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Posted: 8 months ago

Hi Friends

I’m writing on any serial after 4 years. Lastly I had written any comments or review on serial Shastri Sisters.From last 4 years I didn’t watched any serial except Sab TV. But when I saw the promos of KHKT I had decided to watch this serial because of its concept. I am also silently reading the updates, stories, spoilers and other things on this forum.

Today I am writing my reviews after watching 106 episodes of KHKT. I am watching this serial KHKT from very first episode and never missed a single episode. I like almost all the characters of KHKT whether it is Dr Rohit-Sonakshi, YK, Veena, Sukhmani, Ajit,Suman, Pulkit, Pooja, Muniya, Vimmi even Naren, Pari and cast and crew membersof KPK etc. Even this serial breaks the stereotype mentality by showing equality between men & women, discussion about sex education, bachelors party concept etc. But somewhere they show the same concept that FL is always right or mahaan, sacrificing and hiding from ML.

Current I had seen such concept in the earlier episodes where Naren forced Sonakshi to sign pre-nup agreement for his family security and Rohit was not aware about this. Till date makers had not focused so much on this or maybe they kept this track for future episodes.

Before this episode aired of pre-nup agreement I don’t know about this. After watching that episode I try to gain knowledge about Pre-nup agreement from various websites. Pre-nup agreementis basically a written contract between a couple about their financial rights and responsibilities during marriage. I have an idea how pre-nup agreement track can be handled in future episodes.  

Like we always see that normally in serials FL of a serial hide such secrets from ML. As ML learns about such secrets and this creates a misunderstanding between a ML and FL. But I want in KHKT this pre-nuptial track should be handle in such manner.

As we all knows only Naren, YK ,Veena, Sukhmani Sippy, Sonakshi and Suman knows about pre-nuptial agreement signed by Sonakshi and Rohit not aware about this agreement. But makers create such circumstances that they all get to know that Rohit already knows about his pre-nuptial agreement.

Now, here comes Rohit stand:

Rohit says that he already knows about Pre-nup agreement signed by Sonakshi which was made by his family members. He also knows from his CA that Suman aunty is inquiring from him about my share in property for his and Sonakshi future. And he also knows from the sources that YK had prepared a Pre-nuptial agreement and day before wedding Sonakshi came here to return the signed pre-nuptial agreement. But I didn’t tell anything to anyone because I am waiting for a time when anyone of you should disclose this matter to me. But no one from all of you tells anything tome.

Rohit also says that he also made and signed an agreement on the same day that I and Sonakshi had an equal right in everything whether it is property, responsibilities etc. This I had done because I know Sonakshi loves him not his property and he loves and trust Sonakshi.  He also didn’t question to all of you because he knows that they all done this for family security. And Suman aunty is also not wrong from her side because even if we also look a groom for Pooja then we will also check boy’s background, his share in family property for her future security. This is very obvious in real life especially in case of Joint family. This doesn’t mean that we want to divide the family.

But he is hurt and disappointed that no one told, ask or discuss anything from him before doing this. Everyone take his or her decision individually.  So he also didn’t tell anything to anyone.

Naren, YK and Veena – if they had a feeling of insecurities than you should discuss with me before giving papers to Sonakshi and forced him to sign the papers

Sonakshi – You told me that we will face every situation together whether it’s a serious problem or happiness. I also told you never hide anything from me. After that you hide such a big thing from me.

Suman Aunty – I had sent you a video message before wedding. This I had done to remove your insecurities related to Sonakshi. I know your intentions are not wrong but the way you done all this is wrong. You can talk to me regarding all this.

There is no need to show that FL is always mahaan or right.We can also show that ML is intelligent, mature and handle the family equally.Because in real life no one is mahaan or always right. (And this show alway stalks about equality, real life & reel life)

I am forced to write all this because I am very much disappointed by the makers how they handle the track of Mahesh. As Rohit is a Doctor sorry Surgeon, he openly discusses such a big secret in front of Mahesh who he doesn’t know. Firstly I thought that Rohit istrapping Mahesh but he himself gets trapped in Mahesh tricks. Mahesh is shown more intelligent than Rohit.

One more thing which I want to discuss is that KHKT serial had a good start and moving in a very good way. But since the track of 26th September started, show lost its continuity.As per promos the show is about courtship period, professional and past life.But they directly show the wedding not the courtship period. And there are so many villains at the same time. And in every Hindu family, Diwali and Raksha bandhan is a very important festival but they forget to show that festival also due to this marriage track. I know it is shown or discuss from day 1 that KHKT is different from regular daily soaps. It is not a family drama. But I am disappointed from makers, editors for this thing. Even editing is very much disappointing. I don’t know what the reason is for all this. I am watching this serial due to actors because acting of all the actors is superb and up to the mark.

I had come to this conclusion after watching 106 episodes of KHKT. This is totally my point of view. I have no intention to hurt anyone sentiments. And the track of pre-nuptial agreements just my thinking to handle this track. May be someone can write better than me or makers had some better story to handle this track.



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Posted: 8 months ago

For me this serial is like any other .same drama with no realism whatsoever

Prenup they made a joke like who signs prenup between FIL and DIL ..also prenup is not legally valid in India as one practicing lawyer said in this forum 

Now marriage drama also a joke and typical ITV stuff and FL mahaan I'd like any other sxhit on itv

Just dipika kakkar is making me watch this show 

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