Jaane Ye Kya Hua - A TaaRey SS (Completed)

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Hello, I just completed Khamma Ghani and guess I'll be posting this now. It's supposed to be a light story with few parts..

Here's the banner that looks half decent because of Shweta's training, long way to go but filhaal I'm kind of happy with how it has come out.. (Thankyou Sweeta❀️😘❀️)


So here comes Chapter 1: Mai bas pura din chillati hu, party karti hu aur socialise karti hu!

So this dating app has a few prompts for your bio, mentioned in bold, and what Taani and Rey completed it with is sprinkled throughout the chapter in italics.


"Hi" his phone pinged. Cringing at it in response he realises that he hadn't put on silent the notifications from this app and proceeded to do it. He reads the message,

"Kyu jhoome hai gagannn.."

He was confused. Nevertheless his mind continued with the rest of the song and he remembered a bit from his own bio:-

I'll brag about you to my friends if you can sing along to 90s bollywood with me. Kyu chalti hai pawannnn..

Smiling, he replied,
"Kyu machalta hai mannn"

"Ye toh tum aur mai dono jaante hai Rey, do beautiful log baat karenge toh man toh machlega hi ;)"

Woah woah woah! This girl was fast! And not to forget, quite cheesy.. oh cheesy, bam this was the girl! He'd read her bio.

An overshare would be that I am extremely cheesy, like four cheese pizza cheesey, like I'm so gouda(t) it, that I have ricotta breaking pick up lines. You might get feta(p) of what you are reading so out of formality, I'll just lie that I'm funnier in reality. Aha! Now you can't complain that I didn't warn you <3

This was the girl with the extremely long bio. Who even uses so many words and emoticons? She seemed so random that he couldn't not like her account. She had liked him back and was texting. Interesting!

"That's... flattering?"

"Ha matlab mere liye toh hai, tum apna dekhlo :D "

He smiled amused, and replied,

"Shouldn't you be like flattering me? Isn't this a dating app? Or did I just reach a browser for helping narcissists feel worthy?"

"What is love on dating apps, but a bunch of narcissists flattering someone else to feel worthy?"

First of all deep philosophy
And second, love?
So you're here for love, huh?"

"Actually I'm just here for you, love.."

Every line of hers was adding to the flush on his face.. she continued with,

"Hey don't mind ha! I'm a serial flirter. I even talk to my friends like this, but if you have a problem I'll stop."

He breathed a sigh of relief.

"Maybe for now?"

She smiled at his message, if he said for now, it was kind of a subtle hint that he wanted this to last a while.

"By for now I mean just this conversation. Thoda weird hai bina aur koi baat kiye itni taareef sunna.."

Maybe not that long a while afterall! She expected too much and too soon.

"Whenever you're ready!" She replied and thought of the line in his bio that had had intrigued her,

A life goal of mine is to travel the world with my dance crew.

Dancer huh?
Your bio said introvert and then dancer so that was intriguing"

"As in?"

He asked hoping she wasn't another one of those people who stereotyped introverts as scaredy cats.

"Oh just, expressing through gestures is very extrovert stuff and it tends to come to them naturally. I had read that Introverts generally have to try harder for it isliye."

"Kaunsa fraud WhatsApp forward hai ye?"

She was gone for a while, longer than what was an average gap in a chat. Haha was she embarassed that he called her out on her weird generalisation?

"Ooh you're right!, I don't exactly remember where I saw that but I got a lot of contrasting information right now!"

"As in?"

"Kuch articles padhe, by dancers, some reddit posts, a few confessions.."

"Did you just research introverted dancers?"

"Haha ye toh bas general reading up thi, research keliye I'll have to verify all of this.."

Her precise answer made him curious,

"You into academia?"

"Yeah I really like research!"

"Extrovert hote hue bhi?" He asks cheekily,

"Nahi nahi, Mai bas pura din chillati hu, party karti hu aur socialise karti hu!" He sensed her sarcasm and laughed.

"That's more like it."

"Ye toh tumne definitely WhatsApp pe hi padha hoga, in one of your family groups ka preachy messages advocating introversion."

"Haha my family doesn't advocate introversion!"


"Yeah they basically forced me into it. We don't talk at all you know, we just sit in a corner, reading our own books, avoiding human contact. Infact we don't even have a WhatsApp group!"

"1) This is officially the longest unbroken message you have sent.
2) Sheesh! Such stereotyping! And who doesn't have WhatsApp groups in 2019?!
3) Let's change the topic before you stereotype me for being a Psychology major and talking so much about personality types."

"Point noted."

Noted? Who even said that in normal conversation!

She rechecked his bio only to come across,

I want someone who is willing to teach and learn with me.

"Dude, so what do you mean by teach and learn with you?"

I guess just explore new stuff, share what we're passionate about like things and subjects and experiences.
Just meaningful conversations I guess.."

"Haha I agree
I'm doing my masters right now and will definitely go for a PhD as well. What's the fun in life if we're not learning something new everyday na?"

"Well said Dr. Taani" he responded, impressed.

"Haila! Don't embarass me this sounds so good but Dilli abhi door hai"

"Haila bologi toh aur door hojaegi. Are you sure you're not from Mumbai?"

Her bio did say so,

Best travel story.. this one time I went to Thane..haha sorry. I've become a complete Mumbaikar and so the Thane humour. Settling down in Mumbai is my best travel story, my favourite part being that the journey hasn't ended yet!

"Didn't grow up here literally, but in a sense I did actually grow up here.."

"And we're back to philosophy!"


"Haha gotta go now, catch you later!"

"You know you offer a lot of chances for me to flirt but I'm gonna keep it in check.
See ya!"

He smiled, closing the app and walked out of his house. This was fun!


This one's short, even by my standards but it's just supposed to function as part introduction, part a not very awkward but still a little repetitive first conversation. So, how many introverts here and how many rowdies πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚(Don't mind extroverts, I'm one of you)

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Chapter 1: Mai bas pura din chillati hu, party karti hu aur socialise karti hu! (the post above this.)

Chapter 2 :  I thought tumne part time maali ka kaam shuru kardiya! (Pg 3)


Chapter 3 : Arey apni wishlist kyu padh rahe ho! (Pg 4)


Chapter 4 : Excuse me, hum murder ki bas sochte hai, tumhaari tarah karte nahi hai! (pg 6)


Chapter 5 : Stop hitting on me Rey! (Pg 8)


Chapter 6 : Jab bhagwaan akal ke ladoo baat rahe the, tum kya Bigg Boss dekhrahe the? (Pg 9)


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Awesome πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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Originally posted by manveer123

Awesome πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


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Awesome loveddd it yaar 

Waiting for more.....

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Thankyou 🌻

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Originally posted by Taanirey2101

Awesome loveddd it yaar 

Waiting for more.....

Haha more coming up, thankyou 🌺

Kunwar Amarjeet Singh Vrinda Dawda

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