Shukla didn't push Mahira - From a NON Shukla fan

Posted: 2 months ago

Not a fan of Sid shukla, on the contrary I dislike his aggressive nature and the way he is so rude to everyone.

But in this case, though I do support Mahira, but It was a task. It's not like he deliberately hit her. While pulling the sack he accidentally pushed her and she fell on her head.

Here's my take on this :-

Edit- Please watch the video. I did mention he was unapologetic

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Posted: 2 months ago

accidents happen but normal people express regret and not rub into someone's face about them being at the receiving end...

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Posted: 2 months ago

The way he snatched that box from her was uncalled for, he showed UNREQUIRED strength. It was just a task idk why he plays all the task as if his life depends on it. Plus, what irked me the most is the natural reaction is to look at the other person and make sure they are ok.. but he is so egoistic. 

Mahira is literally very small in front of him, he should realized he shouldn’t use the same strength with her as he does with other boys. 

A lot of people are bashing Paras for considering women “weak” let me clarify that being weak physically doesn’t make you weak as an individual. No one ever said girls are equal to boys strength wise, no ways. Especially a 6ft, bulky man like Shukla. 

Posted: 2 months ago

I understand that it was not deliberate but the main issue is he was unapologetic about it. It is common courtesy to say sorry even if it was not deliberate. If you remember Bigg Boss 7, Armaan exploded in the box task and injured Ellie thru the process accidentally but he still went ahead and apologized. Siddharth never apologized and kept insulting her. 

Posted: 2 months ago

When this kind of accidents happen in school ......sp when the student is too big, too heavy, too aggressive, too gives that student "TC".......straight out from school. As he is not fit to play with other children. Or send him to clinic to check "does he have ADHD or other kind of psychological problem or not.

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by theBoyWonder

accidents happen but normal people express regret and not rub into someone's face about them being at the receiving end...

Agree , That's exactly what I said in the video.

It's okay to make mistakes , all he had to do was apologize. Instead he was taunting and rubbing it on her face. 

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Posted: 2 months ago
  1. See I know for the fact he didn't want to push Mahira for sure. It was indeed accidental. but did you see after this all happened? He cared less.. I mean I understand this is a game they have to play but common have some courtesy and help her to get up. I am not saying Mahira is right. But the simple instinct of a human? What would we do in day to day lives? 

But when it happens you take responsibility. PS note at the same time I never have support any sort of rubbish tasks of BB where they ( Debo and Gang ) were torturing  Aasim and Abu ji. Then it was Sid Dey which he mentioned after the eviction. 

Trust me even after all this if many people are hoping to see Shuklaji as the winner. Then RIP to basic human nature in BB show or BB himself. PS note i am not a fan of anyone. This season is amazing. You don't have a lot of favourites so you actually can see both sides of the picture. Otherwise, we sort of are bond to see only from one angle. I mean common show me at least one Sid's fan in the forum should come and say yes HE WAS WRONG. DONT GIVE ME BUT SO ARE OTHERS. IF YOU SAY SO THEN IF HE deserves TO WIN I WILL SAY SO ARE OTHERS LET IT BE PARAS RASHMI AARTI AASIM ETC. 

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