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Thank u pali for the Updates.smiley1  And thank u shruti,  i have watched the episode with ur pics only.. They were amazing.. smiley27  So finally mish and abir’s GD will happen tom..  smiley9

Really wondering how mish reached her room, Chalo pahuchi to pahuchi but ready bhi ho gayi, that too with this complicated and time consuming hairstyle. Muje to straightening me hi 30 mins lag jate hain.smiley2 Her hairstyle is different, and she is looking very pretty but in some pics her hair were looking oily. I can never choose this kind of hairstyle on my Engagement or any function, coz the way I dance with all the latke and jhatke specially with my hair,  i will become bhoot..smiley36

Looking forward to see MishKuns bonding.. smiley42

And about precap i think meenu asked someone to follow mish who clicked her pics nd was updating meenu. Tabhi to meenu baar baar phone check ker rahi thi.. Nd that person didn't help mish, coz mish ne jyada time nahi lagaya apne aap ko free kerne me.. so I think makers bhi yahi dikhayenge. 

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Originally posted by Jayati321

I think this is become the question of the day.smiley4

Kishne pic liya?Kyun liya? Liya toh liya par Mishti ko bachaya kyun nahi? Is BB playing double game?

Challo ab mystery solve karo.smiley4

Agree.  Everybody is confused with the precap and meenu having pics.  I dont think Meenu is playing games or will ever double cross mish. If she does to usse jyada idiot lady koi nahi hogi.. this is such a gud opportunity for her to keep abir on her side. If she keeps mish happy, beta to apne aap muthi me ho jayega..  Koi blind bhi bata sakta hai ki abir kitna manta and sunta hai mish ki, so any sensible lady wld never go against her DIL.  Inki mystery solve kerne ke chakkar me mere hair grey na ho jaye, I need to get my appointment fixed with my doctor..smiley36

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Originally posted by Jayati321

Thanks Pali for the written updates and Shruthi for those beautiful caps.

Yaar i don't understand one thing why people need to hide things from their loved ones. BigBen used to hide things from her sons in the name of protecting them. Now Mishti is also doing the same thing to protect Abir. Is he a kid? It's about his Baba,he has every right to know about it.smiley18

Precap is equally confusing. BB showing the kidnapped Mishti's pic.Who took the pics? If she was aware of this,then why didn't she save Mishti.smiley29

I think meenu sent her detective laxman behind mishti to keep a check on her..he must have clicked and was giving all the updates to Meenu... In the episode, we can see that she has called kaushal to get lawyer and laxman to her home...my guess...

But i just hope Meenu is not double crossing mishti...fingers crossed... 

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The legal papers locha , for maiya - saiya bachhe😨🤞

The intense confused  angry bird , the wrong target 🙏

The # ke cropped photo ways , the funny move 😁

The satellite K ready to accept Moon M ??😎💪

The saas bahu understanding,  the delay in sharing the truth 🤔

The arey madaa maddi re and daughter on duty 🤩

The Bach ke kaha jayega re baba 😜

The Sachhai jaan ne ka haq hai statement by 3D glasses BP 🎈🎈

The confusions galore,  the interesting turn of events 😎👓🎈💍😎

A episode which leaves with you a question 

Ab kya hoga re aage ??

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Originally posted by Jayati321

I think this is become the question of the day.smiley4

Kishne pic liya?Kyun liya? Liya toh liya par Mishti ko bachaya kyun nahi? Is BB playing double game?

Challo ab mystery solve karo.smiley4

Hi Jayati!!

If there is some game by Meenakshi then that will be the worst thing..

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Thanks Sutapasima and SheThought for WU's and Kambakthishq for screen shots.

If the spoiler Meenakshi not married to Mehul is true, then how come Meenakshi calls Parul "sautan"!!!!

Have a feeling that all findings by Mishti on Mehul will not be revealed by Meenakshi but she will have own agenda and her versions, not Mishti's.  In other words twist pe twist and once Mehul out of their lives, will be Meenakshi's words against Mishti's words and start of rift between Mishbir

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I think we all have our reasons to doubt on BigBen. She had done many things in the past which were not expected from a mother.But makers are hell bent on showing her as mother India ,picturizing K3G song on her.smiley44That scene was hilarious for me.

Makers need to reduce the drama portion a little bit. First of all it's going over board now and there is absolutely no logic behind the drama.

Posted: 1 months ago

Lnamesake ne mishti ko gale lagaya ....waah hi waah

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