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Epi 173 ....

Meenu Mishti team up to expose Mehul ..Nidhi asks Kunal to perform ritual during Abir Mishti gordhana ceremony...
The episode begins with... Maheshwaris deciding to get the GD rasams started n BM getting worried .. Rajwansh family is all for it ..

Mehul  makes an excuse to leave ... Meenu notices it ... Abir feels confused with his behaviour .. 

Varsha asks Abir to come with her n give some signatures as they would like to make the donations on his name .. Abir agrees .. 
Meenu  confronts Mehul for getting the legal papers made for changing Abir’s name ..That too when she had already offered him “mooh maangi keemat “ he states that he was using that as insurance as he had suffered because of  her change of mind earlier .. Meenu n Mehul argue over the papers .. Abir over hears them n asks what we’re those papers about ??.. Abir demands to know that .. Mehul starts acting about Chest discomfort .. Meenu sees thru his acting and asks him to stop this drama .. Mehul goes on acting the victim card to Meenu’s atrocities and Abir lashes out at Meenu .. that she always tries to break up MisBir ..that she never wanted his GD to happen ....she was always selfish ..she could not se other’s happiness .. Meenu is shocked .. Mehul hides the legal document .. Meenu asks If Abir wanted her to leave his GD..she gets emotional n walks out of his function .. Abir  watches Meenu leaving n wishes she could be happy at his happiness ..

In her room BM informs BP that Mishti was missing since morning ..  is gets annoyed with her ..n she is reduced to tears n at a loss to understand the situation herself ... ..she n Kuhu tries innumerable times to cal her but she was out of reach .. they have no kNowledge of her whereabouts ..  .. 

Meenu Drives to the highway .. calls up her lawyer that he  should  prepare those papers she had asked him to ,... later she laments That Abir disbelieved she could do anything for his sake ,, she then hears Mishti Saying she believed her ...Meenu is shocked to see Mishti there on the highway ..she questions her ,,she informs that she had Gone to get evidences and she had got the evidences she Wanted ..... Meenu is shocked ..... Mishti informs that she had evidences that Mehul has committed numerous frauds .. and now he was trying to put the blame on Abir .. he was plotting to put Abir behind the bars ..she shows her pages torn from FIRs at RG Police stn ..

Mishti asks Meenu to trust her ..not to hate her of mistrust her .. It was because she took Mehul’s side .. but Mishti i forms she had doubts on Mehul since Dussehra day ... when he tried to convince MisBir first to separate from family then he tries to dissuade them from separating ,,it was confusing   ..that Mehul had no medical documents despite being heart patient ... she found he had visited Rajkot numerous times by flight .. how could a person who had no money for daily expenses afford air tickets ?? Meenu is surprised with Mishti’s findings ..

The final evidence against him was when he followed Mishti to RG ..Mehul was not a good guy .. he was a fraud.. she had remained silent on this matter for long time but will speak now .. he had returned not for his son but for money ..Mishti weeps .. how heart broken Abir would be when he learnt all this .. he will lose trust from his baba .. Mishti knew what it felt like to lose trust from parents ..it was painful as she had suffered .. Abir was going to suffer as he was loving someone who did not care about Abir at all !! Mishti states she will not let any one hurt Abir ,, no one could snatch away his happiness ..  Meenu hugs Mishti .. Mishti urges Meenu to protect Abir ..not let Mehul hurt Abir ..Meenu laments how Abir was going to change his name .. that he mistrusted her so much that he asked her to go away from hid GD .. Meenu laments that she had struggled all her life to keep her sons out of danger .. to shield them ,,Mishti realises what all facts she must have hidden from them ..she respects Meenu’s decision n thinks there must be a strong reason behind it .. Mishti  wants to reveal everything to Abir right now ,. but Meenu wants nothing to spoil Abir’s happiness on the day of his GD ..but she argues that the truth about Mehul was more important than GD .. she hugs n thanks Mishti for showing her the way to fight Mehul .. 

Meenu asks Mishti  to trust her ..to get back to her GD ,.n create rishta with the family and give Meenu time to plan how to throw Mehul out of their lives .... that Mehul must not leave the GD .. Mishti asks how could she after seeing his real face ..?? 

Meenu asks her to Just smile .. behave normally ,. Act like Maa ambe .. she had strength of ten hands ,, Mishti asks if Mehul will realise his plans had failed after seeing her ,,but Meenu says he wil, not know Meenu n Mishti had joined hands to fight against Mehul n protect Abir ., she gets blessed by Meenu as she assures they are now tog 

At MH BM n BP are about to reveal to Abir about the missing bride ..  but Kuhu interrupts n with Mishti’s pics .. asks his choice of best pics .. but Abir senses something amiss n demands to meet Mishti right away ,, BM, BP, Kuhu try to dissuade him but he insists .. .. while Mehul wonders what were a Maheshwaris gelling Abir ?? Where was he rushing off to ?? 
Abir goes to Mishti’s room n finds her getting ready ... BM, BP, Kuhu are shocked to find Mishti there .. 

