Himanshi is being the biggest babay


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Posted: 8 months ago

Let HK get nominated, then only will she do something... nominations gets the worst side of one... both are wrong, so why blame only one for all fiasco

If Sana started and had HK hadn't said anything or reacted and ignored her, then Sana would have been completely wrong...HK also said worst things on her character, so she isn't what she is trying to portray...

Sana good or bad is doing something in the show..HK is seen only crying in the Sana, she won't last long like this...just waiting for her to come in nomination to see how real and true is she

Sana has made her fan base who will stay with her till the end...she was entertaining at least used to bring smile with her antics in all fight episodes...

Not a fan or hater of Sana, she should play solo without being in any group, she should stand for herself and not let others take her for a ride....if she is good, public will save her

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Posted: 8 months ago

I agree with every one of your points you said in your post, I also think that Sana is the only real person in the house who's real compare to other people in the house and she said to Salman sir on the first or second week on Weekend ka Vaar that RashamI and Sid should try to get along or be friend with each other for the game and whatever problem they have with each other should remain outside or contervisery they have with each other shouldn't be discussed in the house just for the game and I think Shehnaz's game started when she left Paras side to join with Shukla after the first week to show people that how she's like when she makes fun of people in the house to prove to the audience that the contervisery that she had with Himanshi before she came to Bigg boss when she found out that Himanshi might enter Bigg boss house she wanted to show or prove her side of the story about her verbral fight that she had with Himanshi about what said in her comment or video by making fun of her song "I like it" and remember the gali she said to Shefali Bagga during the task when Dey said something to Sana when she started to irrite him and I think that Sana's game plan in the beginning that she wanted the audience to understand her side of the story that the reason she said something to Himanshi or how ugly the fight was between them was because Himanshi said or did something that made Sana go into depression for one year so that the audience could understand her better before Himanshi came into the picture and that's why she asked Sid that he won't leave her alone but instead he did leave her just because of a small misunderstooding when Sana slept on Paras bed which I hope that very soon they will be able to solve it before it's too late for them to patch up and be a group again with the Fanastic four group.

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Posted: 8 months ago

Among all Sana is the only one who speaks out without any filter. She says her views without hiding but for others it looks fake, I don’t know why? The most fakest ones are Bhau and Himanshi compared to other members.

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Posted: 8 months ago

shenaz and real? yeah okay..i was very moved by her crying last WKV..the way she bursted into a laughter in the middle of it..oh so genuine..she is the fakest celeb who ever was a part of BB..nothing genuine about her..himanshi may be fake or a baby..but she is 100 times more genuine when compared to a fake and bully like sana..i cannot believe people still cannot see through her fakeness..everyone knows who she is now..she could not even do her cute act properly when busted infront of everyone..

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Posted: 8 months ago

Why does Himanshi always try to portray as if she was so tortured? I think everyone believed Sana was wrong in all that controversy and they all supported Himanshi. She keeps trying to prove as if after coming to BB everyone got to know the 'real truth' and now she is grateful. smiley24

Sana should go back to being entertaining and stop being the damsel in distress. Noone is buying her rona dhona now so she should come all out and be what she really is- vamp or whatever. Atleast that way she can still be in the game.

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