My issue with Piansh love story

Posted: 6 months ago

You asked me Nikki why I couldn’t connect with Piansh. Like i said my problem first & foremost is Ansh. 

In the beginning they were complete strangers yet between them there was this slowly growing awareness like tempered fire whose temperature steadily kept rising. They were strangers but not quite. The only witness to their unspoken attraction was their song Saajna - A soulful melody. smiley42 Pure Magic ! Their feelings culminated in a very erotic back kiss. So chaste yet charged with eroticized fantasies. I remembered srk - madhuri... 

😞 And then you lost me at Ansh crashing Piya Naman’s wedding. Picture this you’re sharing a passionate gaze with this incredibly sexy guy across the room. And then he pushes you romantically against the wall. Cornering you he slams his hand on the wall behind you. You want to move but he arrests you with his smouldering gaze & the first words that come out of his mouth is... “ I don’t care that you stay, lekin tumhain yaha rehna hai Piya kyunki Maa chahati hai” 🤦🏻‍♀️

Huh ? Seriously your mom is the most romantic thing to you. That dialogue so wrong on so many levels. Total mismatch to the romantic tension you had there going. Real mood killer ! 

Other instances was when Mo turned Ved into stone. Before Ved could fall to the floor Ansh swoops in to romantically catch her in his arms & possessively gaze at her like she is his GF. I could clearly hear the director's instructions bts. 

That scene was so... 😞

Then to rescue his GF he crashes his second gf’s wedding. The one who actually loves him. Girl is waiting for the guy while she marries another man who she doesn’t want. Ansh did interrupt Naman Piya’s wedding but he did it for all the wrong reasons. It was clear as day he didn’t care a damn Piya was marrying another man, any man for that matter. Only that she come help mom. Like that jungle firefly scene didn’t happen. Not what I expect from a romantic hero.. 

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🙄  It didn’t exactly help Piansh’s fans tunnel vision by this time. I should have avoided the forum that time. I love romance as much the next person but if you ask me to have the same thing for breakfast, lunch & dinner every single day I will get bored. 

They were only interested in discussing Piansh & only Piansh. Every episode’s every scene’s merit was discussed on the amount of screen space Piansh got. If there was romance it was the best episode ever. If they got minimum screentime Nazar was thoroughly thrashed like it the worst serial in the world. Didn’t matter about other actors, tracks, vfx etc. Other topic discussions were virtually nonexistent. Other Piansh fans too got turned off by this. Speaking about the main topic for discussion Piansh. You needed to watch what you said lest you offended sentiments. Like walking on eggshells. Offscreen too tunnel vision was carried forward. In the cast’s group photos laser focus was on Harsh Niyati’s pairing like the other people in the photo didn’t exist. Itna craze toh mera Mo ka bhi nahi hai bhai ! Mind u I don’t get Mo every time in the serial either. 

Nazar gives balanced tracks. Not just the leads even supporting cast get their due. It has got everything for everyone. Someone’s looking for romance they get that, for family bonding, those looking for supernatural, stunts, for comedy, for Mo, for Daayans etc. Not just romance it’s a mixed bouquet of genres. Such shows are hard to come by. 300 + shows on itv these days are only about romance, so why can’t this show be embraced for it’s uniqueness ? Why insist on turning it the same like other shows. Even I don’t see it as purely a Mo show ! 

Bottom line : If u do Piansh bhajan 24 / 7 i will get pakaoed  !! 🍳 It’s not like I set my heart against Piansh. Yaar mujhe bhi mauka do to like them ! But i digress the other reason i lost interest was the other half of this relationship Piya. 

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Posted: 6 months ago

Most of the serial’s duration i found her character problematic. Pre wedding she rivalled even Ved in the ganga Jamuna dept 😭 😭 and that wide eyed look of innocence looked too artificial. I hate damsels in distress ! Thankfully post wedding she upgraded. Divya’s death gave her the necessary kick in the pants she needed. As Sarpika she was badass 😍. To be fair i did try to revive my interest in their romance. For a while i did succeed.... 

