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Epi 172 ...MEGA EPISODE ....Mishti to expose Mehul

Mehul blackmails Mishti n traps her in a hut when she decides to expose him ....Mehul asks Zabir to sign som elegant papers 

Episode begins with Mishti frantically messaging Abir to come to Rajgarh to meet her ... she had not informs anyone about her coming to RG ..

At RH Mehul is having Abir’s phone n he decides to delete all Mishti’s messages before Abir saw them .. ...he floats he was an old hand at these game sn he would always win how much ever Mishit tries .. 

At MH hKuhu is worried n tells BM that Mishit was still missing , put every one in trouble .. BM wonders how to tell BP about all this !! Kuhu suggests she use Abir’s phone to track  Mishti to locate her .Kuhu accuses BM of giving Mishti too much freedom . They decide to keep the RAjwansh family involved until Mishti arrived ..

At RH Meenu does Aarti n Naanu prays that they get over all hurdles form zabir n the family ..Parul too performs Aarti n prays  for Abir’s safety .. Meenu gives Aarti to Abir n confesses that she had lied to her children to protect them .. she did everything as their mother to protect them .,she couldn’t  apologize for being their mother ..she gives him Shagun ka tikka from Shagun ki thaali from his sasuraal ..

They find Mehul missing .. Jugnu hands a letter from Mehul to Abir statin the will meet him at his sasuraal ...he had surprise for him .. Meenu worries about Mehul’s move  

Mishti is leaving RG with Lalita in her car ..they discuss about Parul being Mehul’s wife .. Lalita asks if she was sure Parul would be there where they were thinking ..Mishti assures n asks her to reveal everything to Abir herself ...next moment Their car tyre is punctured by nails placed on the road .. soon on the deserted highway near forest ... they get scared as goons brandishing sticks n bats surround round them ..the windows of the car are smashed .. Mishti then finds there is no network on the phone ... fakes a call to police .. to temporarily divert the goons .. Mishti n Lalita escape from the car n run to save themselves from goons .. the goons give them a chase ... she is surrounded by the goons but she confronts them with brandishing a sickle ..she is assisted by some village women who were working in the fields .. they tog confront n surround the goons .. they help Mishti escape ... 

At MH Kuhu asks BM to hide her frown ... Jasmeet questions on her delay in getting ready .. Varsha reminds Kunal had made them wait on his wedding day and they all had waited . this time every one will wait for the bride..BM n Kuhu agree.... BM, Jasmeet n Kuhu , Varsha together plan grand welcome for Rajwanshis while KuRaj wonder how to hide the fact that Mis was missing ..She fakes a smile n performs Aarti n Tilak to Abir .... then Kuhu then keeps them busy with weighing Abir n give away gifts equal to his wt to Asha Kiran NGO ... for the needy n those affected by Floods . Rajwansh family likes this idea n praise her .. Meenu asks Mishti to start the shubhkarya .. ..RajKuhu worried but Kuhu states Bride would take some time ..so why not begin shubhkarya by BM ..

Ahir is being weighed ..he asks about Mishti ..if she was OK as he feels something was amiss .. Kuhu smiles n starts weighing Abir .. they wait for Mehul .. Shaurya gifts a sewing machine for NGO ... 

On the highway Mishti reaches the place that Abir (Mehul) had messaged her to reach ... as Mishti reaches there she calls him up .. she hears Abir’s ring tone coming from a nearby hut ., as she reaches there to look for Abir  she is thrown inside n locked up .. she is shocked to find it is Mehul .. he takes away her phone .. he taunts her about her state on the day of her gordhana .. Mishti is proud of herself ..Mehul asks her to be good bahu n remain silent .. Mishti retorts back that she wasn’t one of those bahus who were scared of their FILs n remained silent .,she would do anything to save Abir from the fraud Mehul was doing to send Abir to jail instead of Mehul .. Mishti alleges that she had so much respect for Mehul but he fell in her eyes ..he did he return ?? Just for his selfish greed for his had come wealth ?? Mehul taunts that even her own father had done the same with her BM ? Mishti then laments that there should be an exam to test people before producing children ..the likes of Mehul should not have rights to produce children ..

Fathers are supposed to protect their children but he was using Abir  to gain some wealth .. Mehul shuts  her up n confronts her for daring to confront Her sasur  ....a goon grabs Mishti ... .. Mishit screams for help Bachao bachao !!... right then Mehul gets a phone call from shaurya ... . as Mehul takes the call he hears Mishti’s voice screaming for help .. he asks Mehul if everything was ok ?? Was some one shouting for help ?? BM is with shaurya . she remembers Mishit telling her that Mehul was not the guy he posed to be .. 

Mehul lies about his location ....assuring he was on the way .reaching soon ... after gagging Mishti ,, .. he then plays Abir’s shayari on her phone .. Mishit gets upset... Mehul smirks as he states how Abir would be arrested for the crime Mehul committed .. they tie up Mishti with ropes ..whole she keeps fighting n protesting ..she shouts if he cared for Parul n Kunal ..or was he using them for his selfish motives too .,Mehul states that this was the first chapter n he was using only Abir n Meenu .. next time he will use new characters for his next game .. orders the goons to keep her locked up until he messaged him ... they leave . Mishti  screams for Abir ... 

at MH Abir senses something amiss ..he misses Mishti’s phone calls .. he demands pic of Mishti while she was getting ready .. they worry how to tell BP a about this .

