One-sided love

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SPM ~My Musings~4.11.19 One-sided love

The continuing drama remains, Krish’scustody care about to be relinquished  by Madhav to Rupali, against stiff opposition from both Saltanat and Indu. For Madhavthe predicament becomes dangerous as Zaroon’s life is held to ransom.

Once more the audience is reminded of un-requited or one-sided love as opposed to fulfilled love culminating in marriage. For me more than the pressing issue, CV’s yet again flag up  Madhav’s  one sided sentiments for Saltanat.

In the main, Madhav’s bond with Saltanat will always remain platonic! A profound connection that can safely be best summed up as a close pure friendship. However after seeing Saltanat’s reaction at Zaroon being made into a captive by Rupali, a gamut of sentiments are aroused in Madhav! He cannot help but show his unselfish nobility, his stoic drive to restore Saltanat’s love back to her! come what may! It’s his unrequited love for Saltanat’s happiness that invokes a willingness in him to embrace suffering himself rather than let see tears in Saltanat’s eyes. Without further delay despite stiff opposition, he signs his beloved lad, into the unholy, selfish Rupali ‘s hands.. Indu ,Saltanat, Neelam are shocked ,but simultaneously they can see vividly  the degree of sentiments he holds for Saltanat. In fact Sneha even admits to Indu that Madhav loves Saltanat that he willingly embraces smarting, so he can free Saltanat’s love from the clutches of the evil Rupali..

 Madhav’s platonic relationship also stems from the fact that as Kashish she took all the atrocities the  Sharma ‘s committed against her as a family,but she repaid their hatred with persevering ,respect and kindness. In fact she gently forced them to examine their own behaviour. Madhav remembers how she taught him anger management. Most of all how can the  Sharma’s forget that Saltanat opened her own house to them as temporary residence, and accepted them whole heartedly  with full respect for their faith also.. Thus Madhav’s one sided love in the present scenario, only gives him a purpose to prove his loyal friendship for Saltanat by restoring  Zaroon back to Saltanat.. Sultanat’s love for Zaroon  dilutes,  Madhav’s paternal love  for  his lad Krish!

The extreme measure Madhav takes for Saltanat’s sake also unhinges  Rubina.All the more, as her daughter is  already happily married to Zaroon, the man she loves. As a mother, she is quick to react about her self-willed daughter’s involvement with Madhav. It’s a good thing that Neelam, already a poor victim of the emotional ailment clarifies the mess.. that it is a one sided love only.. pretty much the same as the unrequited love she feels for Madhav. Neelam assures Rubina that Saltanat wasn’t even aware of how he felt about her.. she only found out about it only today like herselg.. Rubina is relieved, but she can see the hopelessness of such despairing souls, who fall for the one, from whom they only face rejection... both Neelam and Madhav fall in this category.. I would say both hang on to their rejection by the one they love. It  almost acts as a catalyst for a permanence that fears no transience of emotional commitment going sour..  

It’s interesting to see that in his mission  Zaroon ‘s retrieval,  Madhav  takes Saltanat with him too and leaves a rather dejected Neelam behind! Madhav already had proved his stoic nobility, by handing his son over to Rupali in exchange for Zaroon . But ensures Saltanat accompanies him, so Madhav can perhaps to prove to Zaroon that not just him but Saltanat herself was also determined to free her husband. Her love makes her intrepid!

Rupali selfish down to her bare bones,demands Madhav come and get Zaroon himself.. does she plan to kill Madhav? does he plan to sort her out once and for all after Zaroon is freed? Rupali delights in her selfish motives! Krish her son she refers to as her personal property! Duty bound to do as she asks of him. But she does suspect the ease? with which Madhav signs the custody papers.. so she already covers her back! she drugs Zaroon and brainwashes him well and good! against the initial choice Saltanat made, by choosing Madhav and Krish over him! Yet again she scoffs at his love for Saltanat!

Madhav too is just not a bearded rugged face..his signature is not original! But can Rupali  accept being hood winked by  Madhav Sharma? No surprise she returns a brainwashed Zaroon to Saltanat andMadhav.. she will use him, to serve her purpose.. bring Krish back to her! to fulfil her many dreams.. the prime one being to live! and enjoy life at the expense of her own son Krish.

Saltanat takes home a phased out Zaroon!Madhav succeeds in bringing back Zaroon and in retaining Krish! As for Saltanat,when Zaroon’s drugs wears off! her Sufiyana love’s magic will hopefully bring him back to the phase where once again he realizes that come what may.. nothing can separate him from Saltanat! Be it maniac Kainat with her obsessive one sided love for him, or Madhav’s love for Saltanat! or Rupali’s  hypnotic commands and trouble shooting. It’s time once again to prove the power of Sufiyana love between Zaroon and Saltanat ,,

Indu suggests Sneha  divorce Jugal.. is this an advice made with asane mind  or a drugged mind? Will Snehagive up her one-sided for Jugal? Or will she continue to suffer his, incurabledirty deeds??.. 5.11.19 hamlet53.. still sailing this ship.

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