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SPM ~My Musings~8.11.19 Friend’s forever..

The episode touches upon the virtue of  friendship. One strong feeling that stems from affection and concern towards another person. Madhav Sharma was brought into the story to bring about a slight conflict between Saltanat/Zaroon’s Sufiyana love and fulfilment of a deep friendship between Madhav and Saltanat. Friendship between Madhav and Saltanat is seen to be ,pure and Platonic in nature. Friendship in kinship, is seen in Saltanat and Zaroon’s, strong concern for Neelam. Friendship also arose between Zaroon and Saltanat initially, which later culminated in deep attraction that gave birth to their Sufiyana love. Yet again it was their friendship, that clears the misunderstanding between Zaroon and Madhav regards Saltanat’s connection with  Madhav..It’s kinship friendship  with Neelam, that motivates  both Saltanat and Zaroon to set up her alliance  with  Madhav. Will their efforts bear fruit?

It's friendship and what Krish and Madhav mean to Saltanat that makes Zaroon act undercover and beat Rupali in her evil game . It’s deep understanding between each other, that makes Saltanat realize that Zaroon was not being secretive about his plans to save both Madhav and Krish.Their lies harmony of trust between this husband and wife and Zaroon’s sit ups punishment from Saltanat ,for keeping things from her.. ends up being a romantic comic happy moment for both !

Madhav is clear about what he wants and thus packs his bags to leave this city to spare his son further trauma of bad memories like, Rupali episode, Sneha Jugal split up. For Indu it becomes the time when this mother, has to let go of her only son and grandson. For them to explore pastures anew! She throws in the last ploy which might curb Madhav from leaving. In a way  it was good she threw this in, as we find out about  Madhav’s thoughts about true love.. not just meaning it’s fruition, but rather carrying it within one’s self as  good memories.  That  provide joy rather than  regret of losing or getting failure in love. Madhav is sure he will remain in Saltanat’s  memory as a sincere friend.That in itself for Madhav is fulfilment enough, of his unrequited love.Krish over hears his father and the trauma of one more emotional displacement bothers him.. Madhav is right when he puts Krish’s welfare taking him away from this place..As a father he wants stability in his impressionable age son’s life.

The dargah is finally referred to in the story line, when Rubina wants Nadeem to accompany her to offer prayers of thanks giving for their children Saltanat and Zaroon’s happiness..

Saltanat’s deep kinship friendship withNeelam wants the best for her. She tries to persuade  Neelam to visit  Madhav and she’ll persuade  Madhav to accept her.. Neelam is right whenshe tells her keen cousin Saltanat, that even though Rupali is now out of thepicture.. It’s her that  Madhav always hadfeelings for and feelings cannot be changed or manipulated.. Just likecircumstances couldn’t change how Saltanat and Zaroon felt for each other..Butstubborn Saltanat still wants to give getting Neelam and  Madhav together, a shot! All the more whenKrish rings Saltanat and tells her about his father leaving the city!

Saltanat rushes with Neelam to stop Madhav from leaving..Somehow she senses that Madhav may be leaving because of his unrequited love for her!  Once again,she challenges the stereotypical concept thought in their traditional society, that a man and woman cannot share a strong friendship connection! She wants to celebrate her pure friendship with Madhav.. As his friend, Saltanat would rather he left if he has to go, with a feeling that he  has not lost a friend, but rather gained a friend forever! Saltanat recalls her past connections with both Krish and  Madhav.. losing them as friends will make her feel low..  Madhav too recalls many past memories with Kashish.  He consoles himself emotionally, as her friend he is not empty ,but rather.. Loaded with his friend’s happy memories..

They were not meant to meet. Madhav was determined to leave. Both Neelam and Saltanat were meant to face a closed padlocked door! of  Madhav’s  house! But the best bit of the episode is when love for Saltanat and friendly concern for Neelam’s sentiments, makes Zaroon bring back  Madhav and Krish for a proper farewell  between Saltanat and  Madhav.. Zaroon knows both need to part if they must, as friends forever!  celebrating a life-long friendship!!

The episode had substantial content. It reiterates the importance of love and friendship.. We see both virtues somewhat overlap each other.. Saltanat is melancholic. She tends to conclude that her love for Zaroon has failed her friendship with Madhav.. Neelam’s view is reasonable that relationships that we forge with others do not depend on the presence or absence of the one we care for.. The connection continues to thrive on a pure and spiritual level, rather than a physical one! The episode does not end without Krish asking curious questions from his dost didi.. he wants to know how love  differentiates from friendship?? Saltanat gives a fun-filled reply.. love can happen any time with any one! Whereas, friendship has to be started… to Krish’s child like mind, if love can happen any time with anyone? Then does dost didi love his dad??? It nearly cracked up!! approaching  Madhav can  see his boy has the same clout as him!! 9.11.19.hamlet53..

Precap: Zaroon gives Saltanat and Madhav.. Space and time to say..till we meet again….

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