Amateur dramatics!

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SPM ~My Musings~31.10.19 Amateur dramatics!

Neelam did her bit of retrieving Krish from Rupali’s unworthy clutches. Now it’s Saltanat , Zaroon ,and Madhav’s turn to put their concerted efforts to extradite Indu, Jugal and Sneha from Rupali’s hold.To execute their plan the zealous pair Saltanat and Zaroon assume interesting   disguises. A common place ploy used to dupe others. Disguised as cooking ware sellers both Zaroon and Saltanat turn up at Madhav’s house to deceive Rupali.The end result ofthe plan is to tempt Madhav’s family into bartering their cast off clothes for spanking new cooking ware! A comical and dead giveaway clue for Rupali.As which masquerading door to door sellers, trade their products for old garments?? But the best bit in the process, was sneaking   Madhav ‘sremaining  family out of the house, away from Rupali's influence!

The complete act is carried out with some flair with tongue in cheek comedy alluding to the real and unreal. Like for real, the disguised pair are husband and wife! but for Rupali they act as father in law and daughter in law! to avoid suspicion? Plenty for the Sufiyana pair to enjoy together! right from the relationship of the couple ,to their costumes, trading wares, and dialects! Only the act ends up being amateurish whenZaroon’s false moustache unsticks. The comic bit is how did they even thinkthat deceiving the for real wicked Rupali!  would be no less than child’s play!

Of course the whole disguise scenario was prompted by the CV’s, so Rupali can press upon Madhav’s raw nerve. His unspoken  sentiments about Saltanat. Right from the start of the episode  Rupali taunts Madhav for keeping Krish away from her! emotionally tempts, blackmails him that one should hang on to  who one loves.  I would say she literally barters Saltanat  with Madhav for  Krish.This way both will end up being with the one they love. She gets Krish and he gets Saltanat!

Only Madhav is a noble man, he doesn’t deny loving Saltanat, but  with integrity snubs Rupali with the clarification, that Saltanat does not love him, she loves Zaroon!  and he most certainly will not come between Zaroon and Saltanat!  Yet Madhav also knows his game plan. That is,to go along with what Rupali suggests, that they get back together for Krish’s sake! as Krish would want this too!..  so Madhav suggests working things out, to her… 

But Rupali wants a more lethal response fromMadhav, rather than a complaint one. May be she begins to suspect him? shewants to agitate and stir fury in Madhav. Rupali gets her chance to create asplit between the cosy friendship between Saltanat,  Zaroon and Madhav!

Thus when Zaroon’s disguise unsticks! Rupali pounces on the chance to play dirty further, in Madhav’s life. In a roundabout way, once again she reiterates that he trade Krish for Saltanat ! That she does not want Madhav to sacrifice his love for Saltanat! for Krish’s love.

Rupali delights in Saltanat’s reaction who much shocked literally abandons her disguised act! And rushes out of Sharma house, as Zaroon chases after his distressed wife! Rupali hits bull’s eye! Her evil ego was badly bruised that how could Madhav and his cronies even think? that they can mess with her! play  mind games with her. So it’s clear that she throws this disputing rubbish! That she   knows .. Madhav has feelings for Saltanat. Have to say  this,  I hope Zaroon will not crack up  with this spinner again!  Instead what it does is! it  makes Saltanat goes to pieces. Rupali’s intention alway’s was to target Saltanat. Saltanat I understand, probably feels Madhav has betrayed their friendship. Who knows? she suspects Madhav must have told Rupali himself that he loves Saltanat? If she thinks so, then I will be disappointed in Saltanat ,as it should not have been difficult for her to work out that it’s Rupali up to her dirty gimmicks to spilt the three!

Mind you, Madhav does grasp that Rupali did what she did to poison Saltanat against him. I was pleased to see that Madhav bellowed at  Rupali, accusing her of creating a rift between him and Saltanat! even now when it comes to Saltanat!  Madhav continues to protect her good name!

The episode prompts Rupali into further retaliation  against the trio.. she plans to kidnap Zaroon! and the implication will be that Madhav construed it..  Rupali only wants Krish ,to save her life and in that process she is even willing to kill Madhav. who always knew this woman does not love him! The episode showcases, Saltanat, Zaroon and Madhav's friendship bond! plus some light hearted romantic comedy scenes between the Sufiyana lovers! ..1.11.19 hamlet53 

thanks for supporting my writing, Nusi and ashi21.. love hammie

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