Pre-Plotting Of Ridhir Separation

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Posted: 3 months ago

Happy Belated Diwali Guyssmiley31

sorry i could not update lately due to Diwali period and my birthday 5th Nov🙏🏼

The highlight of this epi is Ridhir moments,Param-Riddhima looks gorgeous together,amazing chemistry and comfort level...i had goosebumps watching their scenes its so beautiful with their so real and natural chemistry and their scenes are always brilliantly written

The Joker threatens Randhir pointing gun on his forehead asking for his red diary just than Ansh pushes him down the terrace and he too jumps down with him in that process Ansh gets hurt and the Joker runs away from the location and this whole incident shocked Ridhir and they quickly run towards Ansh

Ansh is injured and Randhir hugs him,he says nothing will happen to Ansh and he will be fine,he is his life and noone can separate them(ansh doesn't deserve a friend like randhir🤮😡),Ansh say he should just let him die because of the Haiwan in him he has done alot of bad deeds and he can't even look into Amrita's eyes since he has hurt her and he apologise to Amrita,she tells Ansh that they have forgiven him and he needs to go to the hospital now and Randhir agree with her,Ansh refuses to go and Ridhir request him to turn into a Haiwan and heal his injuries,Ansh turns into Haiwan and heal his injuries,Amrita says at last she got back her childhood friend and Dhiransh hugs each other and Randhir assures him he will be fine and he will do everything possible to cure him,tgey hugs each other and all these drama is witness by Jiya and they both gave a evil smirk smile to each other as their plan is successful in gaining Ridhir's trust

Dhiransh are drinking together and Randhir ask him not to worry as he remembers the exact reading,formulas and solution mixtures he recreate another machine or he will find another way to cure him,Ansh says he trust the scientist Randhir,Ansh purposely ask when he is getting married to Amrita which Randhir reply to him in 1 week's time and this is a surprise to Amrita as she doesn't know about upon hearing the news Ansh feels jealous but he congratulate Randhir and excuse himself saying that he needs to attend to a important call while Randhir continue drinking

Ansh calls Jiya and informs her that Ridhir are getting married in 1 week time even after gaining Ridhir's trust he got nothing in return,Jiya ask him to calm down and warn him not to turn into a Haiwan infront of Ridhir,Ansh says he cannot pretend anymore he wants Amrita at any cost(is amrita some private property,he claims to love her but doesn't respect her🤮such a sore looser😡) Jiya assures him that he will get Amrita but he has to follow her instruction and Amrita will leave Randhir and come to him on her own will...on the other hand Amrita goes to Randhir and tells him that their suspicion on Ansh is cleared now she wish no more problems in their simple life,Randhir agrees and they get intimate together,Jiya still explaning to Ansh that she got a plan and they need to make the plan successful so that Amrita leaves Randhir and marry Ansh and assures him that Randhir will not get Amrita,she recalls Randhir's curse and say that Randhir once told her that she is not worth for love  and she will make sure that he too doesn't get his love and stays alone,Ansh is confused while Jiya ask him to calm down and disconnect the call,Ansh turns around to see Ridhir being intimate with each other while Amrita stops Randhir from drinking,Ansh get jealous(poor randhir he is drunk in love and friendship thinking he has both of world now unaware of the betrayal backstabbing him later😭💔)

In the morning its shown a couple running away from Shimodra and waiting for a friend,the joker and Ansh kidnaps the couple to Jiya's lab

Its Diwali midnight and Amrita is decorating the entire house with diyas when Dharam informs her that Randhir will not able to come Amrita gets disappointed and complaints to Dharam that Randhir promise her that he will come and he chose this lehengha for her and its just plain unfair of him to ditch her last minute,Dharam explains that he might be stuck with work just than they hear some noises from the balcony Amrita ask Dharam to stay and she took out her gun and heads towards the direction of the noise and it leads her to the balcony

