Is it racist that Black Captain America is not getting his film?(Page 4)

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Isn't that obvious with Sam not getting his own movie? Steve didn't just give Sam the shield, but the title of Captain America. Otherwise what's the point of even having a show? It's about struggle to carry forward the legacy of Steve.

As for Falcon not being a popular character to get a movie, even Iron Man, Cap and Thor were not popular characters when MCU started. They were tier B and C superheroes in the comics. So that's not an excuse. MCU is just being racist.

1. Captain America gave him is Shield, not the title. Just because someone wields the Captain's shield they do not become the captain. The same goes for Thor's Hammer. There are a few characters in the MCU who wield Thor's hammer, but none of them become Thor. (With the exception being Jane Foster in a comic book story arc that explains how and why she becomes a Goddess of Thunder, the MCU will cover this arc in Thor: Love and Thunder)

2. Spiderman is the most popular Marvel superhero. But Sony owned the Spiderman franchise. Following him a lot of the X-men are popular. But Fox owned the X-Men franchise. MCU made movies with the popular heroes available to them. Falcon was always a Captain America sidekick. In the New Avengers, Captain Marvel takes on the leadership role of the Avengers. There is no effing way Captain America and Iron-Man were B or C grade superheroes. They have always been top tier. 

3. If MCU is racist - how do you explain Black Panther, its sequel, the Shang Chi movie, and casting several Black Asgardians? 

4. Do you consider television an inferior medium to the big screen? With so many streaming providers investing money in TV shows, the whole GoT effect, with list A actors picking TV roles - you still think getting a show on a highly touted, highly publicized rival to Netflix - Disney plus is a racist action? Explain the racism in getting a top billed TV show? 

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Posted: 10 months ago

Hi there. I don't think so. I believe that in Marvel movies, which I like so much, no racism at all.

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