Shukla ji you brought the family first!(Page 2)

Posted: 7 months ago

Originally posted by JumpingViolets

Yes, and I hate it when Salman sarcastically asks them to narrate, then when they explain he shuts them up and proves them wrong. All the while Sid's face will be in worry mode and when Salman starts defending him, the smirking starts, then he leans back and enjoys. 

LOL that's exactly what happens...I notice the same pattern too and they think they can fool the audience like people watching are blind or something!!

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Posted: 7 months ago

Shukla plays this technical game always. Awaz ki aukat, joota dikhaya, Mahira ko nhi bori ko pakda. Behind this he do what he want? But In this conversation Rashmi started first by saying neech galich abusive words while Shukla hasn't then he said apne gharwalo ko bol rhi h which he shouldn't said because it directly point family. Then Rashmi direct attack Tere khandan me kon kon h, pata h mujhe. Shukla can save himself by saying apne gharwale means big boss ke gharwale bola thasmiley37

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Posted: 7 months ago

Originally posted by my.2cents

Rashmi is the most irritating character in Bigg Boss after Devileena. She insults Siddarth non stop and does not remember what she said. The moment the same thing is said to her in a different way she starts barking and becomes a hyena. If you cant take insults, stop insulting others. If you cant take jokes, stop joking about others.

Yes your were the one who brought Rashmi's family first in the argument when Rashmi was rightfully ( in my opinion) calling you neech and said "Apne gharwalo ki baat ker rahi hai...yaad bhi hai ghar mein hai kaun kaun"  then she said about your khandaan...toh agar apne khandaan ki izzat kerwani hai toh pehle dosro ki khandaan ki izzat kero and don't howl and bring people's family and father's in an argument...cause agar tumhari family hai toh dosro ki bhi family hai!!

Pehle khud logo ke khandaan pe jao phir jab woh retaliate kere toh usko highlight kerke victim ban jao... Masoom bechare target Shukla ji ki humesha ki kahani!!

Rashmi's biggest weakness is that she just can't put her points across well in words and often doesn't remember what happened in the argument aur yeh Shana Shukla yehi technicality ya self victimization kerke bohat chalaki se cheezein twist kerke bach jata hai!!

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