What BULL!!!

Posted: 8 months ago

Of the highest order was Salman going on about Shukla of all the people being a masoom target??? I mean seriously? Does Salman and BB team even know the meaning of "target"?? That bully of a saand (sorry but that is what he looks and behaves like in the entire show, my apologies to the poor animal for defaming its name for this creature) 

Target my foot!! Was Mahira targeting that ill-mannered uncouth when she was just behaving very normal with him in that whole veggie cutting scenario while he was being his normal douche self? nahi aap bhi kaate mere male ego ke saath beth ke sabzi woh mujhe akele kaantne nahi deta...isliye mujhe ungli kerni hai phir victim victim khelna hai!!

Mahira was doing the task just like he was coming in the other teams path to take the boxes their team was throwing to them in which even Paras finger got hurt!! matlab agar larki tune force se gira bhi di Paras ki ungli tune tor bhi di toh itni decency toh rakh ke unko sorry bol de but ulta he makes fun of them that oh ungly toot gayi oh gir gayi...bullshit!

Was Paras targeting him??? when he was not even talking to that saand (again sorry to the animal) when Bhau was asking him about the food in the kitchen and he from no where started poking his nose in between for no god damn reason by mocking him sitting on the floor with his nautanki and laughing like a maniac while Paras was not even seeing him? kyonki ungli kerni hai phir victim play kerna hai!!

Was Devo targeting him when she was very decently putting across her point while duties were being discussed and she addressed her concern to Shefali and not that saand but he as usual with his nose jumped in and started calling her Roti chor and started barking???? kyonke baad mein masoom victim banana haina!!!

Or when even infront of you on WKW he was constantly making faces and nodding his head like a bobble head mockingly whenever someone was putting their point across he doesn't like...like when Devo was talking...was she targeting him then too huh Salman????

Were the girls in that Saanp seerhi task even did anything to him and that he from no where came and started breaking their ladders just because Paras broke his...and then started playing victim when they stood with each other like a shield against this 105 kilo ka frustrated Bhalu (sorry to this animal again too but this was coined by Dey himself and very aptly at that) cause he was charging and shouting, pushing and putting his force against them while being hurt by him...tabhi bhi wohi usko target kerke uske pass aarahi thi na??? kyonke woh handsome hi itna hai ke girls just can't resist him!!!

I mean who are these people kidding??? BB team and Salman with their biased narrative of poor Shukla the victim...game sirf Trps ki hai jo yeh saand tum logo ko de raha hai and just for making more bucks you immoral shit heads are egging on this monster to be worst week after week!!

mana ke you people are paying them but just to churn out more money you think you people can fool people with this shit "Shukla the victim" narrative and twist everything in his favor to give him more push to be even worst cause show toh shukla chala raha haina..toh do isko trophy aur khatam kero drama!!! 

But please stop breaking a girl who refuses to be bullied, not making him a target but refuses to be his target...he can do anything poke his everywhere when someone else is talking, walking or minding their own business, by mocking them constantly on their opinion by being disrespectful then be it even that simple man Khesari..who was just very civilly talking to him...kya woh bhi usko target ker raha tha??

Cut this crap already!! We are not blind and yes Salman log sab bahar dekh raha hai woh nahi what you people are trying to show and what actually is happening in this shit biased show! But then again what can you expect a bully supporting a bully!

I mean I was so pissed watching yesterdays show and felt like flipping off Salman and BB team constantly while watching that bull in disbelief...seriously F**k off to BB team!

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Posted: 8 months ago

I just agree.. now some one mail this to salman n BB team

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Posted: 8 months ago

Originally posted by gpsingh1999

I see the term bully get thrown around a lot when it comes to Siddarth but when did he ever bully anyone? Yeah I agree he’s aggressive and can’t control his temper but when was he a bully?

The instances I have written above aren't proof enough for you of his bullying nature? He is just not aggressive and a person who cannot control his anger, he tries to intimidate people by coming right in front of their faces and screams on top of his lungs regardless whatever gender is in front of him...He knows he has more strength and he uses it in full force against the person knowing very well that he can hurt the other person and then instead of being apologetic he makes fun of them and mocks them that oh I hurted you and then laughs like a lunatic at them...that's a text book bully behavior...what's stopping you from seeing all this? 

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Posted: 8 months ago

Originally posted by SiddJ

I just agree.. now some one mail this to salman n BB team

They all very well know it and they strategically are narrating and twisting things, manipulating everything in their favor and profit...cause all what matters to them are TRPs and money...then be it at the cost of breaking people mentally..then be it in the favor of a douchebag!! Who Cares you know!!

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Posted: 8 months ago

Honestly Salman's head is so far up Shukla's a** he can see out of his mouth. Every day target target target. Shut up.

And yes he is a bully. He has been after Mahira for over a week now for no reason. Until she lays down to be his footstool he'll continue.

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Posted: 8 months ago

Strength is not in what you can do with it...but how you can control it and knowing when to stop...I am baffled by this "You know that he can hurt you so it's your fault that you even dared to exist near him" like What the actual F**k!!

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Posted: 8 months ago

Bang on smiley32 agree wid each n every point smiley20 no one's targeting him...in fact isko ungli karne ki badi aadat hai n when d saamnewala reacts toh shuru ho jata hai iska mock n smirk drama...n ab toh self-victimazation bhi shuru ho gaya...awwal darje ka bully hai n rahega hamesha smiley11smiley11smiley11

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