakhi:Karan is not aware of it.They are keeping it as a surprise.He only knows that his marriage is fixed.Tomorrow he will come to see you officially.That time he will be surprised to see you.

Anshuman:There is no doubt that Karan will marry you happily as he always adored you.

Preeta did not know why..but she was extremely happy.

Pakhi:You are fine with marrying Karan.Right Preeta?

Preeta blushed:Yes.

Anshuman and Pakhi became very happy.

Preeta went to the garden blushing.

Preeta:If I have to do remarriage without any fear,it can be only with you Karan.I will be safe and secure only with you.

Seeing the phone ringing Ruchika smiled:Kabir!

She picked up the phone.

Ruchika:Hello Handsome..whats up?

Kabir:Guess my wife forgot me after spending some time with her family.

Ruchika:Oh come on Kabir...you know that I cannot do that.

Kabir smiled:Tell me ..do you miss me?

Ruchika:Not really..because I imagine you near me always.

He smiled:Me too.I also imagine you everywhere.In fact I hug the pillows imagining that it's you.

Ruchika laughed:That's so funny Kabir..

Kabir:what to do?Poor me have no other option.

Ruchika:Don't worry baby.I will be back soon.

Kabir:No need to be in a hurry.Spend maximum time with your family.I am not a someone who does'nt permit my wife to stay in her house just because she is married to me.

Ruchika smiled:I know that.That's why I love you.

Kabir:Roo..before disconnecting the call,give me my sleeping pills.Otherwise I won't be able to sleep.

Ruchika blushed.She kissed on the phone screen where Kabir's face was seen.

Kabir blushed:It was so sweet Roo.

Ruchika blushed:Really?Wait for more.But not today.When we see next...

Kabir:Oh..kill me...

Ruchika cut the call giggling.

Kabir smiled looking at the phone.

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Part 1

fascinating update, well written! 

Feeling for Anjali! Karan was so mean and rude! great that his parents shouted him! 

Why did Karan;s wife leave him?

can undestand that Simar was upset! 

so the want Karan to get married again? he agreed but will not love his future wife!

Preeta is a wonderful mom! oh no her husband left her! 

great she agreed to marry Karan! nice that they know each other! 

how will Karan react when he meets her?

update soon

Posted: 3 months ago

Nice CS. Simar and Anjali's moments are cure, Anjali accidentally dropped the glass which Simar had caught. So how can Karan blame Anjali for that.  Sad that Karan has hates Anjali for no fault of hers. Glad that Prem and Simar confronted Karan. Indira's disappearance is a mystery. Wonder what incident took place in Karan's life that made him to hate women. Preeta telling Anshuman and Pakhi that no one can understand her better than Karan. Did Preeta break Karan's heart by chance or is it Karan's misunderstanding? 

Kundali Bhagya 

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