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SS: Love - the old fashioned way 

When a non believer in love and stern business man entertains his grandmothers thoughts for finding him a wife ASR falls  into a knot very unexpectedly for a rural village girl. 

chapter 1: Page 1 

Chapter 2: Page 5
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Chapter 6: Page 18

Chapter 7: Page 21


36 year old Arnav Singh Raizada, focused, no  nonsense businessman.

25 year Khushi, young chirpy traditional girl and pro jalebi maker from Arnavs maternal village. 

34 year old Aman Mathur Arnavs right hand man in business and friend.

Nani and Raizadas - Arnavs extended family mainly from his maternal side.  

Laxmiji - Raizada pet goat 

Chapter 1

“Why don’t you come in for coffee, just the one she says flicking her eye lashes and stirring her hand over his lap.”

He wasn’t falling for it, he was dry in his tone.  “See you tomorrow Lavanya” he said, opening the central lock of the car before she got any other clever ideas. 


Walking into raizada house after working late, Arnav finds his Nani is the only one who is around in the house. The others probably in their rooms by now.

“Kya kar rahin hai aap itni raat gayey” (what are you doing up so late) he asks walking closer and taking a seat next to her. His blazer thrown to a side now.

Nani was looking at old family photos..

“Thinking” soch rahin thi she replies

“About your grand father, I miss him a lot.”  

Arnav looks towards his grandmother takes her hand within his. He was the inky one she ever spoke her heart to. 

Over the years he’d watched her grow old, her hands growing fragile day by day.

“ I’ve never understood love, I’m cynical, maybe because of mom and dad but when I hear you talk about grandfather I can tell you had a wonderful relationship.” 

“That’s because we married the good old fashioned way. Nani nodded with a smile  aware that her grandson wasn’t as cold hearted as he made out. He showed a lot of emotional understanding when it was needed. 

There was silence for just a second, “you should get married beta.” She said when she saw a certain loneliness creep into Arnavs eyes, every even he returned home but on return it seemed as if he was lost for purpose. 

“I’m not husband material, I’m married to my laptop and my Bluetooth and there’s the small matter of not understanding this thing the world calls love.  A whole load of rubbish if you ask me, they don’t make them like you anymore Nani”

“He spoke thinking about all the women who tried to impress him for either his money or for sex.” It was shallow. 

Aur agar ham tumhare liyey ek ladi chune toh - “What if I find you a bride ..”

“Nani, don’t  look at me” like that he replied but she kept giving him that old grandmother look of guilt.

“Okay but I won’t marry just anyone though she has to compare to my beautiful grandmother which isn’t going to happen anytime soon.” He had made her smile and kissed her good night. 


Next chapter:

“I was joking Nani” 

“Hamne toh koi masak nahin kya (I wasn’t )..” says Nani 

“Okay but it’s a no already for the record”

I’ll come with you just to save face says Arnav over the handsfree in his cabin. 

When the call is over he looks towards the Aman sat in one of his office chair. “Cut the last meeting short we’re going on a road trip.”

“Where?” Asks Aman a little confused. 

“Home..” replies Arnav. 

“What to Raizada house? Er why” Aman raises an eyebrow.

“No” Arnav says not quiet sure how to explain. 


Note: This is for all those who want to read some  romance but with a slight innocence of old fashioned attached to it. Just a couple of chapters to start with. 

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Nice n different story 

Posted: 4 months ago

Originally posted by Uzii

Nice n different story 

Thanks, glad you liked it please come back to read where this heads. 

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Interesting, good to see an Arnav who isn't interested in just sleeping around..... Already loving his camaraderie with his Nani

Posted: 4 months ago

Waiting to see how the story spans out 


Posted: 4 months ago

Looks interesting, however I have only one request, regular updates

Posted: 4 months ago

Awww sounds awesome 

Posted: 4 months ago

nice start

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