Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE Written Updates 04,05,06,07,08 Nov 2019

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Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE Written Updates 04 Nov  2019

Asmita and Krishi are celebrating Diwali tog when Shekhawat arrives n tells her how lonely Vivaan had become , he needed her .. he was a Rajput n never gave up what he accepted as his own ... Asmita assures she will celebrate with Vivaan n she takes Krishi along .. After she leaves Shekhawat regrets lying ... he loved Asmita and could not give her up .. also he had to teach Shaan  a lesson so what if he was labelled villain .

Nandini, Chahat. Shaan are celebrating Diwali when Krishi Asmita Shekhawat join them ... Shaan taunts Shekhawat but he controls himself n says it was a festival time n kids were so happy they could fight later .

Shaan takes Krishi along and light crackers ..Krishi pulls Asmita along .. Shekhawat watches the trio celebrating close tog n fumes so does Nandini .. Chahat is hurt for being left alone .. ..she begins to light up a rocket .. Asmita rushes n pulls her aside to safety .. they accidentally set fire to a bomb and Shana notices it n pulls Asmita to safety .. Shamita close romantic moment .. Shaan n Asmita feel awkward n separate .. Krishi is all smiles watching them tog but Nandini n Shekhawat fume .

Nandini tortures Krishi for trying to reunite Shamita ... Vivaan hates Krishi for separating him from Asmita .. 

Pandit arrives n performs Laxmi Pooja at Majumdar house .. Krishi plots ways to bring Shamita tog .. she applies feviquick glue on a pot n Shamita accidentally grab it tog n their hands get stuck tog on to the pot .. They have nok jhok over trying to free themselves .. Moushumi jokes that they would have to remain stuck till morning as it was a super glue .. 

Shamita are forced to remain tog holding hands ..They have cute nok jhok all night .. Krishi is very happy to witness it n has fun .


Nandini plots to get rid of Krishi n thus end all dramas trying to reunite Shamita .. she pours oil on the stairs n Krishi takes the tumble n is knocked unconscious  at the door of the stairs .. 

Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE Written Updates 05 Nov  2019

Shamita have angry  moments n inadvertent Romance .. n close scenes because of their stuck up hands .. ... they share close moments while He wants to go to toilet ... she wants to drink water ....Krishi enjoyed watching her parents ... Shekhawat tries to force Asmita’s hand out of the glue but ends up hurting her n  Shaan takes care of her ..his makes Shekhawat regretful n jealous and Nandini fumes at their closeness . She decides to act fast to separate them ... she starts keeping a watch on them but soon doses off .

At night Shana feels hungry n drags Sleepy Asmita to kitchen .. they have accidental romance while cooking instant noodles .. n sharing it tog n feeding each other . ..   they sleep on sofas .. in the morning their hands get unstuck .. ..she feels overwhelmed with love for Shaan n caresses him lovingly .

This infuriates Nandini they clash /cat fight over Shaan .. each challenges the other .. 

Vivaan is promised by Shekhawat that he will get his mumma Asmita back into their  lives 

Nandini plots to get rid of Krishi n thus end all dramas trying to reunite Shamita .. she pours oil on the stairs n Krishi takes the tumble n is knocked unconscious  at the door of the stairs .. 


Shamita tog holding hands as they weep by Krishi’s bedside as she lies unconscious 

Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE Written Updates 06 Nov  2019

Krishi gets head injury after fall from stairs ..Docs asks them to be careful not to stress her as she has got some memory loss .

Shekhawat offers to take Asmita n Krishi away to their own home as he deems this house was unsafe for Krishi ..... Shana refuses to allow Shekhawat grouch Krishi or try to shift her anywhere ..he had adopted her n was her papa now .

Shamita have close moments taking care of Krishi ,,she wakes up n recovers quickly n she asks her achhey papa n mumma to take care of her tog n feed her tog n kiss her tog .shamita have close n romantic moments because of Krishi ..

Nandini fumes with all this ,,she plots with shekhawat to get rid of Krishi n Asmita .. to kill Krishi .. she plans it for Diwali ..

Niv is very thankful to God for reuniting Shamita .

Chahat is full of hatred for Krishi but Shaan explains to her to be good to her .. Chahat assures she will do as papa wanted .

precap ....

It’s Diwali night ..amidst the bursting crackers Krishi’s scream is drowned .. as Nandini n Shekhawat make her fall from the terrace .. 

Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE Written Updates 07 Nov  2019

Shamita come closer just for the sake of Krishi’s recovery .

Shekhawat n Nandini are jealous of Shamita closeness plot to kill,Krishi but fail . They get frustrated .. 

Asmita keeps the kids tog during Laxmi Pooja.. 

kids get busy lighting crackers  ... 

krishi is again injured n Shamita try to wake her up n shower their concern for her .

Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE Written Updates 08 Nov  2019

Krishi excitedly gets Asmita dressed up n sends her on a date with Shaan .she wants them to be reunited ..

Nandini n Shekhawat’s discussion on their failed plans n how to get rid of Krishi n how to stop Shamita reunion .

Nandini plans shock therapy for Krishi to make sure she loses her memory this time ....she connives with a doc ..who arrives with his team ... 

At Mandir Shamita arrive n Shaan prays for  his Mannat .. he climbs up the Mandir stairs on his knees n seeks Krishi’s recovery ... Asmita is pained to see this ...she helps him .. ..but soon she senses Krishi in trouble .. they rush back home ..

Asmita threatens Nandini that she will  avenge the harm she did to Krishi   ...Shaan bashes up that doc .. Shekhawat shields Nandini as the doc blames her .. 

Shamita shocked n worried for Krishi..soon they manage to revive her .. Krishi is out of danger ..but Asmita regrets leaving her alone to face all this torture .. 

she decides to teach Nandini a taste of her own medicine n gives her electric shocks with the same medicine .. n threatens to kill her if she harmed Krishi again ... 

Nandini then decides she will not get rid of !krishi full n final 

She hires contract killer to get rid of Krishi .. at the Mamta Diwas celebration at Indore .. 

Precap for Wednesday 

Krishi has a bandaged head n she asks Shana to put red colour onAsmita’s head so that they become one family ...Nandini protests but  Shaan  is ready to everything for Krishi’s sake .. 

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Yaar they are torturing us with week long Mega episodes .. is this show so popular ?? 

Posted: 1 months ago

Its ending next month new article...

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by dyer.a

Its ending next month new article...

Really .. chocolates n ice creams n cakes for you my dear for this good news 

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