Strength turning into weakness..

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SPM ~My Musings~ 6.11.19 Strength  turning into weakness..

Love of family sure can be one’s great strength,but it can turn into one’s weakness too. The episode shows how Rupali plays upon Madhav and Saltanat’s special affinity towards Zaroon and Krish.  She knows keeping Zaroon and Krish in her captivity is sure to render both the  Sharma’s and Shah’s in a moment of weakness, where in their vulnerability her demands will be met.

To spite Madhav she sends a video call of Zaroon as her new partner and Krish as her prized possession. As expected Saltanat and Madhav along with their families both are beginning to succumb to her demands. Krish cries and his greatest strength his love for Madhav and Saltanat proves to weaken the rest of the family emotionally. When it comes to ;osing loved ones both families weep..

Rupali kick starts a huge dissension  between the two families whether Saltanat should accompany Madhav again or not? Indu and Sneha clearly state Saltanat’s presence will further jeopardize  Krish ‘s life as Saltanat’s presence will without a doubt put  Madhav in a moment of weakness whereby Rupali will influence him to further make demands on him and endanger Krish ‘s life.

Nadeem feels let down by Indu’s selfishness,whereby she only thinks of saving her grandson, without taking into notice how much their children Zaroon ,and Saltanat both risk their lives for the  Sharma’s. Indu and Sneha  are quick to remind Rubina and Nadeem, that  Madhav too signed the custody papers in haste, with out giving much thought how the evil Rupali would act!  only to have their Zaroon released from Rupali ‘s evil power. Now the  Sharma cannot afford to lose their grandson, on the basis of Saltanat accompanying Madhav and thus disorienting him into saving Zaroon for her sake, than Krish his own son's life. Instead of seeing their strengths in the battle against Rupali, they tend to draw upon showing their weaknesses!

Indu’s wailing for Krish and Saltanat’s urgency to  Madhav, that since Rupali is short of time, she will get Krish ready for the procedure right away..Madhav removes himself out of the blame game between  the Shah  and   Sharma’s  and heads for Rupali house with  words of strength he  will be back! shortly with both Zaroon and Krish...                          

This whole panic in both families is due to the fact that two equally important loved ones Zaroon and Krish are at stake. There is fear of the unknown of what Rupali is likely to do with Zaroon, who might be drugged and in her command.  Indu comments that Saltanat’s love for Zaroon might deviate Madhav from the real  task of retrieving her grandson Krish. 

Saltanat was dead right.. Rupali wants Zaroon to tie Krish.. ready for the procedure!    

Madhav is fed up! and despite Saltanat’s insistence to accompany him,  Madhav ventures on his own and vows to being back both loved ones  safely back to their families. He is known to be a man of his word!

Zaroon meanwhile holds the fort at Sharma's house.He shares a secret with Krish.. that both will put up an act to deceive Rupali .A quiet moment of affection is shared between Krish and his dost bhahyia.. Rupali suspects Zaroon and wants him to prove he is still under her command! She makes a cheap pass at him which he bares with a dead pan face! gritting his teeth..

He is saved by the doorbell! But when the police pays Rupali a visit for  her house creating noise nuisance reported by the neighbours.. Zaroon makes up a story of using music as a medium to put their child to sleep! all the yarn,  to prove to Rupali  that he remains under her power,as her slave.. and even covers up and lies for her.. Rupali seems convinced..

Precap: Madhav turns up with a loaded gun, but is unsure if Zaroon is clean or drugged?? and potentially dangerous.. Rupali rushes to grab Krish! But Zaroon makes a beeline towards Krish! Madhav shoots!!! Suspense.. who does he shoot?   Zaroon? or Rupali?? Rupali his mother had ordered him to shoot her any way.. Zaroon’s presence proves to be Madhav’s strength rather than his weakness ..the plot thickens.. 7.11.19.hamlet53

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