Is blindly supporting one group Colors’s recipe for a hit season?

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Posted: 6 months ago

We all know that Colorstv’s bigg bosses believe that the recipe to a super successful BB season is controversy. Now if the inmates themselves can’t provide much controversial content, what would the channel babus do? 

I think the channel and the producers are themselves cooking controversies by blatantly siding with one group of inmates over the other group. They are driving their narrative of painting one group as white and another as black by editing both the audio and video content to be aired and instructing the host to behave in a certain manner. Although in reality both the groups are shades of gray like everyone of us. 

This strategy is obviously making the supporters of the group that has been painted white very happy and more devoted to the show. I am sure this group must simply chosen as white simply because it had a stronger PR mechanism. The PR now would not just promote their clients, but will also prop the channel, producers, and the host who are promoting their clients as saints.

While the part of viewers who are either supporters of the other group that is being portrayed as black/evil or who dislike this blatant favoritism would raise their voice against the practice. Thereby also promoting the show. As they say any publicity is good publicity.

Please share your perspectives too.

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Posted: 6 months ago

Agreed! some very good points! 

This time there is enough content, and that's why things aren't being cleared out like in the previous seasons where they would discuss everything that happened in depth; this way the contestants used to know what's going on outside the house and how the audience is perceiving everything. 

Whitewashing one side ensures that the same behaviour continues and dynamics don't change much so the same content keeps coming cuz that's what the contestants are made to think. 

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Posted: 6 months ago

That’s interesting and I agree that the BB team doesn’t want to change the dynamics as every week’s tasks have the same team divisions.

So they probably want the “white” group’s leader to continue his theatrics. But if the “black” group ladies stop retaliating per the host’s instructions, there would nothing be left controversial, isn’t it? So they must be sure that the black group ladies won’t stop their actions irrespective of what the host instructs them to do or however the planted callers bash them.

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Posted: 6 months ago

If the bahus stopped, they won't be seen. Bad publicity is still publicity.

Hina Khan despite being bashed and given the tag of vamp still managed to come 2nd. 

Gauahar won the show! (But honestly everyone outside the house, except the script writers, were on her side that season smiley36)

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