Post - leap she turned into a doormat. Had she accepted Ansh without a fight audience would have erupted. So they played it safe she was enough of a firebrand to appease the audience without doing anything to upset deeply problematic indian traditions. 

Case in point in 6 yrs she decided to separate from Ansh fine but throughout the separation including Ansh’s engagement she still wore the mangalsutra & sindoor. Neither did she move on. Whenever Ansh spewed his hate filled nonsense. She never interrupted just a hurt filled Ansh & went still. She even tried on occasions to prove her innocence to him. When she finally did tell him off she left him the kids rather than take them with her. The condition of her returning to motherhood was to accept being a wife first. During the namah track she said those terribly old fashioned dialogues about her swarg being her pati etc. In reality she never really stood up for herself.

Final nail in the coffin for me was how this relationship ultimately shaped up. To me they didn’t really have a solid foundation to build upon. Yes some of the times they showed trust, mutual understanding, teamwork etc. But mostly it looked like chemistry wala love b/w two incredibly good looking people. That’s all ! There’s nothing real about them. For me atleast. 

That’s why Nikki i found the romance quotient of Nazar boring. smiley26    By the time the suhaag raat epi finally came I skipped it entirely. 

Lastly to anyone reading this. I mean no offence to Piansh fans sentiments or any fans sentiments for that matter. The purpose of this post isn't intended to mock any fans sentiments. I just had some bottled up feelings & this is a safe place for me to vent. 

scarcity of topics 

needs too

expiry date 

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Posted: 6 months ago

Hey Alisha! This is quite an analysis on the lead couple. smiley32 You've got some patience. smiley32 Even I was curious to know about your points. smiley1

This is just what I thought about the entire scenario. Sorry, like you had to vent, I had to get it out of my system too. smiley36

I completely agree with providing SS to supporting characters. I won't point finger to this particular forum as I hadn't been here when the show aired. 

I believe romance has its own appeal but when you are showing other aspects be it positive or negative or grey, it just enriches the story. So I do applaud the makers for showing growth in Naman's character and making & giving us Team R. They are as essential for the story as 3D.  

But as much as I enjoyed Mo and Naman's prominence, I hated it when they vanished the cousins and reduced Ruby's character, specially when the actors were really good. So can't really say Nazar is unique. They have their favorite Ved and have been ghusofying her manhoos shakal in everything. The same way, they have overused Mo and even when I enjoy her acting, I feel she should have given a better and more logical storyline than the current one. 

Coming to PiyAnsh, I have a different opinion regarding them. 

Ansh gatecrashing Piya's wedding with Naman is in no way justified. That I totally agree with. But as much as I hate his unhealthy attachment with Ved, calling Ved his first GF and then running to catch her in a romantic way - this reference is a lot more unhealthy than the actual sequence was. 

About crushing her wedding, I do give Ansh some lease because he came to Piya's house to seek her help. He didn't come with a plan that he would abduct her or anything. But one mess followed after another. He saw Naman trying to kill GM, then he himself got attacked and finally to his horror, Piya was getting married to that same guy. Leave romantic feelings aside, if I had ever really cared for someone, I would have never let her get married to someone like Naman. Even at that point he tried to explain Piya everything until Naman and his goons attacked him. I couldn't expect more patience from a human also in such a situation specially when his mother was petrified. 

And coming to the second scene where Ansh said - Tum mar bhi jao, to bhi mujhe farak nahi padega - I actually blame Piya more than Ansh in that scene. 

The moment Ansh came in his human form he told Piya everything about their connection. Unlike Aman in Jinn, he didn't force Piya or gave her half information. He showed her, made his points and sincerely requested her to help his mother. And another thing which I loved was that even when he felt pull towards Piya, he kept control unlike typical MLs as he acknowledged his wedding with Ruby and wanted to honor it. He interfered only when he saw her with Naman.

You made this point in Jinn that you can't judge someone based on your life experience/baggage or by her family name. Piya did that exactly. In fact, she went one notch higher than Aman. She assured Ansh that she would help him or at least try. Even Ved told her about Mo being his mother and the impending danger on his life. But she continued to insult him saying he is a demon. When Ansh threw Nishant from the balcony, Piya said - I believed you to be a good person despite your blood line but you proved me wrong. If that's true, what's with her abusing words towards Ansh during Navratri or later when Ansh saved her from drowning, bringing his mother's nature over and over again? 

