What Should contestants do?

Posted: 6 months ago
  1. Avoid Shukla to avoid getting hurt - but then Shukla will still come and do haathapayi with them and get in their faces, even if others avoid fighting with him
  2. Avoid tasks to avoid Shukla coming and fighting with them - but then BB will get angry that they are not participating in tasks and will reprimand or punish them
  3. Resist and stand up against Shukla when he comes to fight with them - but then they might get hurt cos Shukla cannnot or will not control his aggressiveness in tasks 
  4. Get hurt and complain to Bigg Boss - but then BB will only do kadi ninda or give some mild punishment to Shukla. Moreover the host Mr. Right - Salman khan will get defensive for Shukla and call others Nautanki.
  5. Get hurt by Shukla but keep participating in tasks while tolerating all injuries without complaining - cos this is the price you have to pay to sustain in BB13. 
  6. Chant Shukla ji ki jai. Min 3 times a day & Get enrolled into Arti's school of doormatiness. (but this would mean they have already lost the race of BB winner and all other tasks to Shukla ji, if they have the misfortune of being in Shukla's opponent team) . (Credit - SilentSilver )

Edit - kaafi soch vichar karne ke baad mujhe ek zabardast idea aaya hai (with a little help from Rukhi)

7. Do tasks but only for formality sake....without enthusiasm.... aur Shukla ke aate hi patli gali se nikal jao -  kam se kam jab tak bigg boss me rahoge tab tak safe rahoge aur zillat ke laddu bhi nahi khane padenge from host and BB himself...baki winner to wo already decide kar hi chuke hain smiley2

8. Emulate Rimi Sen in tasks, and become a Shukli outside of them - (credit- SP2684)

9. shud shift to shukla group & whoever fights with shukla, jump in between from shukla's side, stretch it & make it ur own fight , leave shukla aside. (credit - raam786) 

10. Sidekick ban jao like Asim...Shukla Dev ki kripadrishti sadev bani rahegi fir toh tum pe...not only will u be saved during nominations but also jab bhi kisi ka zyaada ho raha hai toh u can seek divine intervention of Shukla Dev n request him to thanda karo dat person on ur behalf (credit - TheBigTamasha) 

11 . work hard to satisfy shuklaji, big boss and salman. teeno ko ek hi time pe...amongst other things - read this post ( https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/post/151760143) for more details -  (credit - hasini009) 

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Posted: 6 months ago

Basically they should all just start doing shukla ka jagrata smiley37

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Posted: 6 months ago

Originally posted by AblazedEnigma..

Basically they should all just start doing shukla ka jagrata smiley37


something like what apologists say - if u cannot avoid it, enjoy it smiley9

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Posted: 6 months ago

Better option!

6. Hurt Shukla : Break his hand...give him a ligament tier. Slap him hard so that he gets maligned for life. Throw a bottle on his head so that he can recover from drug overdose. Or expose his drug/ sexual predatory behaviour so that he quits on his own.

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Posted: 6 months ago

They should all follow Rimi Sen and Prince Narula. Don't do anything. Khao , pio, jhagra karo and fake love story pakao. And during WKV put cotton bud inside their ears and say all together "jee hujoor: to Salman. Or act like Sana. In fact she is the best reply for Salman. If he asks question.........start never ending cry smiley19

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Posted: 6 months ago

Emulate Rimi Sen in tasks, and become a Shukli outside of them smiley14

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Posted: 6 months ago

As Shukla once said “Go home”

IMO they should wait until he does something and then retaliate. 

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Posted: 6 months ago

6.Chant Shukla ji ki jai. Min 3 times a day. 

7.Get enrolled into Arti's school of doormatiness. 

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