Mishti apologises for taking so long to get ready ..she promises she will not make them wait on their wedding day .. Abir smiles .. BM, BP, Kuhu are so relieved .. she assures with joined hands that she will reply to all Qs they had in their minds but only after the GD ceremony .. ..Mehul comes rushing asking about Mishti ,,he is gobsmacked to see Mishti standing there ..all dressed up .. smiling n declaring she was good !! 

She assures Abir she will tell him everything after their GD .. Mehul starts worrying .. 

Maheshwaris rush to the GD mandap .. Mehul remarks Mishti willl now shield Abir from all harm .. Mishti assures the entire family was behind Abir not just Her .. she hopes Mehul too was there for Abir 

Meenu returns back to RH ..she thanks Ambe maa for supporting her ..she calls up Kaushal n orders him to get back home immediately..get Lawyer Kedia n Laxman along with him.. without revealing anything to anyone at GD .. 
meenu swears Mehul’s story was over now .. she had made huge sacrifices all her life ,,she had supported N sheltered her own “sautan”   ..she gets emotional .. but no more .. her sacrifices will not go waste at any cost ,,MA Ambe ki saugandh .. 

at MH Jasmeet n Kuhu escort Mishti to the venue ..Mis notices Mehul trying to sneak out of the venue .. she seeks help from Nidhi Maami n Ketaki .. to make sure Mehul Remains present at the entire GD ceremony .. .Nidhi assures .. when Mishti says Meenu also wanted the same .. .. Mehul makes excuses to leave but Nidhi does not let him .. 

Mishti apologises to BM for giving her so much tension .. she hugs BM .. Kuhu jokes that her name should be changed from Mishti to Mystery ,, jokes that on her wedding she can go trekking ...in the lap of nature  ,, .. scolds her for giving BM so much tension .. 

Mishti seeks time from  Kuhu To give her explanation ... she notices Mehul  trying to sneak out she calls out to him .. Nidhi n Ketaki pull him inside .. 

Nidhi then asks Kunal to ‘begin the rasam ,,lit was between debar bhaabhi .. ..As Kunal is hesitant.. BP says the rasams we’re old n their children were of new era ... they can forgo the old rasams .. but Kunal insists he will complete the rasam .. Abir assists Kunal .. he succeeds .. As Mehul again tries to escape .. She does not stop him this time .. Mehul wonders why did she not stop hi, what was she up to 


Mishti is dancing On the song ..”saiyyan tu kamaal ka ...” 

MisBir exchNge rings .. 

Mehul exclaims angrily  that he needed Meenu’s property .. Meenu asks if he was So angry n restless because of his misdeeds ..she shows pics of Mehul Mishti confrontations ,, Mishti kidnapped tied  up N gagged AbirKunal arrive n get shocked ..As does Mehul ... 

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Thnaks for the thread Suta!!

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Hola people 👋 

Thanks for the thread Suta!!

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Thank you for the thread Suta smiley31

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Meenakshi and Mishti team up to expose Mehul.

Meenu and Mehul fight about property for Abir exchange papers. Abir comes there,  baba fakes heartpain, Abir gets angry on Meenu. Meenu leaves heartbroken.

Mishti bumps into Meenu outside.

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Meenu is shocked to see Mish in bad shape. Mish tells her she has got proof against Mehul and shows the scam paper. She says I had doubts about Mehul since Dashera. She shares all the weird stuff she found out about him with Meenu. Meenu is in awe of Mish’s concern for Abir... and gets overwhelmed and hugs her

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Originally posted by SheThought

Meenakshi and Mishti team up to expose Mehul.

Meenu and Mehul fight about property for Abir exchange papers. Abir comes there,  baba fakes heartpain, Abir gets angry on Meenu. Meenu leaves heartbroken.

Mishti bumps into Meenu outside.

Thank you Pali for the update smiley31

Dhongi Baba is vexatious... it is so tiresome to watch him now 

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Meenu tells Mishti  that now you have shown me a way to show Abir Mehul’s truth. Meenu tells her she has worked so hard to keep the family together... Mishti makes a decision to not disclose Parul-Mehul truth as she wants to respect Meenu and thinks she must have a reason to not disclose it so far

BP knows now Mish is not home and BM-BP tell Abir they don’t want to hide things from him.

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