Breaking The Glass Ceilings: Shefali Zariwala

Posted: 6 months ago

Appointment: Door-Mat

After Arti was sent on forced retirement, while at the peak of a successful doormat careersmiley2, She was replaced immediately by a promising intern in the BB House.smiley39 She has years of education to excel in the career of a doormat.smiley36

Due to her extreme dedication to the Gang leader i.e.  Mr. Vibrating Shukla,smiley39 she was immediately rewarded & unanimously voted her to be the captain. As captain she has already earned praise of her Mukhiya & receives occasional  "FakeSmiles" smiley7

Among her achievements she values most, her recent extreme biased decision in favor of Shukla Gang in the house task on Sunday. If she continues to keep the Mukhiya happy like this, by the end of her captaincy she's expected to have a permanent job as the doormat of his Vibrationness.smiley39

We hope she will excel in her ambitious drive to be the best of the best doormats & make her job permanent soon. We are eagerly waiting to see her dream being fulfilled infront of our eyes. smiley2

We will follow her closely & bring regular updates of her achievements of doormat career. smiley36

NB: Please Post Her Achievements that you observe everyday.smiley2smiley39smiley7smiley36

Highlight of CV: "Rashmi has worked with Shukla, but I have dated him; So I know more about him" smiley39


1. Nov 10  episode; She came with flankies & Was teasing Devolina with comments like "Bahu Bani Babe" & "Kitchen Politics" Not for her own pleasure, but for the pleasure of her master. That's why her tone was kind of Eve teasing type, so he can get the kick & hang that fake smile as reward.smiley2

2. Main task of DoorMat is to keep the Mukhiya happy. Both Shefali & Aarti planned & took lot of pleasure seeing Shehnaz chipke huye with Shukla. The way they were watching with a smile of utter satisfaction, was worth watching smiley42 smiley36

3. Nov 13 Episode: When Sid and Asim was talking near the tunnel & Asimjyst told Sid that his strategy was wrong. Sid quickly turned and called Shefali, She immediately came and stood by as obedient secretary. 😊 Shukla told Asim to get out and join another group & his usual meaning less hmm Hamm etc. Shefali I thought had a bonding with Asim, but she didn't utter a single word. Now I feel Shefali was assigned to keep Asim in check. LoL Such is the craze for Shefali's doormatism. smiley37

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SoPu u have an amazing sense of humor... Love reading ur posts... smiley32

This is undoubtedly one of the best posts ive read on Forum this season smiley20

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Posted: 6 months ago

Wow.... such try hard comedy. 

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Posted: 6 months ago

Omg! smiley37smiley37smiley37

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Awesome post TM smiley32Shefali is a quick learner. She has learnt the art of taunting from Mr. Vibrating Shukla in no time. She was sitting with her gang leader and his spoon and taunting Devo in the kitchen... gali ke naake pe jo gunde ladkiyon ko chedate hai na waise lag rahe the teeno.. kasam se.. smiley36

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Shefali has a very strong personality she doesn’t fit the description of a doormat..Just because she is friends with Sid doesn’t make her one. Mahira listens to everything Paras tells her, he told her she had to use her mouth to pick the bottle in the dog and the bone task and she listened to him so that makes her a doormat , she saves Paras all the time, she acts based on the feedback paras gives her like he told her Sid broke his finger and she created a ruckus in the house so then she is a doormat as she is not using her brain and doing whatever Paras is telling her...

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Being a doormat>>>>>>>>>joining a harem of some tharki.

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