I have hated each scene where Ansh grabbed Piya's hand or pushed her as I am against any sort of manhandling. But that applies to both parties. You can't expect a guy to be SHARIF when you are insulting him again and again. Ansh's outburst made total sense there. Only I wish he didn't push her and left after saying - go and die, I don't care. 

Now, the points regarding Piya. 

Like you, even I hate a damsel in distress and absolutely loved her in her Sarpika avtar. She became fierce after Divya's death which is quite unfortunate.

But I don't think she was ever really a damsel in distress. She was always straightforward. Be it with Ruby or the girls at her college, even with Ansh - she spoke her mind. Now from a normal girl in regular life I don't expect more spunk than that. 

Her becoming timid then was unfortunate. But specific incidents or traumas can change your personality forever. 

I have always loved Kashibai's dialogue from Bajirao Mastani - Paraye logo se kya shikayat, ghav to apnoki jyada chubte hain.

Apart from GM, Ansh had been the only person who had shown her kindness and promised her to help in finding her mom. So imagine the shock when that same person mocked her for believing him and then later when she was publicly humiliated with GM. At that point, she didn't even know about her powers. Then Mo attacked GM in front of her and she couldn't save her. These sort of things are bound to scar you. And once you lose belief in yourself, no one can help you. 

Divya's death unfortunately was the most devastating shock of Piya's life which brought her spunk back. Because that was the only way she could teach a lesson to the murderer of her mother. 

About Piya being the typical FL - that is one point where I completely disagree with you. 

In real life, people do need closure. And let's face it, hatred brings misery and nothing else. There was this beautiful dialogue in Grey's Anatomy that - Hating someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Post leap, Piya wished for letting go off her anguish or complaints for Ansh because that only prevented her from moving on. So when she saw Ansh, she was the one to start the conversation. And I think only someone very immature like - most of the MLs out there, would try to show off arrogance and happiness in such an occasion where you can actually end all the MUs. It won't return you your lost time but will definitely give you the much needed closure and help you move on. So what's wrong in it if she tried to clarify she wasn't married? Because once she saw Ansh's reluctance to accept the truth, she didn't try to give him any justification anymore.

When they were both in the jeep, at that point no sane person would continue her drama of being happy and lying to the person in front because let's face it, they were gonna die.

About leaving RiAd, I don't think it was typical FL. Because in ITV, motherhood is the most coveted thing and she practically sacrificed that also because that was held against her. 

Again directing to Grey's Anatomy - Amelia helped fostering Leo but when she realized her association with the boy would provide her ex husband a free pass for intruding in her life, who by the way, was a complete douche and manchild; she removed her name from the legal documents as it was her ex-husband who applied for adoption in the first place. 

So I fail to see where Piya has been a typical Indial FL who would bow down before family pressure and kids' demand. She needed time and she cut the last string which was keeping her connected to that family of assholes. 

Besides, mothers' love has no boundary. But as an outsider you can see where the kids are wrong and from logical point of view, should taste their own medicine. 

Adi yearned for Piya. But he didn't leave Ansh because that's the person who has always been there for him. Did Pari do that? Piya told her to stay and she stayed. She didn't utter one word that she can't live without her or anything. She chose a complete family over her only parent and rather asked her to join. 

So if Piya cut ties with that brat, how does that stem from her desire to be Ansh's wife? Ansh and the family had already accepted her. She didn't need to pretend.

About being regressive in the Namah episode, I have different opinion. The heart wants what the heart ones. It's our brain that helps us to take the logical decision. She was literally dead at that point. There, she didn't have to prove a point to Ansh or make him realize his mistake.

She was in front of her creators and she was being completely honest. You could see, she didn't hesitate when she said her kids and family but stammered a bit before saying Ansh. She didn't say her husband. 

In the afterlife, we all want to be surrounded by our loved ones and she did love Ansh. In life, she couldn't accept his betrayal but after her death she didn't have to prove anything to anyone. In front of her creator, she took the names of everyone she loved and who made her complete. She didn't say the golden word PATI. She took the name of the love of her life whom she couldn't replace with anyone, even after all those years. So I fail to see the regressiveness here. 

