Is it racist that Black Captain America is not getting his film?


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Posted: 9 months ago

Isn't assuming someone of being racist, based on the race(Russos and Disney heads), is also racial profiling and stereotyping??

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Posted: 9 months ago

We have already seen 3 captain America movies how many more will audience watch? And what after that? black ironman movies? Black thor movies ? They should introduce more characters who are already poc not change the current ones to fit some stupid agenda. 

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Posted: 9 months ago

Business decisions are based on a single color: green.

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Posted: 9 months ago

1. It is NOT Black Captain America IT IS Falcon

2. Black Panther has a movie with an all-black cast except for Andy Serkis

3. There is a Black Panther sequel coming. There is a Shang Chi movie coming. Kamala Khan/Miss Marvel is supposed to enter the MCU as well. Monica Rambeau was introduced and the character of Maria Rambeau was created. 

4.  Heimdall and Valkyrie are black. When was the last time you heard of black Nordic mythical beings or poc Nordic beings?

I don't think MCU or its showrunners are racist or misogynist. They are doing their best to represent diverse characters. Despite significant backlash they have stood by their diverse characters and moved forward to expand them.  

Could MCU be better? Of course. But having room for improvement doesn't mean you suck. Perhaps instead of calling MCU racist - you should focus on the actual racists who don't want MCU to be diverse......

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Posted: 9 months ago

IMHO Falcon not getting a movie has nothing to do with race. How would you explain Scarlet Witch or Vision not getting their own movies? Or Hawkeye? 

Some comic book characters are hugely popular, have several comic story arcs, and in general, make for good movies. Others are lesser-known, are mostly side characters, and do not have a big-screen draw. 

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Posted: 9 months ago

Captain America trilogy is the best trilogy in MCU. Winter Soldier is hands down the best movie from MCU.

If there were a black Captain America, which Falcon isn't, that movie would have the toughest fight on its hand because it will be directly compared to the best MCU has offered.

There's nothing racist here.

But I would love to watch a mini-series/movie starring from Cap's adventure to return the stones - culminating with his romance with Peggy Carter and his eventual return to the present timeline.

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