She ask whomever is hiding to come out when suddenly fireworks begins to burst and it pops out a question to Amrita and it says 'will you marry me" she gets surprised and amazed suddenly Randhir comes from behind and back hugs her,he tease her not to shoot him and he only wants her answer to a question and ask her decision,Amrita says 'yes she will marry him' and she turns around and hugs Randhir tightly saying she never knew he is so romantic,Randhir explains romantic chemistry in scientific term just than they hear Dadi coughing and Amrita realised that this was plan of the trio,she ask Dadi-Dharam to come infront of her,Dadi say they look gorgeous together and bless them forever togetherness and Ridhir takes their folks blessings (i completely agree,they look gorgeous together❤🔥)while Dharam ask Amrita to take care of Randhir and his home which Amrita tells him that every fathers warns their SILs to take care of their daughters but here the opposite is happening,Randhir teasingly says Dharam needs to find a new girl for him,Amrita says don't he dare to look at another girl everyone laughs and it remind of Amrita that she has cooked dinner and they need to have their dinner...they were about to leave when Baby calls and informs him that he has crack the code of the lab lock,they can start work now Randhir informs him that he is on the way and disconnect the call,he turns around to see Amrita infront of him and he informs her that there is an important work come up and he needs to go,Amrita explains to him she totally understand and from now on they will celebrate all festivals together which Randhir replies that they will celebrate all festivals together and Ridhir hugs each other,Randhir ask permission whether he can leave,Amrita teases him nodding her head to 'No' than 'Yes',Randhir smiles and leave (randhir should shift to his sasural😂he is so happy and in peace staying in his sasural furthermore amrita's balcony is Ridhir's love nest😂❤😍their beautiful love story blooms in amrita's blacony with stars being witness to their deep love story and we get gorgeous scenes in their balcony🔥❤)

In Jiya's lab,the gang tries to transfuse Ansh's Haiwan blood into the girl after transfusing Ansh turns into his human mode and he tells Jiya that he is helping them because she promise him to unite with Amrita and she should not forget her promise which Jiya says he will get Amrita and he should not forget about his deal of handing over Randhir's red diary to her,Ansh says its a deal,Chetan enters the scene and he tells Jiya that they are wasting time on useless experiments,Jiya gets angry and scolds him that at least she tried and not stay useless like him,Jiya explains her plan to Ansh in mute,Govind says this is going to be the darkest Diwali for Randhir

Randhir is in the lab experimenting with different mixtures of solutions and Baby ask what he is doing,Randhir explains him in scientific term that he is doing a solution that will drains out all Ansh's evil solution just like how Antibiotic drains out all the virus in the body,this is why he is trying to create a solution using different mixtures,Baby 

Amrita is sleeping when Ansh comes close and scare her,she ask what is Ansh is doing in her bedroom at this hour which Ansh tells her since he heard of Ridhir getting married though he doesn't want to,he feels jealous and angry the thought of loosing her gives him pain,Ansh tries to come close but Amrita ask him to stay away from her,he is not able to sleep thinking about it thus he came here to heal his pain furthermore he tell Amrita that he wants to spend a night in her room but she doesn't need to worry as he will sleeping on the sofa,Amrita is scared worried and confused tries to message Randhir but Ansh snatch her phone warning her not to say anything to Randhir,he will leave in the morning and slept on the sofa while Amrita sat on her bed in deep thoughts thinking about Ansh's behaviour

In the morning,Amrita wakes up and realise Ansh has left she is in deep thoughts thinking abt Ansh's behaviour the previous night just than Dadi came in her room and gave her haldi and told her to take a bath in haldi for the occassion of Diwali as its auspicious,Amrita smiles and remain silent after Dadi left,she recalls Ansh incident and wonders what is Ansh real intention,just than Randhir comes and hugs her from behind and Amrita pushes him in anger thinking its Ansh,Randhir was shocked he ask her why she is so moody,Amrita remains silent...Randhir invites her for breakfast which was made by him and tells her that her mood will be fine,he come across the perfume and he sprays it in the air and realise that this perfume belongs to Ansh and what it is doing in her room,Amrita gets tensed thinking what to say Randhir say he will give it back to Ansh,Amrita scolds him saying why does he care so much for a perfume Ansh knows how to collect it and he needs to focus how to cure Ansh...Amrita was annoyed

The girl died whom Jiya transfused Ansh's Haiwan blood,Govind say sometimes certain substance in the solutions are so strong that some human body cannot accept,Jiya says this lady is useless and they should try on the guy,just than Ansh came and inform her that he was successful in scaring Amrita and spend a night in Amrita's bedroom,Jiya ask Ansh to call Misha and this is their 2nd plan...Ansh calls Misha and their conversation was in mute