BM then reveals to Kuhu how Mishti suspected Mehul was into some crime n was plotting against Abir so she had gone to find out .. BM then notices both Mishti n Mehul were missing .. 

Kuhu is shocked to learn Mishit was busy with her jasoosi on Abir’s dad on her own gordhana day !! How heart broken Abir would be to know this !! BM asks Kuhu to do some cheating ..n assure Abir that all was OK with Mishti .. Kuhu assures n BM hugs Kuhu ... Kuhu is sure  Mishit would fight all odds n reach back ... 

at the hut Mishti tries to untie herself n falls with the chair .. she screams .. 

at MH Abir senses something was amiss n Mishti was screaming for help .. Kunal comes n they share candy cigarettes .. Abir shares his worries with Kunal .. he wanted to see Mishti once .. Abir is relieved as Kunal decides to check on Mishti 

Mishti says her suspicions on Mehul proved to be right ..his baba wa alike her Baba .. she did not allow her baba to win .. she will not let his baba win either ..she struggles to free herself ..cutting the ropes by rubbing against a stone .. .. 

Kuhu is busy fotoshopping Mishti’s pic to show Abir ... Kunal is about to enter the room .. Kuhu shuts the door on his face ..Kunal complains about shutting  the door on his face .. she scolds him for trying to enter girls room .. Kunal then shouts that he was entering his wife’s room ..then stops n ponders over his claim that she was his wife .. ... both KuKu have moments of pondering over their rishtaa . Kuhu then scolds him As he enters n fakes she was trying to zip up  her blouse back n seeks His help in zipping up 

 .. Kunal apologises n feels shy for barging into  her room while she was dressing up ..  

Kunal is extremely awkward n embarrassed as he zips up blouse back n ties blouse dori .. 

Meenu performs Aarti n gives Abir Aarti n blessings .. Abir smiles with Meenu n touches her feet .. Mah family then take Aarti from meenu .. they all  begin group dance.. on the song ...”..kabhi Khushi kabhi gam ... “ Rajshri too joins in singing songs emotionally 

they pose for group fotos ... Kunal is shaken ..literally gobsmacked ...by his romantic close encounter with Kuhu ..n can’t get over it .. while Abir senses his Mishti was in trouble .. 

at The hut Mishit sets fire to the hut n escapes .... hits the goons with rod when they enter . then locks them up in that same hut n she escapes from the hut .....Runs n runs ....she seeks lift from a truck passing by .. 

At MH all are stunned to see  Mehul at the en trance .. Meenu is shocked n fumes ...BM wonders if Mehul was here where was Mishti ?? Jasmeet is happy to see Mehul n states Mishti was still getting ready .. Shaurya wants to know where was he n what surprise he had planned for Abir ?? Mehul then declares he had accepted Abir’s ideas of reducing the rift in their family ..  Mehul had got documents readied by the lawyer to get Abir’s name changed ... Abir is surprised ..Meenu, Parul n Naanu are shocked .. ..Shaurya n Vishambar are skeptical about this move .. ,meenu interrupts .. today was MisBir’s day .. all these legal matters could be completed next day ..also they were marrying a Mishti to Abir ., not to Abir Rajwansh or Abir Kapadia ... Abir agrees n so does Kuhu ,,Mehul feels disappointed ..n states he was just giving Abir his gordhana gift ..

Shaurya suggests they begin GD rasams .. He asks Varsha to accompany him n escort Mishti for GD .. Mehul smirks that Mishti was not present here how would they get her n do GD rasam !!

precap   for Monday ..

Abir demands to be taken to Mishti right away ... all rush to Mishti’s room .. they find Abir n ask where was Mishti ?? Mehul smirks with evilness ... but his smirk disappears as Mishti appears looking pretty in her pink lehenga  choli fully ready ... n looks at Mehul n declares she was here n perfectly OK ... 

Mehul is stunned .. 

later a Mishti assures Abir she will tell him the entire truth after GD .. Abir becomes worried ..  Mehul starts plotting how to stop Mishti from revealing anything to Abir ... 

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Insta par precap aagaya. No mishbir scenes today.


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Thank God Mishti reaches safely .. Monday we can see MisBir dance smiley42

Posted: 5 days ago

Originally posted by Sutapasima

Thank God Mishti reaches safely .. Monday we can see MisBir dance smiley42

Suta thank you for the thread n update dear smiley31smiley31

there is still meenu mish milan naa so dance mostly on tuesday only i think dear smiley42

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Originally posted by Onyourface

"Hum aurton ko kamzor mat samjho..agar hum ek moothi ho jaaye toh hum kuchh bhi kar sakte hain" 

Loved that scene... and hats off to mishti's presence of mind in the car scene smiley32smiley32

Abir saying dialogues sitting on weighing scales looks damn funny smiley37

Rhea was awesome today! Looked so real!! 👏🏼👏🏼

Aaj Mish ko bahadoor bana diya aur Abir ko tarazoo main tol diya smiley36

When they said we will finish this when Mehul comes, I was scared if Abir was going to remain in the scale the whole episode! I was like common man, get out of that silly thing 🤪🤣🤣

But Mish fighting those tagda goons reminded me of... smiley36


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