One balancing act!

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SPM ~My Musings~5.11.19 One Balancing act!

Have to say Zaroon always did his own thing when given the chance. The episode shows how yet again he  tries to accomplish a number of tasks  at the same time. Rupali thinks he will act as her drug controlled slave back in Shah Manzil. For all to see  Madhav and Saltanat do bring Zaroon in one piece. Clearly for Saltanat  he is not quite himself, not surprising of what he went through in Rupali ‘s captivity.

His wounds and Saltanat nursing and soothing them provides a moment which celebrates the healing power of love. For Zaroon it’s the ideal time to begin his act of being distant, aloof from his wife, despite  her tender loving care. He puts on the act of being mentally phased out due to the negative rubbish Rupali feeds him about Saltanat. His physical presence, yet emotional absence prompts feelings of guilt in her. She solely blames her meddling in other people’s life as the main cause for putting his life at risk too. Zaroon shows  silent indifference to her remorse and when he does speak he wants to sleep.. it was part of his act to make her belief that he was perhaps hypnotized or truamatized..Zaroon  had to act differently to what he really felt,if he was to execute the plan he had in his mind. In the main the scene shows Rupali’s brainwashing of Zaroon ,washes off Saltanat’s healing love efforts.

 Madhav too suffers from guilt, when he finally gets the chance to face Saltanat  about how his feelings for her have imbalanced their sincere friendship. But more than this, once again he expresses his decision to check out of Shah Manzil,for the reason that he and his family can no longer endanger the lives of her family by residing at Shah Manzil.. Saltanat as usual by passes his decision and veers him to the fact  about how best to counter attack  Rupali ‘s next offensive on them. Saltanat clearly feels that her home is a safe haven for Krish..little do they realize that Krish will go missing and it  will be done courtesy of an insider!

Dadi meanwhile yet again taunts Rubina about Saltanat’s so called friendship with Madhav..its understandable Dadi is traditional and closeted in her views that a man and woman cannot be friends! Dadi twists  Madhav bringing back Zaroon safely  as yet another favour upon Saltanat  where she stands further obliged to  Madhav! Rubina takes her daughters stand and chides Dadi harshly by   threatening her with a sudden mishap! If she doesn’t keep her unholy thoughts to herself..

Dadi packs her bags and decides to make a respectable exit, before she is literally thrown out of Shah Manzi! Neelam and Humza support her leaving for a brief vacation.. is this Dadi’s exit from the show?

We have another mother Indu fully supporting her hard done by daughter Sneha . Indu wants Sneha to take a hardline position  on Jugal.. about time she severs her marriage with her pervert husband. By the looks of it Sneha  doesn’t want to end her marriage, but Indu backs her in starting divorce proceedings. Jugal’s remorseful apology does not Indu clearly influences her daughter to take the drastic step. Jugal is shown the door by Indu ,followed by Sneha too! I wonder if Jugal will join hands with Rupali??What reaction will  Madhav give to Sneha  going for divorce too?? I wonder did Indu influence  Madhav too, to divorce Rupali ??

Krish who was meant to be sleeping with Neelam, goes missing! and so does Zaroon.. no one dare see the connection! But the truth is Zaroon does his own thing.. takes Krish in the dead of night  to Rupali.. who is delighted to see her drugged slave Zaroon has followed her command! A dead pan looking Zaroon, dupes Rupali,, into believing he is in her control! It was part of his balancing act!

Zaroon is commanded to tie Krish and to sedate him .. ready for the procedure! Krish cries! And appeals to his dost bhaiya for mercy!

Back in the room, safe from Rupali’s evil powers, Krish and Zaroon do a high five! Zaroon vows the pair  of them will give Rupali the time of her life! she’ll never forget!

Well next episode shows Zaroon makes sure the police  pays  Rupali a visit… Zaroon performs a balancing act.. works for Rupali! Keeps Krish safe! and exposes Rupali to the law! all on his own without the rest of his team knowing what he was up to....6.11.19 hamlet53

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