Amrita thank Randhir for a wonderful breakfast and her mood is fine,she remembers that she needs to get ready at the same as Dadi told her to bathe in haldi,Randhir becomes naughty and tells her that he will help her,Amrita realise Randhir's naughty intentions refuses and they chase around each other in the room,Randhir brings Amrita closer to him and applies haldi on her forehead,cheeeks furthermore he rubs his cheeks across Amrita cheeks passionately and he too got haldi applied on his cheeks,Amrita applies haldi cutely on his face and lips than Randhir applies haldi on her neck and slowly slides his finger downwards Amrita hits his hands cutely,Randhir slides his fingers slowly on her jawline and they share an eye-lock,slowly they come closer with their nose touching with each other and was about to kiss when Dadi calls out for Amrita,she quickly wipes all the haldi from their face...Dhadak title track was playing on the bgm...Dadi informs Ridhir that an emergency came up and her team are trying to reach her but unavailable,Ridhir wonders what happened rush towards the hall(what a chemistry,they were literally fire🔥i had goosebumps watching it😍amazing comfort level their most passionate scene till date,they look so gorgeous togethersmiley42,made for each other❤😍💋)

Ridhir reaches the hall and watch the news reporting about the missing couple,Randhir is wondering what is actually happening he is shocked,Amrita gets a call from Additi informing her about the missing couple Amrita tells her she is coming immediately and ask Additi to prepare the team,they need to sort out this issue,Randhir ask what is happening which Amrita says that whatever happened in the past its coming back once again and she suspect Ansh is behind it which Randhir defends Ansh that he cannot do this whenever such things happens,Jiya is involve and they should investigate anything related to her,Amrita says she needs to go urgently Dadi stops her saying its Diwali which Amrita says Diwali/Holi is not bigger than someone's life,Amrita rushes to go when prayers thalli falls accidentally,Dadi says its not a good omen which Amrita says there is nothing such as good/bad omen its all about thinking abd doing the good and pacify Dadi and she leaves...Dadi is not convinced though

Randhir comes back home and he saw that Misha is finding whereabouts of Ansh and is in deep thoughts,Misha cross path with Randhir and she accused him of turning Randhir into a Haiwan for his experiment and destroyed Ansh's life after the conversation Misha calls Ansh and informs him that she did what he told her to do to accuse Randhir of destroying his life Ansh gives a evil smile,Baby was listening to their conversation,Randhir goes to Baby and inform him about the missing couple and wonder how could it happen which Baby told him that Ansh left home last night at 3am Randhir was shocked,he asked Baby why didn't he inform him which Baby says he thought Ansh is just going out for a walk since he is not sleepy so he kept silent and further tells that he think Ansh is normal at home but turns into Haiwan in the night,Randhir in deep thoughts decide to find out the truth from Ansh

Randhir meets Ansh on the terrace who is gyming,Randhir ask his whereabouts which Ansh says why he feel that Randhir is suspecting,Randhir advice  Misha him that he has not cure him yet and he needs full details of his whereabouts so that he can study his case better and ask hom where was he last night,Ansh informs him that he was with Amrita the whole night in her bedroom and its her who called him to her home and they chat the whole night,after planting suspicion seed in Randhir's head,Ansh leaves while Randhir wonders why Amrita did not tell him that Ansh was with her(ansh claims that he loves amrita but it he does not even respect her,who maligns his love name,he is a creep and always wonder how misha falls for such sore looser he is loyal to any relationship😡🤮)

Jiya creates the Haiwan through the guy and the experiment is successful,Jiya tells Govind their Haiwan might not have the longevity and loyalty qualities but currently its enough to execute their current plan which Govind agrees but he ask her to check his stability since their previous Haiwan died due to heart attack,they check the Haiwan status and its powerful though not more than Ansh just than Ansh came and saw the Haiwan,Jiya ask him to get ready to execute their plan...Ansh leaves

Amrita came to the spot in the jungle to investigate but they got no clue at all just than the Haiwan appears and hurt the team,Ansh came in the right time and save Amrita&team,after Ansh kills the Haiwan,he turns back into the missing guy but he died and a few meteres away they found the girl's body and Additi informs Amrita that,its the missing couple...Amrita's doubts on Jiya,she ask the team to send the missing couple bodies for post mortem and they leave the jungle

Ansh came to meet Jiya to inform her that their plan is successful,Chetan ask Jiya what is their plan actually which Jiya tells him that they want to plant suspcion seeds on Ridhir's mind and create a misunderstanding b/w them that their relationship gets broken which Chetan says its highly impossible because Ridhir loves each other so much to the extend nothing can break them,Govind says sometimes he wonder how Chetan born into their family just than Jiya explains to him when there is so much love and trust one seed of suspicion can destroy a relationship and they are targetting on that to destroy Ridhir relationship because there is always a positive and negative side of a relationship...Govind ask him not to think much and give rest to his brains which is not even in his head and ask him to bring them coffees,Chetan leaves when Amrita brings in het team in Jiya's lab Chetan runs to Jiya and informs her that Amrita is coming to the lab,everyone gets tensed while Ansh and Govind hides themselves in Jiya's office