We don't have to agree on everything. In fact, even though I love them for their growth as a whole, you can definitely have different opinion and we can always agree to disagree. But had to write the reply to get it out of my system. Otherwise it would have bugged me for quite some time. smiley36

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Posted: 6 months ago

I have similar issue with every Gul show - right from Arnav marrying Khushi for the sake of his sister to Ishqbaaz Shivay - Anika case which is similar to the former to Happy show to recent Jinn show where he married for the sake of his mother! 

Gul doesnt care for her heroines self esteem. Only heroes' growth and progression. 

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Posted: 6 months ago

I won't elaborate much on the Piansh moments since it has already been discussed threadbare.My take is a bit different here.Like every other telly couple Piansh had their romantic/separation and Contradictory fights between them.There were times when either Ansh or Piya both were on the right side during their argument or fights as a couple.But if u compare the two Ansh arrives at conclusions/or forms opinions without hearing the other side with Piya doing the balancing act of being the logical one.Perhaps its a trait inherited from her father or training of Gurumaa.Wedding with Ansh and the coming of Aadi into her life allowed Piya to move beyond the cycle of hatred since revenge is always a double-edged sword.Besides Mo was too cunning and evil to be either stopped/killed by Piya.Her death by Trishul through Aadi was not even enough to.stop her.

Getting back to Piansh Piya took the right decision in holding her own ground after her innocence was proved after 6 long years though after death she got reunited wth her husband/lover Ansh.No couple is perfect and Piansh is no exception inspite of being a supernatural couple.Even Shivaay was same like Ansh being judgemental till proved wrong by Anika.And then like every other ML they want their love any cost.Ansh might have felt attraction towards Piya but it took time to form the bond of love between Piansh.As for Ansh behaving cold/aloof towards Piya he was unsure or ignored his feelings taking his duty of being Mummy-da-Puttar which he is still now.In just today's episode only Ansh broke down with the absence of our Vedu.But can't be ignored that Vedu loved Ansh like her own son unlike Mohana when earlier on the forum some people were behaving like blind Mohana fans at the beginning of this serial casting Vedu as the vamp with Mohana being the good one inspite of her vile acts.I liked Mohana too but due to her being the vamp.She's the supernatural Komolika of Nazar always trying to either create trouble or separate Piansh for 6 years with her dirty Divorce trick.Just now she's gonna get a new grandfather for Pari-Aadi in the form of Angad.So a 250 old Daayan gonna marry again and Piya would have 2 Father in laws. smiley37smiley37smiley37

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Posted: 6 months ago

Nushy TeenRose will reply when i get my energy back

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Posted: 6 months ago

Okay, I absolutely love the initial episodes and Piansh scenes in those episodes... They were actually fun to watch. My favourite track has always been the college trip track... That was when Ansh actually realised Pia's emotions regarding her mother... 

Coming to that back kiss... Well, to be honest I didn't watch that episode but yes, I watched that scene. Although, I found it too random.

Now, Ansh crashing Pia and Naman's wedding... Well, I think he didn't intend to crash the wedding but when he saw Naman trying to kill his mother and then attacked him and tied him up, it possibly increased his anger... And probably it was also his desperation to save his mother...

Then that scene when Ansh blocks Pia against the wall... To be honest, I disliked that scene. But, if Ansh was responsible for that, then Pia was also equally responsible... Ansh had already told her earlier everything but still she continued to call him a threat... I guess this increased Ansh's anger and he said those words... Although here I agree that Pia trusted Naman because he was her childhood friend and she had no reason to doubt him... Besides, she also thought that no son would be evil enough to kill his own mother...

But yes, I was slightly annoyed with his choice of words... The way he said that he wouldn't care even if Pia dies, it gave the impression that he only cared for her till she could help them... But then he was actually really distressed remembering those words... That look on his face when he realised what he had said...

Well, I don't agree with what you said regarding Ved... After all, Ansh loves his mom like God.... So, it was natural that he will be devastated to see her in such a state...

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