Tujhse Hai Raabta Written Update and Daily Discussion Thread 5

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Hello friends ,

Welcome to Written Update & Daily Discussion thread .

It's a place where we celebrate daily episodes of Our Show Tujhse Hai Raabta with passion , dedication and pure love .

Come join and enjoy this beautiful ride with us.

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  • Epi 317 - 31/10/2019 - pg 01
  • Epi 318 - 01/11/2019 - pg 28
  • Epi 319 - 02/11/2019 - pg 37
  • Epi 320 - 04/11/2019 - pg 60
  • Epi 321 - 05/11/2019 - pg 68
  • Epi 322 - 06/11/2019 - pg 81, precap - 86
  • Epi 323 - 07/11/2019 - pg 96
  • Epi 324 - 08/11/2019 - pg 108
  • Epi 325 - 09/11/2019 - pg 121
  • Epi 326 - 11/11/2019 - pg 127
  • Epi 327 - 12/11/2019 - pg 137
  • Epi 328 - 13/11/2019 - pg 147
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  • Do not  bash or use any foul / abuse language for any cast or crew members
  • Only characters ,tracks , scenes can be discussed  / constructive criticism is allowed here
  • No personnel comments on Actors / Actresses 
  • Each thread will be about 150 pages and new thread will be made after it .  

Thank You

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Congo for new thread

Posted: 1 years ago

Congo for new thread

May this fill with happiness and love for thr and kalmasmiley27

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Written update Oct 31 2019

Kallu talking to kabaadi Wala abt old paper selling cost . She sees a number plate and asks him wat it is.

He says it's number plate ,before ppl used to write artistically but now govt has banned it so aise hi kabaad mein biktha hai

Kallu reads the plate as pawar but he explains it's number so kallu understand s ki woh mh boss is also number.

She gets inform abt garage who writes nameplates like this from the man.

Baapji comes scolds ki Diya kyun nahi banne

Kallu says she will get from market

But baapji says Diya angan ke mitti se bantha hai.

SB comes and says malhar will help kallu

Baapji says it's aurat ka kaam hai not mardon ka

SB explains ki agar hubby helps wifey it's considered shubh

SB just wants kalma to be busy and not conc on case.


Mallu making Diya but kallu complaining abt everything he does.

Mallu says I have work so I will make my half

Kallu says she too has work pushes him and sits to make

But she doesn't know

So mallu sits behind him and help

Tere mast mast dho Nayan song plays

Kallu pushes malhar and cleans her hand on his shirt

Mallu scolds tho bolthi hai I only wash aap wahan daal dijiye I will wash.

Kallu sees a cloth and cleans hand tabhi chakkar aathe hai 

She thinks abt no having food wen aayi said.

She sees imli and eats

Mamanji sees it and is happy says to malhar to take her to doc

Mallu tries to samjha kallu but she thinks it as an opportunity to go out and acts sm more.


Mallu kallu in jeep

Kallu says y did mamanji aise boling am not well am well.

She keeps on saying tho mallu tells her ki they think she is pregnant

Kallu gussa says y didn't u tell him we didn't do anything but stops embarrassed .

She puts on shades and gets down saying she got a clue and have to find details which she will tell pawar not him.

Mallu starts talking but she already leaves.


SB gussa and shouts at baapji y did he sent

Says sorry but kallu ki bathon se patha chala ki they don't have relationship that will cause pregnancy and they will surely investigate the case

Baapji leaves glaring at her.

SB smashes diyas kalma made with her feet


Kallu reaches garage and asks abt number plate and owner brings old records.


Mallu reaches ps and pawar informs ki he talked to kabaadi Wala and he told him abt kallu enquiring abt garage. He tells mallu it's shady place with goons.


Pre ad Wala precap

(Then goons come saying she must be with police ,thikane lagathe hai)


Goons come saying she must be with police and pulls knives on her wen they hear call.

It's malhar standing on the car with malhar bg- aaya police Wala bg. Hayee 😍😍


Ad😋 ka precap

(Malhar fights with them but the records falls into fire. Kallu thinks I got smyhg but that too is burning)


Goon comes and puts his hand on mallu shoulder

Mallu keench ke ek kaan mein detha hai and goon falls 

Next comes with chaaku

Malhar says jaldi hai na tujhe train ki sayar karatha Hoon tujhe and dishoom dishoom 😋

Records burning kallu shocked.



Kalyani asking Anu abt mh boss

Anu doesn't remember

Ahir SB kidki see hearing worried

Kallu calls garage Wala and asks him info and says I will wait for ur call

Ahir says she shdnt get the call kaise bhi

Cell rings SB ahir worried

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