Jiya welcomes Amrita&team,she ask why Amrita always drop by to meet her which Amrita replies her that her family has a history of creating Haiwans thus her suspicion needle always falls on her,Amrita informs Jiya about the incident and the Haiwan Jiya says she has nothing to do with it,Amrita says that now she doesn't have proofs the day she gets proofs against her,she swear Jiya will be behind bars and her team searching her lab...Jiya ask her to interrogate the love of her life Randhir because he is a scientist and capable of making such creatures because he was working in his lab,Amrita ask Jiya to refresh her memory that she has taken over Randhir's business and lab how can Randhir work in her lab w/o permission which Jiya say she locked the lab with a code and Randhir crack the code and used the lab w/o her permission,Amrita is shocked upon hearing it...Jiya taunts her that her love did not told her anything,even now he is hiding things from her,he should be honest to her afterall they are going to marry each other and marriage relationship is based on trust,loyalty and honesty...Amrita in thoughts Jiya successfully plants a seed of suspicion in Amrita's brain against Randhir,Amrita ask her to shut her mouth as such words in love and relationships doesn't suit on her,Amrita leaves...Ansh&Govind comes out from their hiding and Jiya informs them that she has successfully planted seed of suspicion in Amrita's brain and things are definitely going into their favour,this Diwali marks the end if Ridhir relationship and Randhir suffers alone loosing his love

Dadi-Dharam are preparing for prayers and Dadi tells Randhir he is looking handsome while he flirts with her,he began to ask where is Amrita,Dharam say she is on the way while Randhir waits for her

Baby came and tell Randhir that he is such a boring boyfriend Randhir ask why which Baby tell him that if anybody hears that someone else spend a night in their girlfriend room they will get jealous and possesive and here Randhir is so cool about the matter of Ansh spending Amrita's room,Randhir says he has full trust on Amrita and he can never suspect her ever

Amrita came to the venue,Randhir was mesmerise by her beauty and praise her that she is looking gorgeous,Amrita thank him while recalling what Jiya told her about Randhir,Amrita comes to the point and told Randhir that she wants to talk to him and Randhir says the same just than Dadi came and told them to tie the toran at the entrance and this shoukd be dobe by the owner or his wife since Ridhir are getting married its their responsiblity,Ridhir agrees to do it

Amrita tries to tie the toran at the entrance and was about to fall but Randhir catches her and they share a eye-lock,Randhir ask her what was the hurry they could do it together suddenly Amrita's dori's pin opens up and she tries to pin it up but it was not possible and Randhir so her struggling with her dori's pin,he offers to help her out and she agrees...At first Randhir front hug her and tries to pin it up her dori but it was not possible and they share a eye-lock so Randhir ask her to turn around and tries to pin it up for her after a few trials,they got very close to each other but break away from each other,Dheere Dheere song from Loveyatri played on the bgm(another fiery gorgeous scene of Ridhir and they look gorgeous together and with the sexual tension coming in b/w them the scene took another level❤🔥)

Randhir puts the chair away as it got broken and carries Amrita up and she tie to the toran at the entrance and this moment is witness by Ansh and he gets jealous,he tells himself that this will be the last moment of togetherness of Ridhir after this Amrita will be his only

Randhir puts Amrita down and ask her if she has anything to confess to him,Amrita gets irk and ask him is he responsible for creating Haiwan in his lab and ask him that did he break the code of his lab and does experiments again,Randhir gets very angry that he suspecting her and he say that she can never change and is again suspecting him Amrita ask him not to change topic as she has proofs,Randhir says she has no trust on him and always suspects him,when actually he should suspect her now Amrita gets angry and ask him what he meant,Randhir says he doesn't want to talk about it and goes back for the prayers

Amrita stops Randhir angrily and ask what he meant which Randhir tells her that Ansh told him about him staying in her room for whole night,Amrita is shocked...Randhir says if this was someone else they would raise a question on the relationship but him never once suspected and had full trust on her but unfortunately she doesn't trust him and it hurts,Amrita realise that its some ploy of Ansh while Ansh gives a evil smirk

Precap: Amrita tells Randhir that she feels Ansh did not change and tries to break their relationship...This piece of news she is actually saying to Ansh instead of Randhir...Amrita is shocked to see Ansh and he tries to come closer her,Amrita is scared

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